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Is Salem really ready to ring in the new year, or are they still harboring demons from last year? If so, what will save Johnny from the devil? And is it possible for Sami and Lucas to have a fresh start? Let's discuss it all in this week's Two Scoop.

Salem spent it's New Year's Day the way probably many of us did -- by looking around and seeing there's just too much stuff around the house, so it was time to send some things away.

First was Jack and Jennifer. I love the story of them buying a local paper and saving it from going under. And this gives them a nice way to exit the canvas without some grand heartbreak that would prohibit their return. Furthermore, I love Abigail running the Spectator and teaming up with Xander to find Sarah! Yes and yes!

Sure, their rushed exit meant that Gwen got all of her loose storylines tied up and served to her on a silver platter. But what else is new when it comes to Gwen? The real irony would be if she pays more for keeping quiet about a crime someone else committed than any crime she actually masterminded or committed herself.

Next was Sami and Lucas. Sami decided that she loves Lucas, she's always loved Lucas, and they should leave town and go buy a house together out west. Sure. Okay. No red flags there whatsoever. This is fine. Sami's one to act without thinking, don't get me wrong. But Sami's not fickle when it comes to men she loves. I don't buy her dropping E.J. just like that. *snaps fingers* My brilliant partner, Tony, didn't buy it, either. He wondered if Sami and E.J. could actually be working together to bring down Lucas. I love this idea!

Sami loves and will always love Lucas, but he's the safe, comfortable choice. Sami's not a safe, comfortable gal. She's probably also less than thrilled that Lucas kept her away from her kids that whole time. There was no one to meddle in their lives!

If there was, maybe Sami would have seen the next thing coming. Ugh. I am exhausted typing it. Johnny is possessed by the devil. Sigh. Look, I was delighted by Devil Doug. I thought Devil Marlena was great fun. But Devil Johnny is the one more cookie I didn't need. Now I feel bloated and terrible.

Additionally, aside from the contacts and red suit, it's kind of hard to tell when Johnny is possessed. Maybe that's why the devil chose him? Excuse the terrible pun, but Johnny's had a devil-may-care attitude since he showed up in Salem. This spoiled mimbo spent time jumping from one rich relative to another, trying to smile and wink his way into getting something else he wanted. Now he's being, um, well, just a little more insensitive? I guess? Tough, that suit is quite the statement.

Perhaps the devil is so mad Mar aced him out of the Cinabun that they're after the baby Chanel may be carrying right now. Tampering with Chanel's birth control seems very on-brand for the devil. Also, this jerk publicly dumped a fabulously dressed Chanel so publicly that Chanel will absolutely turn to Allie, thus hurting Tripp. And Tripp has to be on the devil's list for foiling their plan last time. I just hope this storyline is a short stay in hell. Like I said at the beginning, now is the time for clearing out some of our old items.

Loose Ends

E.J. may get his way a lot of the time, but he was way out of his element, thinking Kate would turn on Chad. Has he not been watching the show? Chad's basically a son to Kate. Okay, yes, I realize sometimes that may be more of a threat than a compliment, but you know what I mean. The interesting thing here is that Kate will have to manipulate her almost-son to protect her actual son, since Chad knows Lucas kidnapped Sami. Chad has a conscience (not always a brain, but at least a conscience), and he may feel guilty for what he did to E.J.

Kate told Roman that Philip faked his own death and framed Brady. Roman is cool with this all because Roman is the chillest of all people. That and he's waited this long for a love interest, he's not about to let a little thing like crime get in his way. Now, Kate, Victor, Lucas, Philip, and Roman all know the truth. That's way too many people for this to stay under wraps for that much longer, especially now that Steve is on the case!

I love that Steve is on the hunt for Kristen! I also can't blame Chloe and Brady for thinking Kristen could be behind this all. It all checks out and seems like something Kristen would do.

Speaking of something Kristen would do, does Xander need a diagram? There he was, talking with Rex about how Kristen put on a Kate mask and how fake Kate publicly broke up with real Jake. Does our lovable Xanimal not realize this exact same thing could have happened with Sarah?! Has Xander not talked to Kate about how Kristen threatened to send her to a deserted island? Come on, Xanimal.

Allie's initial reaction to Johnny and Chanel's marriage was kind of bratty. It felt more like she wanted Tripp to love her, Chanel to pine for her, and Johnny to fear her. It wasn't a great look for Allie Cat.

Xander and Jack hugged and made up! Thank goodness. I loved these two as mates. Plus, when Sarah returns and Xander's heart opens up, Jack is the exact one to keep Gwen from spiraling. After all, Jack was to be Xander's best man.

Extra Scoops

Welcome back, Tony and Anna! I love when these two come to town. Anna's comment about how perhaps the party was to congratulate them on how well they did flying commercial was hilarious. I'm all sorts of here for an Anna and Paulina friendship. Plus, if Chanel and Johnny do make it, there could be an interesting chemistry between Chanel, a woman who never truly had a dad, and Tony, a man who never truly had a daughter. I see potential there! But I always see promise when we have Tony and Anna in town!

I don't know what alternate universe Nicole is living in, but she needs a telegram from reality. It was rich of her to declare that she wouldn't be E.J.'s consolation prize when that was quite literally their agreed-upon arrangement a week ago. And what is she talking about when it comes to Rafe choosing Ava? Nicole sent Rafe away. Rafe told her he can't and doesn't want to stop thinking about her. Yet she wrung her hands and golly-gee-whizzed about how she couldn't do this to Ava. Nicole can't have it both ways.

Ava (in an utterly perfect mocking voice): "My bear has a little boo-boo. I need you, Rafe!"

Preach on, Reverend Vitali. Preach.


Wow. Tripp finished med school over the holiday break. I'm still struggling to get all of my kids' gifts put away.

I forgot Susan is Johnny's grandma!

This is worth repeating again: Chanel looked stunning!

I wanted to see the John/Abe/Roman poker game!

It's not lost on me that Xander remarked that the Salem P.D. is overworked and can't go look for an actual, human lady when Rafe is spending his time investigating someone who decapitated a toy. Oh, Salem P.D. Never change!

Can we all give Chad some applause for the speed with which he realized Lucas was planting evidence? Usually the "What are you doing here?" line is followed by a story that the person buys without a second thought. You are an evolved soap man, Chadsworth! Well done!

Really? Nicole went into work on New Year's Day?

By my calculations, Paulina threw a party on January 2, which has to statistically be the hardest day of the year to get people together to do anything. This, again, is proof Paulina is magic.

That's all for this week. Tony will be back after he's done boxing up all the catering that would go to waste from Johnny and Chanel's reception. Paulina bragged about that caterer! We're not about to turn our backs on good snacks.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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