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From "Avenging" to "Zingers," DAYS had all of your alphabet covered last week! Though, while Ava took form to twist the knife into E.J., Nicole made up weak arguments, and Eric ended up on the start of a bender. Where do "Ericole" and the rest of those zany Salemites go from here!? Let's take a look in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

As far as revenging goes, Ava can give herself a slow clap, which leads to a crescendo of thundering applause and a Cher Horowitz curtsy of triumph. She surely slayed E.J. in this latest round of revenge. She stated that she "wanted to cause maximum pain and suffering." She did. She really did.

Ava had the man wondering if he was seeing dead people. She Sixth Senseed him. Sound familiar? Yep. He did that to her. There's that statement about turnabout being fair play and all. Snap. Of course, Ava was all sorts of evil in her actions, but -- as Eilish sorta sings -- she's the bad guy. Duh.

More than anything, lets redirect those thunderous applauses toward Tamara Braun and Dan Feuerriegel. They. Slayed. What a twosome! I'm grateful for that bullet casing, as it means Ava is still around. The war will wage on. More, please.

The cherries on top have been the scenes between the Brothers DiMera. Dan's sibling chemistry with Thaao Penghlis, Billy Flynn, and Brandon Barash makes the DiMera brothers' banter "Must See TV Streaming!" Again, "More, please!"

We also got more of E.J. and Nicole. I'm not sold on them possibly re-re-rekindling their relationship, but their friendship is fierce. They can straight shoot with each other, and it's amazing. Like he said to her, "How the hell did we get so screwed up?" Ha! Fair. It doesn't hurt that Dan and Arianne Zucker are fab together.

E.J. even weighed in on Nicole's most recent trainwreckery. Yep. That mess. He was right about part of the Jada, Eric, and Nicole drama. He said, "In the end, the decision was hers." Yes. Yes, it was. Though let's take a deeper look...

First and foremost, Eric and Nicole's bitter battle was brilliantly portrayed by Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker! Nope. We're not clapped out yet. Let's give them their own huge round of cyber applause. They deserve it. Greg and Ari aren't afraid to go deep and destructive. They understand the long history and complex relationship of the characters. So, when moments like these happen, they're going to make them memorable. And they were! Greg and Ari took us to the frontlines, and the battle was bitter and heartbreaking.

Okay, now. Let's really dive into that bitter and heartbreaking (and a bit maddening) battle between Eric and Nicole! Well. After you grab some wine. Wine is needed to discuss this sitch.

Chloe. Brady. Not the first two Salemites that traditionally scream "Solid life choices!" yet here we are. Their advice and takes on all things Eric and Nicole were spectacularly spot-on. Chloe's been on top of the tough love game with her bestie for a while now. Just last week, the Chloemeister stated things like "I'm not judging you" and "People make it work." She's right.

Brady co-tough-loved co-bestie Nicole, too. He showered her with compassion and pep talks. He even urged her to do the right thing. Naturally, Nicole listened. I kid. I kid. Nicole "Given The Circumstances, It's Better For Everybody If There's No Baby" Walker-soon-not-to-be-Hernandez-and-at-this-rate-probably-not-Brady-again sank her own battleship. "I feel so bad for her!" exclaimed nobody.

I honestly can't with Ms. Walker at the moment. She's had years of bad decision-making to learn from. She didn't. At all. For example, Eric has his issues -- for sure, a lot of them, even --but Nicole comes with a few carry-ons and a shipping container full of baggage. He can accept hers, but she couldn't accept his baby-sized baggage, even if it made him happy? Got it.

Eric's biggest disservice toward her is disserved huffiness and a lack of communication. Nicole was totally going for the Gold in "Insecurity," "Self-Pity," "Callousness," and "Scapegoating." Goals achieved! You get all the gold. The golds! Congratulations? She broke records, and according to Eric, a trust that can't be undone.

Nicole's Nicole-ness made one thing clear. I'm with Kate. I'm totally Team Jada here. She's clearly a strong woman. She might have listened to what Nicole spewed, but I'm not sure it entirely swayed her. She doesn't like Nicole and didn't give Nicole ultimate power in her life or decision. She exercised the right to do with her body as she saw fit. Her body, her choice. And she did. Go, Jada!

I also applauded the civil but stern way she shut Eric down. "Listen. That was my polite way of saying, 'Leave me alone.' Next time, I can't promise it'll be as nice." Mic. Drop. Jada. And good on Eric for listening and leaving. Like Jada later told Kate, "I'm mad at him, but he is one hell of a guy." Her grace under fire has been A-plus.

So, basically, Jada acted like a grown-up. Eric mostly did (sans the bender he's setting out on). So, I'll repeat what I wrote in a column a few weeks back: "Though, gee. I wonder what or who might add some immature antics to this storyline and make it insufferable. Oh. Hi, Nicole! Didn't see you there." That. Just that. Congrats on the gold medals, Nic.

Still. All things considered; it could be worse. Ava could be your Uber driver. There's that.


