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Sorry, stupid Cupid, but as Valentine's Day approaches, it's more bad blood and misbehaving than saccharine and sentimental as several scorned Salemites are seeing red and are revenge-minded. Steve, John, and Roman are ready to end Orpheus. Marlena, Kate, and Kayla have been conned. And Xander and Gwen are eager to embrace their wild sides. Let's get mad and misbehave in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Let's get ready to rumble, friends and fellow DAYS fans! Sorry, this Two Scoops is more "Super Bowl" brawling than supporting "Valentine's Day," as love was not a many splendored thingy last week. In fact, it was a losing game for most. From widowers to weirdos, stupid Cupid better wear a cup when he shows up in Salem because he's not so popular there at the moment.

Just ask Steve, Roman, and John. These guys are 1-900-OVER-IT when it comes to Orpheus. They're seeing red and want revenge. The bad blood overfloweth. He killed their loves, and they hate him even more than ever. I can't blame them. At all. Yet I'm left wondering: Are we ready to see our heroes become murderers?

I'm worried. It has hints of Hope shooting Stefano, and we all know how well that ended. Think ninety-nine lead balloons. Many fans still find it a divisive issue. And that was more a "crime of passion" than a "premeditated murder." This is a plotted plan to put down the old Orph! Sure, it comes from a passionate place, but still, it's a little murder-y. Murder-ish. Or, well, murder!

Then again, is it "murder" if, say, Milo makes a comeback. DAYS is full of the undead. What's another resurrection, especially if it saves the souls of our heroes like Steve, John, and Roman. I mean, "YOLO! Not in Salem!" is on the town's now entering signage at this point. So, can we forgive the Widowers Three?

Meanwhile, in not the good place, Marlena, Kayla, and Kate are having a hell of a time getting acclimated to the afterlife and have been toyed around with by Satan's little helpers, it appears. At least I think they're dead...

Speaking of "Little Helpers," Stefano had the most scientific one of them all. That's Dr. Rolf. He helped the Phoenix until the end and beyond. Microchip essences, anyone? So, could our two dead docs and a diva be hooked up to some reality simulator? A "Virtual Garden of Eden" for the 2020s!? Maybe the trio's in a warehouse, hooked up to machines with their own Arc Reactors and disco swim caps, but this time with holographic goggles, or some other techy type of contraption. Alas, we'll have to wait to find out, and that's part of the fun. "The fun?" Hmm.

I'm giving Team DAYS a lot of faith in this "Trust Fall" game of a storyline. The end of it had better be Sweeps worthy and something spectacular. If not, can we bounce back from the bad blood this storyline might leave?

Granted, sometimes storylines can be predictable but still fun. And I'm not-not having fun with this one. I'm just, well, worried even more. That's the best way to put it. DAYS has had a stakes problem lately. Deaths don't mean much at the end of the day anymore, as characters constantly come back to life. Couples seem to quickly come and go before we can get comfy with them, so why bother? Many characters are written a bit out of character to accommodate plot points. Some wagons are hitched to wonky characters. The show is in a bizarre place right now. It's a mix of brilliant and baffling. Maybe that's intentional, and I'm having faith in Team DAYS that's their intent. Things will make sense in the end.

But! We're going to take a page from Jack's positive playbook. We're going to ignore seeing red and put on our rose-colored glasses. You might wonder: wouldn't that make things redder? Probably, but like DAYS, we're going to ignore logic and focus on loving thoughts.

This storyline does have its many, many merits. One, phenomenal performances are in abundance! That goes without question. Six of our heaviest hitters are helming it, and they've all been glorious.

Two, the writers are giving longtime viewers a giant bear hug as they hoist names and characters from the history books -- all 58 volumes. From baby D.J. to Adrienne to Jordan (so far), I'm applauding hard. Tom and Alice as well as Shawn and Caroline were also brought up. Yes, please! And I know he's gone, but, c'mon, given that we're not in "the good place," hearing Stefano's bellowing laughter ring through the shiftier side of the afterlife needs to happen at least once, right?

Little touches like Steve's anger that even Kayla's last wish couldn't be honored due to Kristen and Orpheus are also keeping this storyline stable. And. And! The cliffhangers are on point. In fact, Marlena seethed, "It's you." "You" who, Mar Mar? Who!? Don't keep us cliffhung until Monday.

Ultimately, a week that begins with a call from Madame Alamain, has a splash of the divine Mrs. Anna DiMera in the middle, and ends with a visit from "Adrienne" (sort of) can't be considered a bad one. At all. I'll crack open some wine I certainly didn't snag from the DiMera cellar when we went to check on Stefan and raise a glass of red to that. Cheers!


Even without a job, both Xander and Gwen got tickets for the Low Self-Esteem Express. Woo-woo! Let's hope they could also afford condoms because this duo doesn't need to perpetuate their lineage down the tracks. Still, I'm kind of on board with the "Boris and Natasha" of this all.

