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Will Steve and John rescue Tripp and Wendy in time? Even if they do, will Clyde continue to torture Salem from afar? And is there a place on earth Stefan can hide now? Let's discuss it all in this week's Two Scoops.

We finally got some movement on the Clyde front, and I liked most of it! First and foremost, perhaps the most productive thing Clyde has done yet is practically push Ava back into her mob roots. She looked fantastic calling Angelo and then standing strong between those two mob muscles. Even if Tripp doesn't die, that horribly insensitive comment about, "Didn't your mama ever teach you..." might be enough for Ava to snap. After all, it was witnessing her mother's murder that was the catalyst for all that her father did to her after. Plus, if her Vitali roots are what break Tripp out of captivity, he might lessen his "No Mo Mob" stance.

Speaking of surprises, John and Steve actually had the right plan! Clyde was somehow way too connected in jail. He's been running a criminal enterprise there. So, you had to remove him from that infrastructure. Get him held captive in a place where he doesn't have guards on the payroll and cell phones at his disposal. Ava really mucked this one up by giving Goldman the chance to swoop in and rescue Clyde before learning where Tripp and Wendy are.

Though I could help Ava out. They're currently on my last nerve. Bless their boring hearts, I just don't think it was the best idea to give these two characters a storyline where they're on a set with no other people or things, sharing dialogue about them imagining places. Those scenes kind of feel like those improv friends who want to perform for you, and you have no choice.

I hate to say it, but things didn't get interesting until the vents closed. One, I learned that it's more likely they will die of carbon dioxide poisoning than lack of oxygen in an enclosed space. Two, for a second, I thought they were going to write notes to their families in blood. Three, technically, Wendy proposed to Tripp! If they do get married, I think that will be a first, or at least a rare, on soaps! So, that's a bright spot for these two!

For his part, Stefan is running scared because he completely failed at being a Clyde henchman. The disappointment Vivian must feel in this black sheep of the Alamain family. At least Jake had a successful run as mob muscle for the Vitalis!

Anyway, he confessed to E.J. and begged for his help. E.J. admonishing Stefan for shooting a cop was downright laughable. He shot and killed Officer Eve Michaels (any relation to Harris??) back in the black glove days. However, I did appreciate that E.J. rightly pointed out that the DiMeras are a family of quid pro quos, not bloodline loyalty. Indeed. Just ask Tony where he spent the better part of two decades. Also, I did laugh when E.J. suggested that Stefan rent out that empty space between his ears.

But, alas, it seems like E.J. has finally succeeded in winning back DiMera Enterprises. I don't know. My brain is trying to do some tricks here to work this out. If gaining passage to a foreign country with no extradition orders is what Stefan needs, couldn't he have just used his own considerable resources to escape? Or does E.J. have some stash of Marriott points that is necessary for Stefan's future lodging?

On the fourth spoke of the Clyde drug ring storyline (hat tip to the writers for how broad reaching this one truly is!), Holly's awake and eating doughnuts. This was a brilliant choice for a first real meal in Salem. Good on you, Holly! However, the Hollster needs to really, really up the speed on confessing that the drugs were hers. It's not enough to just say that Tate didn't do it. Ignoring DMs from Theresa because she (and I quote) "has a party to plan" screams of selfish brat energy.

Also, can we talk a little bit about how Nicole kinda, sorta, really shouldn't be this naïve when it comes to Holly? I know Nicole's desperately trying to be laser focused on Holly, especially since Nicole carries some very heavy misplaced mom guilt here about leaving Holly alone on her birthday to go grieve a dead son. However, Nicole knows that Holly got drunk. This week, Holly confirmed that she remembered her whole childhood.

At some point, Nicole needs to smell her own kind here and realize that Holly is lying about not remembering anything about the drugs. Heck, even Eric knows Holly's hiding something. And this is a man so unobservant that he doesn't know his wife is funding a completely second household! The longer this lie drags on, the worse both Nicole and Holly look.