Abe Meatloaf-ed Paulina. He'll do anything for love, but he won't do that. "That" being break the law. Go, Abe! Still, Paulina's in a pinch and needs help. I'm sure Abe will be there. He's the man. Also, this would be a good time for Black Patch to step in and help friends.

Go, Allie, too! She stuck it to Sloan. Still, Sloan's winning. She took down Chanel. Paulina's doing a stint behind bars. Soon, she'll fully get her revenge. Well. Maybe. These things usually don't work out in the long run for the sinister types.

Belle vs. Trask? Okay! I love the banter between them. Martha Madison and Tina Huang hit it out of the park.

So, the tea has been spilled about Thanksgiving in NYC. Mike AND Nancy hosted dinner -- together! That's a big relationship step. Unless they're "just friends."

Honestly, I'm intrigued by their relationship. We totally got the CliffsNotes version via their reunion in Salem. Mike was still bitter. Mike calmed down. Mike asked Nancy out. And scene. It was brief, but I really need to see more of these two to actually cast an opinion. Having watched their years of battling it out with Craig being the "Boris" to her "Natasha," it was a quick turnaround. I guess that was water under the burned bridge. Either way, they should visit, or have a streaming spinoff holiday movie showcasing their relationship from troublesome but tentative togetherness to cohosts for Turkey Day!

Speaking of relationships, Alex and Stephanie started to have each other for dessert after Thanksgiving and were interrupted by Maggie. Poor Maggie. Alex really should tie something to the doorknob when he's, uh, entertaining. She's walked in on him several times, but that's not the point...

Steph's finally into him, Chad's still into her, and Alex thinks she and Chad are into each other when he saw them together. He was hurt, y'all. Truth be told, I'm not into Alex enough yet to feel bad about this. He kind of badgered his way into her heart and is getting what he wanted from the skeevy start. I recognize he cares and see his possible growth, but we're just not there yet. Should he bring those pub fries over to the Two Scoops office, that might be a bit of bridge building.

Jack! Hey, Jack! Come on. Kick the football. Gwen will hold it for you, and it surely won't be pulled away last minute, sending you from "proud" to pained...again, you know, again-again. Good grief.

I mean. I guess it's growth that Gwen is making bad decisions for a better bad reason. This time, she's helping a friend do something fiendish. There's that nugget. Though she probably also has many ulterior motives, so, yep. She's still terrible.

Still, we can congratulate Sarah! She was right about Xander. Until he snowed her about said rightness. There's another nugget. Nuggets for everybody. And sorry, Sarah. You'll want to line up some wine for that "Ah-ha! I WAS Right All Along" party. Like, lots of wine. Too many wines.

I love Gabi's love for Rafe. She's solidly in his corner. Though, as she was speaking about all the women who have hurt him, I had to think, "These women all had one thing in common." Too soon?

Okay. I'm going to spend the next several long times telling you all about this exciting thing. Then, we're going on an exciting adventure to get this exciting thing I told you about with excited excitement. It's going to be exciting! And then we'll get home and --meh. We've had enough excitement. Let's just agree to not talk about this again. Exciting enough for you? Yeah. Welcome back to Salem, Johnny and Wendy. I guess we'll revisit this on New Year's Eve, perhaps. See you then!

Just throwing a question out there. Does Johnny have room to talk about how others treat their siblings? Does he? Sure. He's never thumbs-upped brainwashing one before, but he and Allie, well, you've seen their pie-full interactions.

Are Kristen and Dumb Decisions officially a supercouple yet? Her commitment to them is unmatched at this point. They've been the show's most solid pairing for years now. Granted, she really wasn't going to go to her brother, dressed as his day-old dead mummy, she just wanted Brady to see how swell of a gal she is by pretending she was going to go to her brother, dressed as his day-old dead mummy, to sweep the regrets out of his broken heart. And if that one hurt your heads, you're not alone.

Extra Scoops

I'm starting to break DAYS down into E.J. and Non-E.J. episodes because Dan Feuerriegel is such a dynamic actor, his scenes make an already amazing show that much better. It's a wave of excitement to exclaim, "E.J.'s on today!" To echo Laurisa's HOT from last week, "Bravo, my good sir. So very well done."

Should we all just scream "Nicole!" once in unison or start a chant of "Way to go, Nicole. Way to go!" Let's get this lady another martini and pray that 2023 -- or will it be 2024 in Salem? I don't know anymore -- will treat her better. Okay. Cheers to a better next year, Ms. Walker. As it is, 2022 (or 23) is just done with you.


E.J.: "I think I might still be drunk."

Paulina (to Abe): "Sounds bad when you put it that way."

Brady (to Kristen): "Yeah. Way to go. I mean, you must be really proud of yourself. You dressed up as a dead woman."

John (reading Rachel's Christmas List): "Number one. A dreamhouse for [pause] Granny Mar Mar doll."
Marlena: "You know what? It's okay if you just call me 'Grandma.'"
Rachel: "Mommy said you like that name."
Marlena: "Mommy's confused."


