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Who is the love of Everett/Bobby's life? Will Stefan do anything for love? And how much legacy did Tom and Alice leave in Salem? Let's talk all about love in this week's Two Scoops.

It's been a rough few weeks in DAYS land. Both on- and off-screen, things have been tough. But this week...this beautiful collection of episodes was perhaps exactly what we needed. It's weeks like this that remind me why I love this genre.

Finally, FINALLY we got the revelation in the Jada/Bobby/Everett/Stephanie storyline. It was a little anticlimactic because we saw Everett sneak into the pub and Homer Simpson his way back into the hedge. So, we know he's a liar, but it's nice to have this show on the road.

In other good news, Stephanie did the smartest thing she's done in years and told her dad what was going on. He PI-ed the situation and came up with police reports, a marriage license, a driver's license, and a birth certificate -- all before breakfast. He still has more to do, as he's got "some guys" looking into a few more things. We've all been screaming at our TVs for Steph to do this for months, so good job here, little Sweetness!

In the best news of all, while I did enjoy his stint as nice-guy Everett, this is the role you bring Blake Berris back to play. He shines as a sinister mastermind (or at least a part of his personality is a sinister mastermind). Having him come back to play anything else is like bringing Kristi Yamaguchi out of retirement to play tennis. I'd watch Lord Berris read the phone book. But this is going to be so much better.

That is, if we can get just a wee bit more stakes here. Look, I love Jada and want to flick anyone who makes her mad right between the eyes. But Bobby cheated on her. He was having an affair. In soapworld, that leaves me with a big....so what?? It's not nice to cheat on people by any means! But considering this is a space where people blackmail, brainwash, and hold their lovers captive in literal cages, what Bobby did here was almost nice!

And, no doubt, Elia Cantu put her foot in those performances. But it all felt like Jada overreacted. This is a woman who has dealt with much more traumatic things on-screen with grace and resolve. She has to deal with having Talia for a sister! We're supposed to believe a dude's wandering eye made her come unglued?

And not just that, but Jada kinda, sorta, exactly abused her position as a cop to investigate it. Or I may be mistaken there. Can one purchase a fingerprint machine at Walgreen's and then send in the results to fingerprints.com? Maybe Jada didn't swipe police equipment and access an official database without permission?

Gah! I need DAYS to explain the stakes here a little more. Let's assume the accident really did cause memory loss, and Everett has no memory of cheating on Jada with Stephanie. Great. That doesn't mean he didn't do it. And with Jada vowing to keep digging, there's just got to be more here.

If Bobby's fingerprints showed up in the police database, doesn't that imply that he committed a crime? And I really can't shake the fact that Clyde retaliated against everyone who tried to shake him down...except Everett. Chad's house was burned down. Lucas was shot at. Harris was shot. Everett wrote and investigated the story, and nothing happened to him. Hmmm...

Speaking of Harris, he's awake! Well, his eyes are open. No thanks at all to Stefan. Yup, Stefan shot Harris. Mama Viv would be so proud! Though it's hard to reconcile that he'll assassinate a cop to protect Gabi but can't manage to not sleep with another woman. Men are weird.

Ava's going through a lot, too, since Harris is maybe awake, but Tripp and Wendy were indeed kidnapped and held hostage by a now very scary Officer Goldman. Holy good bad guys, Batman! This woman seemed to almost be enjoying this! It made me wonder if there's something more sinister with her. Most of the other Clyde henchmen (Ava and Stefan) had to be blackmailed into the job. I wonder if this one applied for it.

Loose Ends

It's really nice to see Sarah supporting Xander for a change. We found out this week that he's definitely innocent, but it was teetering on rinse-and-repeat Sarah who can't believe Xander would do this uhh-gain! I'm pleased to see that she's realizing all this evidence is way too convenient. It helps that Justin believes him, too. And I agree with Justin, evidence for cases doesn't just all fall into place like it did here.

Konnie's storyline is currently interrupted to become that of a grieving father who is ready to avenge his daughter's death while he waits for the widow Kiriakis to give (?) all of her money to him. Sure. I can see how a parent would carry the pain of losing a child around forever. But John Black's history as the Pawn is very common knowledge in Salem Land. I would have thought Konnie would come to town for that, not just stumble upon John one day and figure it out.

Welcome back to the show, Tater Tot! Jamie Martin Mann was a sight for sore eyes. I enjoy his interaction with Eric Martsolf a ton. So, hopefully Brady and Tate will get more scenes together. I'm not so sure, though, about Marlena comparing Tate to Sami. The problem there was that Marlena actually did do something wrong, and her child saw it -- in pretty traumatic fashion, too. Brady didn't do anything on the scale of what Mar did.

That scene was actually where I was hoping Marlena would step in and say that maybe intensive inpatient therapy that doesn't allow parents to even see their child for the first 30 days might be a little dangerous. I'm all for therapy and think everyone should have it as a part of their primary health care. I also understand that prison isn't the place for Tate, either! But the people treating him are under the impression that he's an addict. Each time he says he protests, he's essentially going to be brainwashed/gaslit into thinking that there's something wrong with him, when there isn't. I'm worried for Tate!

Steve proved that Bobby Stein had a driver's license with a photo that looked like Everett. He also showed that Bobby Stein was not born a twin. Personally, I tend to lean more toward the theory that Bobby/Everett is a split personality. However, considering Steve's sister/Stephanie's aunt has a doppelgänger -- and that Justin is currently married to the woman -- dismissing the "everyone has a twin" theory so quickly really makes Steve and Stephanie look super silly.