On the Tate side of things, Brady learned that Holly is awake. I love that he was happy for Nicole. However, there's no way on earth he should be allowed to question her. The cops, however? That's a different story. They need to get over there right away. If Holly's well enough for pastries and party planning, she's well enough for the police.

Theresa hired Sloan to represent Tate and -- errrr, my goodness -- Theresa and Sloan as friends makes so. much. sense. I know that's not the point here, but it's where my head immediately went. Anyway, Sloan is still on the train that Tate didn't call 9-1-1 right away, which is a plot point the show really needs to do away with. We saw the scene play out. Furthermore, she thinks that Tate should consider a plea deal, which I don't see E.J. offering at all. Unless the plea deal includes Tate wearing a shirt that says "I'm a low-life twerp" while banging on a pot and marching through the town square.

Loose Ends

Harris sees Goldman and realizes she's the mole. When he tells Rafe, they plan to bring her in and question her. Between this and Stefan, how in the world is Xander still in custody?

I'm not quite sure what to make of Sloan, Leo, and Eric. She can't find anyone to babysit, so she calls the man who's blackmailing her. This plays for laughs, and Greg Rikaart is beyond delightful in these scenes. I guffawed when Leo dressed like we all did in the early stages of the pandemic to change a diaper. But Sloan wouldn't use this as the absolute perfect opportunity to keep Eric from visiting Holly at Nicole's house?

As for Leo, I continue to struggle accepting his self-proclaimed "Fairy Godfather" (FGF) status when he's openly keeping this little bundle of joy from his true mother just because Leo needs to drink expensive Champagne. I would buy Leo's plight much more if he were the one being blackmailed into keeping silent and was doing this dotting FGF routine because it's the only way he can offer some love and protection to the kiddo.

As for Eric, oh, lordy mcdummy is at it again. When Nicole offered to throw Jude's baptism party at the mansion as a peace offering to Sloan, Eric's response should have been, "I'll check with Sloan" not "I'll let Sloan know." Then again, she should have checked with Eric before allowing Leo to babysit, so maybe these two agreed to a set limit of decisions they make together.

I'm glad they haven't forgotten about the time capsule! I loved the search party at the Horton house to help clean things up and search for a key. Sure, it seems forced for Stephanie to be there to help just to get her in a scene with Chad. Last I checked, Stephanie is still the PR consultant for the Spectator, so Everett running into Chad and Stephanie hugging there seems just as likely. But I love that Roman keeps showing up for the Hortons. So, I'll take this one as a win!

Earlier at Charred Horton Manor, Everett was lurking around outside, and Julie didn't think anything suspicious about it at all, so she decided to have a heart-to-heart with him. Clearly, DAYS spent good money on that burned Horton set, and they're not letting it go to waste! Julie even told Everett/Bobby that he reminded her of her cousin Nick. She hears the whole sordid tale of fingerprints and missing memories. She does express sympathy for Stephanie but ultimately believes Everett is a good man.

It's all to capitalize on the Blake Berris/Susan Seaforth Hayes combo. But honestly, the Julie/Nick relationship was so toxic before, and dripping with homophobia, that's a rough song to replay. I can't not see Nick Fallon here. But that might be the point. Everett/Bobby clearly smirked at the end of this conversation when Julie hugged him. Now, it's just a matter of the depths of his evil. Could he be the arsonist?

Everett did go to see Marlena, and she did indeed offer up hypnosis. Normally, I'd have my money on Doc here, but since Ava found it so easy to fool Marlena recently, I would think that Everett/Bobby has an upper hand. Things are about to get interesting.

All things Paulina Price Carver were splendid last week. I so feel for Paulina. When you're the driving force/cruise director of your family, you know it. I believe she's extra worried about what will happen to them all if she's gone. Her making Abe promise to take care of the family was heartbreaking.

