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It's the beginning of the end for Konstantin. So, forget flowers, because Maggie got the truth right in time for Mother's Day! Now, our favorite redhead is red-hot mad and ready to take down that scrub with a lot of help from her friends. Plus, E.J. confirmed the truth from Dr. Rolf, and he is not the father. Let's see what else stung our fair Salemites in this May Sweeps edition of DAYS Two Scoops.

It happened, friends! I finally believe one of Konstantin's Greek tales. He said he grew lilies. For sure. I trust him on this. He's so full of manure, I'm surprised plants simply don't spring up wherever he steps. Though this is also where he can step off. As the Reverend Cyrus (sort of) sings, "Maggie can buy herself flowers," and as the High Priestess Lizzo can conclude, it's "about damn time."

In an epic vet-filled scene, Marlena, John, and Steve finally -- and I do mean finally -- made Maggie see the light about Konstancreep's dark side. Sure, it took her a moment or two to absorb the details, but despite all the screaming we've done at our screens the last few months, willing her to wake up, my heart went out to Mags when she realized Konnie's end game. That is, her end.

And then, Maggie got mad! "He has messed with the wrong redhead," she declared. Now they got bad blood. I love this team-up, and I can't wait to see him...uh...how do you say?...go down in flames! Maggie promised a "wedding to remember," and I'm holding her to that. It's about time we see that scrub sulk away to Soap Hell and never be heard from again.

Meanwhile, while Maggie wants to rid herself of a man, E.J. must decide if he wants to bring one into his life. That being Jude. Eej learned from Dr. Rolf that he's not the father. Now, he must face the million-dollar question: Is he ready to risk everything by revealing the truth, or will he side with Sloan and stay quiet?

I'd be shocked if E.J. did anything with this information. He doesn't want to lose his cozy, chaotic life with Nicole. Telling her the truth is practically shoving her back to Eric. You know him. He's impressed with Nicole's strength and resilience. She continues to surprise him. And he basically has cartoon hearts popping out of his eyes each time he sees her. Yep. That Eric, also known as the baby daddy.

I also wouldn't be shocked if E.J. knew of Nicole's conflicted feelings for said baby daddy, Eric. Aside from it being written on her face, would anyone put it above him to have a listening device in the living room? Nicole recently had a telling conversation with Marlena right there on the DiMera davenport. And if he wasn't full-on spying, did he nearly walk in and proceed to eavesdrop? This is E.J., after all. He thrives on having information and holding aces up his sleeve.

Ultimately, giving Nicole something she would love also means risking his own heart. I don't think E.J. is capable of that kind of sacrifice, despite his feelings for his wife. That kind of makes E.J. just another Leo in this scenario -- a person who knows the truth, but for selfish reasons, keeps it hidden. Oof.

Let's just put this out there for E.J. now. Nicole is going to someday be thrilled when she gets her baby back, but even if she doesn't end up back with Eric, she's not going to love what E.J. did and will likely leave him. Like Maggie, Nicole "don't want no scrub."


Everyone, calm down. Calm down, everyone. Things are okay now. Eric and Sloan agreed to "no more secrets." I kid. I kid. Hell in a handbasket, this will go to.

Okay. Serious question. Do the "Jude" and topaz necklaces go with the bundle of blankets when he's returned to Nicole, or does Sloan keep them to go with her Statesville chic attire?

Oh, Melinda. There's not enough wine for you to chug that'll make what you did okay. At least Sloan can rest assured that you have her back. I kid again. You'd both sell each other out in a hot Salem second.

I hate the situation that Johnny and Chanel are facing but love how they're handling it together with such class and compassion. His support as well as the respect and acknowledgement that it's ultimately her decision as to how they go forward bodes well for them as a couple.

I'm also glad that Chanel knew her limits and stood her ground with her mother. Paulina has her own support system. Chanel just needed time to process the trauma she's going through. At the end of the day, all these characters love each other and will make it through, but for now, time needs to heal wounds and wonderings.

I must wonder, does Everett have any more personalities to choose from? I'm not sure Bobby is a keeper. He's cringy and totally a creep. He hit on some unlucky lady named Alana moments after, I think, Everett made fun-related plans with Stephanie.

Oh, how I miss that five minutes when Steph decided to focus on her career and loved ones and forgo men for a moment. She was so much wiser then. She needs to say, "No thanks," and move on -- or head back to her career and loved ones.