It was very unlike Theresa to move out of Alex's apartment just because he didn't propose. The real Theresa doesn't give up that easily -- especially since the two are living together and he gave her a cushy job at Titan. Those are not the moves of a man who is afraid of commitment. Since it seems like we're still a lifetime away from seeing the reveal that Xander is Victor's son, this stalling in the storyline seems a little more tedious than normal.

I don't know if it's the sleep deprivation or the fumes from developing photos, but Eric is looking dumber than a box of Bradys when it comes to Sloan. At one point this week, Melinda -- the woman who denied her daughter for decades and then yelled at said daughter for embarrassing Melinda with a suicide attempt -- is the voice of reason when it comes to parenthood here. Let that one sink in. Oh, Sloaney Bologna. What are we going to do with you?

The idea of giving Paulina a whiteboard and Post-Its to communicate cracked me right up. I'm pretty sure she's going to be okay, but I wouldn't mind another day where she can't talk because the facial expressions Jackée Harry throws when Paulina can't talk make me so happy.

Extra Scoops

Wednesday's episode may be my favorite episode of DAYS ever. This inclusion in the episode was quite a swing by the interim writing team, and it paid off! It was a love letter to the fans that felt two thousand percent earned. Knowing that it was filmed after the leadership change, and thus was in a presumably better working environment, made me happy, too.

I loved Lucas sneaking in. He's quickly becoming Salem's stealthiest man! Look out, John!

It can't be lost that Kate (Kate!) was welcomed into the Horton house. It hasn't always been that way, but it was true to what Alice would have wanted!

Also, the kids! Oh, my goodness, did I love Zach Chyz and Sydney K. Smith as young Tom and Alice. This was such a cool way to introduce the members of the Horton family and, of course, work in the original ornaments!

And, you guys, the ornaments are okay!! Is it ridiculous that ornaments wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a paper box survived a house fire? It sure is! But you know what? Christmas miracles can happen!

I don't know what to say about the chair and ottoman, but sure! We'll take it! That will have a place of honor in the new Horton home, and I couldn't be happier about it.

You guys, I even found Leo agreeable -- perhaps downright enjoyable -- in this episode. I loved Thomas trying to hustle the tooth fairy a bit here. Leo's article was wonderful. I hope they save a copy of that paper for every Horton kid!

The flashbacks were amazing. I loved seeing Alice at a barbecue, Doug singing with Tom and Alice, Marlena talking about Mickey's treatment, and Maggie comforting Alice. For as tight as the bloodline is with the Hortons, Alice really championed this idea of chosen family. It showed in those flashbacks.

Gah, the montage of photos! Hope! Jennifer! Lexie! Sami! Shawn-D! It was like one big group hug and brought us all together.

There's a time capsule! So, while this lovely episode can stand alone, it's actually going to move story along. Get that hammer, Thomas. Let's break that sucker open!

Finally, the tribute to Bill Hayes was beautiful. He does still have a few more scenes to air, but this tribute -- following another beautiful song from Bill and Susan -- was glorious. I had happy tears streaming down my face at the end of the episode.

Nope. Not a fan of Konnie kissing Maggie. Not. One. Bit. Back off, fella.

Rafe: "The witness who saw you said it looked like you were in a hurry."

Xander: "Doesn't anyone who's running look like they're in a hurry?!?

I laughed out loud when Xander retorted to a pretty smug Rafe with this reply.

Steve (to Stephanie, after hearing all of the Everett story the night before): "How are you feeling?"

Stephanie: "Like I was hit by a bus"

Really, Steph? That's the metaphor you want to use to describe a situation where another person was hit by a car and spent a year in a coma? Maybe not your best look, lady. You should probably consult a PR professional. Oh, wait....


We didn't see it, but I love the mention that Doug and Julie literally sang for their supper. Because, of course, they did.

I don't care for Konstantin, but I would love to know what Greek lasagna is!

Of course, Chanel is a Swiftie. She has good taste.

Are those working fireplaces on set? Or is there some cool way to make fake-y fire?

Dang it, Abe, Chanel, and Johnny! Cutting a cake in front of a woman who can't eat is high-quality torture.

Love the throw-away line about where Doug was when they found the ornaments. He was talking to the neighbors, Dan and Dave.

In the grand scheme of things, kidnapping Steve and Ava's kid should not be a smart move. He's a PI. She's a mafia princess. This should be one golden goose that you don't get away with stealing.

I'm no expert, but, "Fine, let's do it," doesn't make the best marriage proposal.

You can't tell me Wendy's only trackable tech she has on her person is her cell phone. Her keys have to have an air tag.

No one gives a "you've got to be kidding me" look like Susan Seaforth Hayes. It's perfect. No notes.

Rafe gave off "assistant principal" level of annoyance when he found out that Harris had yet another side deal working with Ava as an informant. I kind of can't blame Rafe.

I love the idea of Sesame Street PJ's. Don't knock it, Chanel! I have a preference for Super Grover myself.

I love Jada. I really do. But I cringed a bit when she marched into the police station and filled Rafe in on running Everett/Bobby's fingerprints and getting a match. Maybe have that convo somewhere else? And sometime else when there's not an arsonist, assassin, and kidnapper on the loose? Gah!

I'm constantly reminded how glad I am that Kate gave Roman a chance. That Valentine's dinner was adorable. Love to see the good guy win every once in a while!

That's it for this week. I hope you go back and watch Wednesday's show again and again. I texted my mom and sister right away to tell them about it, too! Tony is probably on the multi-view plan, as well. But he'll be here next week to hand Stefan the pillow to hold over Harris' face. Err...I mean, he'll be back to cover all the happenings of Salem.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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