The inclusion of the adult daughters here is amazing, as well. Sure, I find it difficult to believe that a powerful real estate mogul doesn't already have a will in place and/or a lawyer on speed dial to call to draft it, but I'm in! I'll watch her dictate her last will and testament to Lani. Chanel and Lani's scene together in the waiting room was glorious, too. I know Sal Stowers has other obligations, but I'm going to need Lani to make regular appearances in Salem. Is quarterly too much? Say...spring break, summer vacation, February Sweeps, and Christmas?

Finally, they did see something at the end of Friday's show. Normally, I'd think it's an angel. However, considering the overblown arrival of St. Marlena the Great earlier in the week, this could just be how Mar walks into a room now. And, hey, if you can arrange it for dramatic lighting to follow you all places, why wouldn't you?

Extra Scoops

If soaps are looking for how to do entertaining filler, please reference all things Roman, Kate, and Lucas this week. First, I love that Lucas basically has Whoopi Goldberg's storyline from Sister Act. If there is a musical number, we won't be disappointed!

Second, I laughed so hard at Roman and Kate's costumes. The floppy hat screams attention. Lucas was right that it screams Audrey Hepburn. Yet Kate completely misunderstanding that as a compliment was hilarious.

Third, Roman and Kate can't help but be cute. I want to see them run this 5K. Once Kate sees the full extent of possibility when it comes to running attire, she will fit right in! Surely, the pub has a TV where they can watch a round of baseball this summer. Roman's already got the hat!

In addition to rescuing Clyde, Goldman made an entirely gross comment about how she likes Clyde's parts. And then, they kissed. I had a visceral reaction to this scene. It wasn't good. This man raped his stepdaughter, and now he's sleeping with a woman young enough to be his daughter. While Goldman is of age, it's difficult not to get child molester vibes from Clyde here. And we don't need that. No one in the audience was on the fence as to whether or not Clyde might not be a stand-up dude.

Kate: "What? Your mother can't mind her P's and Q's with a man of God?"

Lucas: "Well, I don't know, I thought you'd be struck down by lightning the minute you walked onto the grounds."

Kate: "Glass houses, my friend. Glass houses."

Lucas: "Yeah, you're right. You're right."

See? More awesomeness from this storyline!


Jen Reem is the whiskey of choice in Salem. Happy International Women's Day from DAYS.

Did anyone catch the excessive number of pillows on the couch in Tripp and Wendy's apartment? What is the clearance on the seat? Like, two inches?

I want to know what's in a Brady Pub "top of the morning" sandwich.

Thomas hasn't been SORASed. He's still eight. I know this because I have an eight-year-old, and Abigail and I were pregnant at the same time.

Can we talk about how great it is that E.J. told off Stefan while wearing silk jammies and a robe?

Don't hate on the "Piano Man," Holly. There's nothing wrong with a classic Billy Joel song.

Nicole's pink and red nails were awesome.

Christy St. John has been doing tremendous work as Officer Goldman. What I wouldn't give to see her opposite Blake Berris!

Xander's not jazzed at the idea of Konnie being around Sarah and Victoria. Join the club, XanMan. None of us are fond of Konnie being around.

Tate not knowing anyone's phone number was hilarious and such a kid thing to do!

Tony's list of heart candidates last week was spot-on. But I'd like to offer up one more candidate -- Gabi. If the show doesn't recast that role but wants to keep Brandan Barash around (yes, please!), killing off Gabi would free Stefan from the limbo of being part of a couple. And then, it would be the full circle storyline of Stefan opting to give Gabi's heart to someone. Surely, Paulina would pardon Stefan of the Harris crimes because he gave her his wife's heart. And, hey, I wouldn't put it past DAYS to stash Gabi's body away with Dr. Rolf on the same no-heart-life-support therapy program that Stefan was on, either.

Finally, in all seriousness, I love how Paulina's storyline is lowkey making an important public health statement about heart disease. It's the number one killer of women. It's also roughly 30 percent more likely to occur in Black people. Having an otherwise strong Black woman suffer from extreme heart disease is not an accident. It's a representation of a terribly common statistic today. I hope that when she does get her new heart, DAYS follows through with some heart health messages and makes Paulina an advocate for positive changes people can make.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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