I hate when Jack blames himself for any and all things Gwen. One, Gwen's an adult who can make her own decisions. Two, Laura lit that Dumpster on fire originally. Neither of those is his fault. I can understand Jack's feelings, especially as his past is more checkered than the DiMera chess board and he's been given redemption, but one can't pay for their sins forever. Who he is now isn't who he was, and that has nothing to do with Gwen being a flaming garbage person. He redeemed himself with hard work and commitment. It's up to Gwen if she can do the same, but that's not Jack's problem anymore. Bye-bye, beautiful disaster daughter.

I also applaud Jack's stance on his grieving process. That is, focus on the positive, and let go of the negativity and drama. Peace, Gwennie. Don't let the Horton house door hit you in the hourglass on the way out.

With that, I love this all! Jack made his stance known. Gwen made hers, too. She's out of his life, and she's back into being a baddie baller. Yes, kids. Take a firm stance. Be who you are. Life's more interesting that way. Jack's a devastated, disappointed ex-dad looking for silver linings and hope, and Gwen can reignite her status as said "flaming garbage person" now that she agrees with Xan that they're sick of apologizing for who they are and are ready to take Salem by savage storm.

Funny enough, I also applaud Xander for taking the "If you don't love me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best" stance. Oh, he's done horrible things. Unforgivable ones, even, but if he doesn't want to change, he shouldn't have to. Sorry, Sarah. Salem's a place to embrace the Marlo Thomas "Free to Be... You and Me" of it all. Be bad if you want to, Xan, just don't expect a Sarah type. You're going to be saddled with the Gwen type, which is kinda karmic, really -- a circular cycle of bad things happening to bad-doers.

Speaking of baddies, the biggest of bad, even, Auntie Viv had a lot to say from Statesville! She's Team "Stabi," as she still holds a lot of resentment toward Chloe for, well, for her own very valid and perhaps a smidge psychotic reasons that start and end with everyone's favorite stolen implanted embryo, Philip. I'm surprised she's not still sore with the Chloemiester over Quinn, too, but one storyline at a time.

Oh, right. After some more brain scrambling to try to put his memory back together, Stefan now remembers he loves Gabi. He also thinks he loves Chloe, too. Methinks any movement isn't happening until May Sweeps with this one. Yep. It's going to be a long six-plus more weeks of whiner, err, winter weather.

If Chad's really ready to move on, maybe it's time for his ring to come off? Just a thought. Still, I'm with Jack. He needs to be open to opening his heart again. We can revisit the overused motto again, "It's what Abigail would have wanted." It is. She spookily said it herself. And so he did.

Chad poured his heart out like all the great rom-com leading men, and she felt the same way. He even got breakfast out of the deal. All in all, not a bad start for Team "Chaphanie." Um. Team "Stad." Maybe that's too close to "chafing" as this storyline is rubbing some the wrong way, or "STD," for obvious reasons. We need to work on that portmanteau. Maybe.

While Chad and Steph seemed shakily solid for a night, Alex and his puppy eyes are still on her mind, it seems. Did his card change things? At the end of the day, I'm not so much Team "Stephad"-- um, no, again -- as I am Team "Not Alex and Stephanie." I don't want to see that dirty dawg get what he wants. So, if that means shipping Team "Chanie," I'll do so for now. Chad's my bud, and Stephanie and I have found better footing this time around. So, carpe di ship.

My sympathy for Allie kind of missed the boat. I can't with her. I wouldn't wish her losses on my worst enemy and I'll sign the sympathy card floating around the Two Scoops offices, but that's as far as I go. She's insufferable, even if she has some valid points. Though there are several Salemites that fit that bill lately. Ones that I should feel sorry for, but don't.

Paulina gives amazing advice. She really does. Her ability to make one have that "aha!" moment is marvelous. I also loved her "Allie is at sea" explanation. Sadly, Allie's drinking the salt water while at sea because she's acting all shades of whack, but, again, I digress. Auntie P for the win!

Finally, Satan-Susan seemed steamed when Marlena called Kayla her BFF! While many have claimed that title over the years -- from Tamara Price to Maggie to Susan herself -- who do you think Mar Mar would want to duet with should she karaoke to Saweetie and Doja Cat's "Best Friend"!?

Extra Scoops

Adrienne! Vivian! Two of my favorite strong and sassy Salemites in one week (with a side of the amazing Anna). Woot! All the "Woots!" in the world.

Okay. I realize it wasn't the real-real Adrienne. It was Satan or one of its demons playing a little prank on Kayla, but for a brief, beautiful moment, we got a glimpse of "Adrienne," and it was wonderful. I love Judi Evans in that role so much, and she effortlessly stepped back into it for a satanic second and made me miss Adrienne even more in the process.

