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Is Salem done resetting with the regular writers' materials? Are there any other plot lines to tie up? And if there are, will they come out at the next doomed wedding? Let's discuss the current state of affairs in this week's Two Scoops.

We picked up the week where the Friday cliffhanger left off -- Brady and Theresa interrupting Holly and Tate's private prom. It was ugly, dare I say uncomfortable between Theresa and the kids. This is a case where two things can be right at the same time.

First, Theresa is completely justified in insisting that her son not be around Holly. Holly's actions caused Tate to be thrown in jail and face bogus charges. If I were Theresa, I'd be adamant that Tate resides in a different zip code than Holly.

However, Theresa's also completely out of line for yelling at Holly and then forcing her into a car. I would be livid if someone drove my child anywhere without my permission -- especially someone who openly dislikes my kid. Brady should have called Nicole to come pick Holly up. I rarely cheer for E.J., but I was waving the foam finger when E.J. threw Theresa out of the DiMansion. Theresa is bordering on bullying a child at this point.

Brady should really be the one handling this. If anyone can be a walking example of how the next "love of your life" is just a few months away, it's one Brady Victor Black. Step in here, Bradster. You've been training for this life lesson for years.

A couple of things have bothered me about this Alex/Theresa storyline. Okay, more than a couple things, but these underlying things have been there from the beginning, and I hadn't addressed them because I had bigger wigs to fry.

First, the gold-digger accusations aren't quite hitting. Sure, Theresa likes nice things. But it's not like she used to live on the streets. Her father lived in a place called Donovan Manor in Salem. I have to believe she grew up in a nice place on the West Coast. And she herself has had two high-powered jobs with good salaries.

Second, what is Theresa's actual endgame here? I don't think she'd go the Konnie route and kill Alex. So, she's just going to stay married to a man that she doesn't love? Theresa's more than dabbled in hopeless romantic territory for a good chunk of her life. I don't see her living the life married to Alex, and you know Justin will insist on a pretty detailed prenup.

Don't look now, but Chloe may have mailed the Salem brain cell home to Brady. In just one scene, he almost put it together that Theresa knew about Victor's will before anyone else. Of course, she peeked in that case. And she just might have tried to use that for a competitive advantage. Good job, Brady! Keep digging!

Speaking of things to dig into, Chad and Julie brought Lucas in on the Abigail search. I love this! Hopefully, after he's done visiting Will and Allie in Arizona, he can come back to help. I'm guessing that will be a short trip, since Will and Allie are living in New Zealand. Even better, because I want Lucas to stay in town! I loved how excited Chad was to see Lucas.

Finally, welcome to Salem, Cherie Jimenez! She won the jackpot, getting to play opposite Brandan Barash -- who also finally got some good material to play this time. I did like Stefan sticking it to E.J. a bit. Melinda's move that was admittedly out of spite was actually refreshing, too. It all ended with a new Gabi, and I truly mean that.

Recasts are necessary to keep soaps going, and this one is very well timed. Gabi had to change in prison. She was tortured, thrown in solitary confinement, and probably not allowed to see her own kid. Gabi wasn't always the feisty version we last saw. She started as a bit of a wallflower, so it would be interesting to see what mix of the two we get now.

Loose Ends

Xander and Nicole had a pretty moving conversation at the office about kids, parents, and the general messiness of being a reformed schemer. It was well acted and made me wish these two actually interacted more. Though Nicole reminding Xander about the importance of making amends with your mom was a tough sell, since this scene aired just a few episodes removed from Diana the Terrible.

I'm glad that Maggie and Alex made up a bit. I didn't like these two arguing.

Eric announced he's leaving Salem because it's too painful to be around Jude. I get that, and it certainly makes the most sense. Hopefully, he'll use his time away to learn the correct lyrics to "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Leo ran into Dr. Greene again, and the good doctor kind of implied that he would be romantically interested in Leo. I guess, sure, this is a soap, so everyone needs a love interest. But what if Leo just had a friend? I checked, and, yup, his current list of friends is zero. Not a one.

You know, you can always count on Bonnie to make an idea worse. How do you up the stress level on a wedding where a possibly alcoholic/estranged mother might appear? Make it a double wedding with a woman who once accused the groom of rape! I wonder how Bonnie is even able to walk upright with that huge brain she's carrying around.

Jack came home to collect the time capsule because he and Jennifer are great at puzzles. And probably, it will be back around the time of Doug's tribute episodes. Just a hunch.

Oh, and Harris left Salem to go chase after Megan Hathaway. Bye, Harris.

Extra Scoops

They started out a #couplegoals, but darn it if Chanel and Johnny aren't moving right on up to #peoplegoals. I'm impressed left and right by these two together and individually. It feels like the writers got rid of the pregnancy because it was something the interim writers did and probably didn't fit into the plans for the characters. But at least it gave Carson Boatman and Raven Bowens chances to absolutely sparkle.

I loved Johnny forcefully but respectfully kicking and keeping Paulina out of Chanel's hospital room. I love that Johnny didn't let E.J. off the hook for not being supportive of the pregnancy from the start. And I loved Johnny leaning a bit on Eric and remembering his Brady roots!

Chanel's scene with Abe was beautiful. Chanel looking in Abe's eyes and speaking her truth was wonderful -- both for her and what it said about her relationship with Abe. And when she was willing to let Johnny go (and of course he didn't), she showed how much of a supportive partner she can be.

I hope the writers give this storyline beat a little room to breathe. Chanel and Johnny were making plans for a future that involved a family. They've got to take some time to figure out what they'll do next. And I hope the next move isn't solely a Paulina vendetta. There's more nuance to play here.

I felt entirely uncomfortable with the Leo/Diana scene on so many levels. First, that woman is trash. I don't like to spend my free time watching garbage people. Second, this is not the way to redeem a character. It felt like the equivalent of an audience cold plunge. Drastically drop us into harsh temperatures so we'll forget what we were acclimated to before.

Brady (to Marlena): "A lot of people in this town pay big bucks for your insight. One of the perks of living here is that I get it for free."

E.J. (to Stefano's portrait about Stefan): "Times like these, I really wish I was an only child!"


It's super cute that they have a photo of Sydney Kathrann Smith as young Alice Horton on the mantel at the Horton house.

Is Marlena becoming Celeste? Calling people out on things right away?

How long until Jude and Victoria are at Salem High?

They still haven't finished that dress at Basic Black?!?

I love that they still mention Body & Soul.

Melinda not tipping for food totally checks out.

I did like Bonnie's turquoise rings.

Aw, I loved that Abe mentioned Issac when talking about learning a child isn't his.

Um, did Theresa teleport to the Basic Black offices? Four seconds earlier, she was asking Bonnie to finish her story of childhood shenanigans.

Paulina's statement necklace was amazing.

Nicole and E.J. dressed alike in red and black. Do you think Harold planned that out as a joke when he picked out their clothes?

Eric and Marlena eating comically large slices of cake while Brady and Tate had a serious family argument made me giggle.

I'm surprised Abe wasn't triggered by being in a room with a stuffed cat toy.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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