Mascolo's future at DAYS unclear

Posted Friday, March 09, 2001 4:55:39 PM
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Mascolo's future at DAYS unclear

While postings on Internet message boards are always subject to questions of validity, web surfers don't expect to receive mixed messages from an actor's official web site.

So is the case surrounding recent posts made to Joseph Mascolo's (Stefano DiMera) official web site.

In late February, a post on the actor's site hinted that his days with Days of our Lives were drawing to a close. "Contract negotiations have broken off between Joseph and Days of our Lives. He expects to leave his role in May."

Just two days later, that post was replaced by a new one. "Mr. Mascolo does not, nor has he ever in the past, discussed contract negotiations. The source for [the previous article] was misinformed."

The conflicting posts have some wondering if there was an attempt by Mascolo's camp to garner additional support for the actor from fans, who would undoubtedly flood NBC with letters of support for the actor. Others, however, feel that the person running Mascolo's web site was duped by someone claiming to be an official Mascolo rep.

A DAYS spokesperson declined comment on the situation. Mascolo created the role of the devilish Stefano since 1982, but has left the show on more than one occasion. He's appeared regularly since 1993.

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