Also wonderful -- if it was solely Diablo duping Sweetness, that means the actual Adrienne might not have made it to the "Great Hourglass in the Sky," after all. Is she on Sarah Island!? We can officially continue to hope!

Officially, though, the O.G. Ms. Madame Alamain herself, Louise Sorel, reprised her role as Auntie Viv, and I know I threw something out doing the happy dance as soon as I heard her legendary voice. I simply love that woman and the twisted character she plays. I don't care if it's a Charlie's Angels speaker box kind of a thing, I'm just happy to spend more time with the sensational Ms. Sorel. More, please.

Perhaps not the "NOTTIEST" of "NOTS," but Sarah's a doctor who has returned to living in a mansion. Xander's not able to afford a roof over his head. I feel the "destitute" card being played continues to ring very hollow when another could have been drawn to divert Xanimal back into his despicable ways.

Jack (to Gwen): "Sweetheart, we have graduated from disappointment to disgusted about three schemes ago."

On casting if Xander's life gets turned into a Peacock original movie written by Will:

Leo: "I could see a Hemsworth doing you justice."

Xander: "Which one?"

Leo: "Not Chris!"


No. Nope. There's no reason that "Joey's on a run" conjures up images of Forest Gump running. Nah. Not at all, I tell you!

Marlena must have a funeral if for no other reason than I want to see Anna deliver a eulogy. I mean, Drama Mama Anna. A captive audience. A microphone on a pulpit. Hell yes!

Who else palm-slapped their forehead when Mar, Kay, and Kate signed those documents!? Never, ever sign something without reading it first, especially when you're dead-ish. There's random boulders and paperwork. The afterlife needs some system updates, ladies. What made you think that was a good idea?

I wanted to give Marlena a big hug when she listed the loved ones she wanted to see in heaven. Deidre Hall captured that hope so wonderfully. It was a lovely moment.

Brady really needs to step it up for John. Like, this is his moment to be the man for "the man." Get in the game, Braders of the Lost Arc.

Seriously!? Allie has a home office, and she's making Wendy sleep on the sofa between the front door and the kitchen? Um, maybe an air mattress in there and taking her laptop to the kitchen table might make a more hospitable homelife for Wendy.

Also, Wendy works tech for DiMera Enterprises and is part of the family who partially controls the empire. If unemployed Xander can keep a dodgy hotel room, maybe Wen can download Salem's version of Zillow and get her own place. Or talk to her roommate's real estate mogul mom about a rental. Just saying. Wendy's too fab to couch surf much longer.

Steve stated there will be no more secrets in the Johnson home. Are we placing bets on how long this will last?

Forget Satan and mind un-erasing, I think the most unbelievable part of DAYS is that it takes characters less than a scene to pack and move out of somewhere. Gwen did it between scenes! I'd spend a week's worth of episodes just trying to figure out which bag I'm going to fill as I storm out in haste. I'd need an entire bag just for my hat and scarf collection. Winter fashion. Gotta love it.

Yay! Tripp's sticking around Salem for a little while longer. I'll do Ava a solid, since she's a little bit catatonic, and snip his passport and other official thingies with pictures up into graffiti so he can't leave Salem. I meant! I hope someone who's definitely not me doesn't do that to Tripp's documents. That would be a crime.

I need to know something serious! Does everyone (or anyone) have a trash can in their living or family rooms!? Granted, I noticed both the Horton home and the Johnsons' penthouse have a smaller secretary-like desk in the same room, so maybe that justifies it, but I find that a weird design trend.

Also, Jack. Throw the picture, not the frame, dude. Donate or reuse it. #ThinkGreen #TheMoreYouKnow

As if Kayla couldn't get better, she and Steph had pie every Friday for dinner during her med school years!? I need to adopt this diet while I'm doing my residency. By "residency," I mean getting home from work and eating pie while standing at my counter and watching TikTok clips.

Leo might be a professional loser, but his sweater was a winner!

Salem really is in the dumps when it comes to romance. Not even that sweet "under five" couple at the pub having breakfast could escape unscathed, as they were forced to leave their meal behind. Then again, Steve did say they could take the toast. I guess that's something.

Poor, poor Sarah. She got to spend time in a mansion on a private island and was served fresh tropical fruit, had tons of quiet alone time to read, and there were cocktails. Boohoo. Oh, sure. There's that brain melty thing, but isn't that how most of us feel after a long period of time without a vacation? Gee, Doc Horton, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Run, Joey. Run!"

So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for February 6! Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and that means everything will get lovey and dovey the next few weeks, so which couple would you like to see spend some sentimental time together? Conversely, which couple would you love to see call it quits!? With that, Laurisa will be back next week with an all-new, heart-shaped, Super Bowl-sized Two Scoops while I go on my own "very special mission," otherwise known as foraging for candy sales on February 15th. Don't judge. Me getting discounted chocolate "is what Abigail would have wanted," and you can't argue with that in Salem. As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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