Drake and Dee win all the laughs for the above exchange. Their facial expressions alone had me in stitches. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, funny Mar Mar is the best!

Pumpkin pie for breakfast? If you insist. Li's love for dessert makes up for some of his shadier antics. Sort of.

E.J. called Syd! She's sad over Susan. I'm so curious to catch up with her. She's either going to be the hottest of all hot messes in Salem or a totally chill young person. It would be hilarious if she were the voice of reason, family peacekeeper role, but for some reason, I suspect otherwise.

Gabi's gusto to get that RSVP was a bit, um...maybe take it down a notch, lady. I felt bad for her. She needs more friends -- and less brainwashing -- in her life.

Okay! Another week, another guess. Steph's ex Ghost Man! Could this be Sloan's brother!? Or does Sloan's bro know Sydney in boarding school, perhaps? Though Sloan's brother turning out to be Leo's ex would be rather rich, too.

Brady being such a happy uncle and supportive brother was sweet. I think he may need to hold onto the sentiment. Eric needs some more bro support.

Thomas and Little Lotte stayed in the Big Apple with Jennifer. Is that a wee bit too soon for Jenny Bear to have that much responsibility? I suppose Mike and Nancy are there, too. Maybe they're even having a play date with Parker and Craig. Still. It's worrisome.

Stefan wants to whisk Chloe off to Miami for New Year's Eve. Umm. Maybe he could take her to see her son. Just a thought.

I enjoy that Jada has Kate in her corner. Ms. Roberts knows a thing or two about being an outsider amongst Salem's core families. She also knows a thing or million about being a badass. So, this friendship has potential.

Was I the only one who chuckled when E.J. screamed, "Damnit, John Roman!"

Sloan shot Belle some serious shade. Should we be worried about 'Tink? I think, err, 'tink so.

Chloe's "breaking the Internet" and other comments cracked me up. I adore the Chloemeister.

Alex accused Eric of having rage issues. Fair. Though, I pose: or does dealing with Alex's extra-ness make people rageful? That man can piss off a priest. A former one, too!

I forgot Leo was an artist! Maybe he could become the next "Princess Gina" art forger. Oh! And Stefan could finally dive into his Alamain roots and loot the Alamainian Museum. Replace the originals with phonies and sell the OGs on the Black Market. Give the ISA or Black Patch something to do and all.

Remember when Vivian married Jonesy and his townhouse full of art and treasures? Okay. That all belonged to Stefano. My point is, what happened to that DiMera townhouse!? That might be a sweet spot for someone like Nicole or Kristen to land.

Not a surprise, but Kate's outfit was especially on fire last week. Being as effortlessly cool as Kate is sort of a life goal.

Sonny stated he forgave but had not forgotten what Leo has done to him. Are we sure about that? I guess he is a Care Bear. They're forgiving and all, I'm sure. Still, we should probably get Sonny some sort of colored rubber bracelet inscribed with "Forgive, Don't Forget."

I'm jealous of Jessica Serfaty. How much fun do you think she has when Sloan gets to state things like, "We've never formally been introduced. Chanel Dupree, I'm your worst nightmare." I plan to use that the next time I have my taxes done and hand my accountant a shoebox full of receipts.

DAYS is all in on the holiday music! Though, with the talented crooners in the cast, it would be a shame if some of them didn't sing along occasionally. Doug. Chloe. Brady. I'm looking at you three to start.

Aw. Singing! That makes me think of Claire Bear. I miss her. I guess I'll have to belt a few bars of "Blue Christmas."

With how fast time flies in Salem, has it seemed like Sonny's recovery has taken eons, or is it just me!? Given he's always been a go-getter (be it business start-ups or simply CEO-ing), seeing Sonny lounge is strange. I feel like if he's going to be gaming, he'd have a live stream and charge then donate the money to charity.

With all the frenemies and Salemites who so don't want to spend time with one another, this would be a perfect time for a DAYSaster-type event where several of them are trapped together. Avalanche? Blizzard? Sharknado? Whaleicane? I dunno. Something severe just may need to happen.


So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for December 5! 'Tis the most exciting time of the year in Two Scoops Land! Not only is the holiday season fun to celebrate in Salem, but Laurisa and I get to team up for the Golden Donut and Alex North Memorial Awards in a few weeks, and this year, they turn "Sweet Sixteen!" Or Bittersweet Sixteen in the case of the ANMAs, but I digress. We'll be list-making and polishing up cyber statuettes, but in the meantime, we can't let Rachel have all the fun. What's on your holiday wish list for DAYS!?

With that, I'm off to hit the Brady Pub, Sweet Bits, and the DiMera wine cellar for sustenance as Laurisa and I get to the hard work of snacking and sipping. I meant preparing awards. Unless Ava's on the road, Laurisa will be back next week with an entirely new Two Scoops! As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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