I hope to find someone someday that'll want to marry me and say such sweet things as, "I care about her, yeah." Well, "him," but you know what I mean. Alex, you're kind of scummy. Just commit to being done with Theresa and move on. He and Kristen are two single...and I want to say adults here, but I'm not sure that entirely fits, so I'll go with...grown mammals. They can do it whenever they want, but the amount of stupid rattling around in that bed worries me.

That's not to say Theresa doesn't deserve to be left high and dry. She sabotaged the horny twit's life for purely selfish reasons and teamed up with Konstancreep to do so. So, I guess they all sort of made their beds at this point.

At least Brady knows what's what. He kind of won the day by telling Special K, "I know sooner or later you'll screw up." Exactly. Sad for RACH3L, but exactly. Stay patient and strong, Sir Black.

I'm oddly and very Team Rafe and Jada these days. While I still would like them to acknowledge their age gap as much as they did their work dynamics, they complement each other nicely. I love their humor, especially as their jobs keep them immersed in the dark side of Salem. I enjoyed their redecorating to make it "their space." It's a healthy move. And they got to celebrate with her favorite Champagne. Ignoring the success rate of Rafe's relationships once women move in, let's all raise a glass of bubbly to the happy couple!

Conversely, of all of Rafe's relationships, Jada is the most skilled at digging up dirt. It's literally her job. After her ex drama is over, I think it's finally time for Detective Hunter to investigate the case of Emily Hudson. That is, Rafe's first (and dead) fiancée. We never really got to the bottom of that story.

I applaud Sarah! She really hit Konstantin with a hard truth bomb. She stated that her mother is helping him out of guilt, but being tethered to him, Maggie's giving up a possible chance at love again with someone worthy. As in, she'll never love you, fool. I mean, not that he care-cares, as his only goals are financial and revenge, but I thought Sarah's point added some more layers to the saga.

Riddle me this! How does Sarah not know more about Xander's mother at this point? I feel like that's a conversation a couple would have early on. More so, isn't Mama Xan dead!? I thought I remembered that she died from complications of alcoholism. I do remember her always being a sore spot for Xanimal, though. I also thought that's kind of why he and Maggie bonded so much. In any event, there's dead and then there's "DAYS dead," which means get ready to meet mama sooner rather than later, I suspect.

So, Sarah brought up that marrying Konstantin would block Maggie from moving on and possibly finding love again. When Konnie goes kaput, who do you think Mags might find another chance at romance with? Someone we've met, someone new, or someone from the past we haven't seen in a spell?

I can't with hearing Ava state, "I have never, ever felt so out of my depth," when speaking of Clyde. C'mon, Vitali! Call Cousin Angelo again, or, more so, look in the mirror and repeat, "I am Ava Frick'n Vitali," until you find your awesomeness again.

Oh, Ho-Hum has never seen Scream. His statements such as, "I won't be long," "gone a few days," and, more so, "I'm practically bulletproof" do not bode well in the longevity department. Where is Harry going, anyways? Port Charles, perhaps. I don't know. I zoned out a bit. In addition to his statements, he and Ava concluded that they're in love, and they changed everything for each other. Nope. Not good for longevity at all.

Still, I wonder whose blood is on Gil's book. And how it's still sticky if he died months ago, unless someone else accessed it. Maybe E.J. can have Dr. Rolf check that out, too. I'm not so confident in the Salem PD's lab sometimes. By "sometimes," I mean "always."

I'm ready to see Gabi again. I miss her. Though, when she gets back, let's hope she has a storyline waiting that's worthy of her. I don't want to see more rounds of her and Stafan going after DiMera stock. Gabs is a go-getter. Let them start some new enterprise and make new enemies. Xander is right there already, hating Stefan, and I loved their exchange. Xan did not hold back.

Speaking of Salemites I'd like to catch up with, let's talk about the current teen scene and teens who need to return to spruce it up. Also, I'm not even concerned about how old these kids should be. SORAS-ing and all. With that...

There's been a lot of Sydney talk lately. Last we saw her was in the holiday streaming special. That was all fiction from Will's script, so what's the real Syd up to these days? Is she playing with teddy bears still or building up her 401K?

Then there's Arianna Grace. I'd like to think Will, Sonny, and Gabi's little girl would grow into a teen that's got a good head on her shoulders, but something tells me she's going to have similar mommy issues as Holly. Though, Uncles Rafe and Eric will keep her in check, most likely.

