DAYS exec addresses "mass firing" report

Posted Monday, March 05, 2001 11:25:27 AM
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DAYS exec addresses

Blame it on the Internet. A scurrilous rumor started somewhere on the Internet spun out of control and actually ended up upsetting some of the stars of Days of our Lives.

According to the report, no less than four Days of our Lives stars were fired. The stars mentioned in the report were Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Peggy McCay (Caroline), Frank Parker (Shawn) and Suzanne Rogers (Maggie). The rumor was given credibility because Dattilo actually had been fired by the show.

Ken Corday, executive producer of Days of our Lives, said in an interview that no one was getting fired from the show. As for Dattilo's release, Corday refers to it as "resting the character [of Lucas]."

Insiders say that the three other actors mentioned in the report were very upset by the rumor and that cast and crew began to fear for their own futures with the show.

Reiterates Corday, "It is not true!"

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