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Are E.J. and Nicole gaslighting Holly? If so, would this set up a new rivalry between a DiMera and a Kiriakis? And does Wendy possibly have the worst mother of them all? Let's look out for all the children in this week's Two Scoops.

I'm so glad Tate and Holly are back in Salem. Jamie Martin Mann and Ashley Puzemis are a delight to watch. They both bring such a freshness to the show. When your characters were driving storylines prenatally, you're something special!

I loved Tate sneaking out of the halfway house to see Holly. I had forgotten how much of a crush he did have on her and how these two really are just kids. He seemed genuinely relieved to see her okay, which makes sense, since the last time he saw her, she was having a terrifying seizure. From when they introduced this teen version as a prankster punk, Tate's really grown to be the heart of this storyline. He's the most sympathetic character in this bunch and I find myself not only rooting for him but also being fiercely protective of him. I cheered when he finally told his parents that it's actively unhealthy for him to stay in that halfway house. That "I'm a loser" spiral was proof that he needs to be free. #JusticeForTate

Holly is a solid 80 percent sympathetic, too. Her misdeeds are more from naïveté than malice. The fact that she showed up at the police station and tried to clear Tate helped, too. But Holly does need to fess up sooner rather than later. I don't believe her story about how the truth will hurt Nicole for a second. Nope. Bad lie. Try again, Hollster. That one must have come from your dopey Jonas side. Dig into those Walker roots if you want to be more successful here.

The truth is that Holly doesn't want to embarrass herself or get in trouble. That's a very teenager thing to feel. So, I get it. I also get that the two adults in charge of her well-being right now are utterly insufferable, and the idea of trying to speak truth to them is a downright daunting quest.

Making a truly compelling, early charge for the "Broken Record" award during our end-of-the-year awards, Nicole and E.J. keep insisting that there's no way those drugs were Holly's. She's just confused and protecting Tate. And Tate is a bad influence. E.J. takes that last point a step farther to imply that he's criminally liable, too.

When E.J. came (barged?) into Holly's room and found Tate, E.J. reacted calmly and compassionately. Kidding. No, he didn't. He made assumptions and flew off the handle to call the cops. Brady's witnessed E.J. do this to Tate a couple times, which makes me wonder if we aren't establishing a rivalry for the ages.

This is the stuff good soap rivalries are made of. If they thread this needle just right, Brady and E.J. could have a longstanding vendetta for what E.J. did to Brady's son -- especially when it comes out that E.J. knew all along who was really behind the drug ring. Not only is E.J. not stopping this, he's actively pushing this along by tampering with evidence and stashing Stefan away.

Harris seems to be onto him, too. In what was actually a refreshing scene, Harris let E.J. pontificate about how much fidelity he has for the law of this land, then calmly told him that Stefan shot him. Oh, and that the D.A. can't fire detectives. I do wish that this cop was Shawn-D instead of Harris, but either way, the Most Regal Legal Eagle needed to be knocked down a few pegs. I'm glad it happened.

In other good news, Tripp and Wendy are alive! I laughed when Rafe and Harris came in, guns drawn, after three civilians had already solved the crime. Never change, Salem PD. And I did enjoy how, exasperated by how much she couldn't help, Ava just paced and prayed. Such a mother thing to do!

Back at the hospital, Tripp says that his mom didn't mean for this to happen, but he worries it will happen to Wendy again. Didn't we just have this scene with Johnny and Chanel?

Wendy had her own troubles, too. She's preparing to have quite possibly the most awkward morning-after convo. "Hey...remember when we kinda got married?" Tripp seems to be acting like he doesn't, but I'm pretty sure he does. He asked for his "wife" when he woke up. And Tripp isn't the kind of guy to marry 'em and leave 'em, if you know what I mean. I think this convo will go Wendy's way.

Which is a good thing because, holy Alice Horton's doughnuts, Mama Shin is a harrrrrible person! She's mad that she heard about the abduction from the news and Wendy didn't bother to come out of a near-death state to call her first. Yikes! Maybe Ava should have called. For sure E.J. -- as the D.A. and someone familiar with Mr. Shin -- should have called. But Wendy? Nah, Mama Shin, this one isn't on her.