I could see a pre-med Parker returning for freshman year at Salem University with a chip on his shoulder. Maybe he'll be the Jonas sibling to hold a grudge against Eric. And if Parker comes with a few (or more) visits from the Chlomeister, I'd never be upset seeing Nadia Bjorlin again.

Of course, since she's likely AI generated or a Stef-A-Clone, I wouldn't be surprised if RACH3L came out of the tunnels as a teen someday soon. Just saying. She's a next gen super villain in the making.

As of now, we have Holly, Tate, Sophia, and, as Nicole asked, "Who the hell is Aaron Green?" Exactly. He's kind of spastic, and I'm already over him after he bashed "The Last Blast." No, no, no, young overachiever. You don't do that. Let's sit this one down and scare him straight with tales of Jan Spears.

Also, Holly. Trust your bestie. Sophia seems like the type that would scheme with her regarding Tate. Act as a decoy and all so Ho-Jo can spend time with him. Instead, Holly and Tate's eventual outing as secret sweethearts will just alienate everyone. And, bigger problem, I'm not sure their secret romance is enough to carry a teen scene into the summer.

Post recast, the same spark just isn't there. The actors are doing a great job with the material. It's just without the spark, the reality of the situation becomes clearer. Holly wants what she can't have. Tate's naiveté is harder to swallow. Like Theresa, we're left wondering why he'd want to be with someone who's put him through so much. The supporting teens aren't helping the schtick. This has gone from Romeo and Juliet to an episode of The Brady Bunch, complete with a football mishap.

Extra Scoops

DAYS hit what it does best out of the park last week! That is, multigenerational storytelling. I loved the scenes with Maggie, John, Marlena, and Steve. Then we had the struggles of Johnny and Chanel, who wish they could celebrate the news of her pregnancy but can't. And the week ended with first scene, first episode character, Julie, speaking to Alice and then dining with Chad and Thomas, who's a fifth generation Horton. The message throughout was love, and I loved every second!

Bravo to Johnny for shutting down E.J.'s "that baby is a DiMera" jibber-jabber. No, Eej. No. We need never hear one more bit of jibber or an ounce of jabber on that subject from you again. I'm glad the conversation was salvaged and returned to the original point that Johnny and his wife need unconditional support, not snarky, privileged jibber-jabber from Elvis J.

"Well, doubt, you know, kind of goes with the job description as a parent. I gave your grandmother lots of things to wonder about how she went wrong with me in my teens...and in my twenties...and in my thirties." Theresa to Tate


I cracked up when I heard, "Top of the morning. Who goes there?" That's the most John Black greeting ever. If Black Patch needs to drum up more business, they just need him doing "dad jokes" on Salem's version of TikTok.

Oh! Some savvy Salemite needs to develop an app called "Shenanigans!" That could be their TikTok.

I hate to do it but must disagree with Chanel. I'm ready for the return of Sami Brady. Even for just a quick visit.

I kind of loved everything about Xander giving Konstantin a hard time. That was brilliant. Xanimal loves hard.

I hope that Justin is keeping track of every time Alex says, "Hey, Justin," and for each time makes him spend 20 minutes with Bonnie as punishment.

Really, Rafe? You still have a painting from Jordan up in your place? I'm shocked Nicole and Ava let that fly. More so, why did you?

"Rogue, radioactive mayor," just made me laugh. Serious subject. Silly headline.

I applaud Nicole for handing out hygiene kits.

I adored Chanel's story of Felicity.

Chad and Thomas stating, "I love you as big as the sky," is so cute! My sister and her son have a similar saying, so it always gives me the warm fuzzies. Thomas also stole the show with, "Roger that, Dad."

I really wish the "we need to be together for our child" schtick would die on soaps. It's so outdated and unhealthy.

Oh, I'd never want to play that "Don't Touch a Fry Until You Get Home" game with Rafe and Jada. I'd be a big loser.

I'm so afraid to see what a "retro prom" looks like to Holly and the gang. Methinks I'm going to feel old.

Speaking of style, did everyone see Jessica Serfaty's Met Gala outfit!? Phenomenal!

It's delightful when E.J. speaks of Susan. He seems almost human when that happens!

Brady needs to check his spam mail for the Kiriakis Newsletter. He seems further out of the loop than he needs to be.

Mar mic dropped with, "Or mine." Boom. I loved her excitement to be part of the scheme.

Sophia getting Marcia Brady-ed cracked me up. I guess she scored a Tate date out of it. So, she wins?


So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for May 13. Happy Mother's Day! Laurisa will be back next week with more May Sweeps Two Scoops shenanigans. As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

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