Loose Ends

It sure was nice of Konnie to put his vendetta on hold so that John could focus on releasing Clyde and rescuing Tripp and Wendy. Now that that's over, Konnie confronted John with the whole Greek tragedy, while Steve filled in Marlena. Steve didn't see John kill the girl, but the girl was dead, and John was in the room. Steve and Mar talked about how it could have been an accident, but it's all a mystery from when John was brainwashed.

This isn't so much a retcon as it is filling in the blanks. Though, at one point in time, Marlena had a CD with all of John's memories on it, and you would have thought there would have been an "Aria" chapter. Anyway, at the end of last week, it appeared that John was most upset with ...Steve?!? Really? I feel it necessary to remind John that Steve once forgave John for slowing injecting him with poison that threatened to make Steve lose the sight in his good eye. But John is going to be pissy over this?

Eli got offered his dream job in Washington, DC, so the Price-Grant crew are on their way out of Salem. I'm sad for everyone, but hopefully we'll get to see them on a regular basis! Konnie hearing that Eli is going to be investigating international crimes can't have been an accident. We've got the question of Victor's son still out there.

Sarah gave Harris a script for antibiotics (to for sure take) and pain meds (to take as needed). She also asks him to solve his own case because Victoria misses her dad. Sarah lays it on thick! But she's right this time. This business about Xander being held is silly. Though I wouldn't mind it if Xander and Tate ended up in the same place for a bit. Technically, Xander is Tate's uncle (though right now, he's assumed a cousin), but I'd love to see him stick up for Tate! Again, #JusticeForTate

Extra Scoops

Chanel and Johnny are going to honeymoon at the Horton cabin. Does anything good ever happen there? Rarely. Is Clyde probably camped out there? Likely. And am I thrilled to see the cabin again? Definitely! The Horton cabin is in play again!

Nothing about the angelic visitor worked for me. I was okay with the no-face ghost Lexie last time because that stand-alone episode was about Abe. However, this scene was about Paulina. At one point, Paulina was flatlining, and Abe sat there talking to Lexie. Abe got his memory back while having a moment with his ex while Paulina sat there -- literally on her deathbed. I never thought I'd see the day where Abe was the cad in the story, but here we are! I was offended on Paulina's behalf.

This whole scene felt tone deaf -- or more specifically -- like the writers wanted a speedy wrap-up to a storyline that had stalled. Abe's amnesia had been simmering for nearly a year, and it felt like the show didn't really know what to do with him.

And now? Paulina’s just...fine? No character development by having a powerful woman with a platform champion heart health? This doesn't even become canon in her character the way Johnny's cancer did for him? We're just...done?

E.J. (to Harris): "I didn't know you could get brain damage from being shot in the chest."

E.J. is a blowhard these days, but darn it if Dan Feuerriegel can't land a line!


Paulina's laugh ranks right up there with Santa Claus on the recognizability list.

I miss Eli's beard and shorter hair. (That’s some first world problem, complaining about a man as handsome as Lamon Archey!)

First Sloan, now Lani. I don't understand these junk-drawer pattern fabrics for shirts.

I think it's cute that Paulina’s bandages on her neck mimic her statement necklaces she always wears.

Those blue hospital robes actually look comfy. I wonder if Victoria Grace and Lucas Adams were thrilled with these scenes because they got to wear such delightful wardrobe for a few days.

Hey! Ava got a bedroom set! I love that there's a photo of Tripp and her on her nightstand.

Really, Mar? Your son tells you that his wife is jealous of their newborn, and you don't have any shrink advice there?

Now that Abe has his memory back, can I have that deck of cards that Kayla put together for him? That would come in handy when explaining the show to new people.

Missed opportunity not to have Harris start watching Body & Soul while recovering after being shot.

I love the dramatic way John brings the phone to his ear when calling someone to say, "I need to see you. Now."

Maggie says she's falling for Konnie. Julie blesses it, so we know -- for sure -- this is a good idea.

Steve, John, and Ava are really adamant that no one finds out they're the ones who broke Clyde out of jail. They also constantly comment on how smart Wendy is. I'm sure those things have nothing to do with each other.

Now that he has his memory back, does Abe get to be the mayor again?

That's all for this week. Tony's at the wheel for the next two as we learn what six-fingered man killed Konnie's faddah....err...what other grievances Konnie has against John.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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