DAYS to undergo storyline shift

Posted Saturday, October 13, 2001 12:45:32 PM
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DAYS to undergo storyline shift

According to some Internet rumors, Days of our Lives is in the process of rethinking the course of some of its storylines. The reports claim that there will be a shift to focus less of the teen storyline and more on the veteran and established players. However, one insider tells Soap Central that the changes are not as profound as 'net rumors make them out to be.

"Traditionally the teen storylines wind down after the summer anyway," says the insider, hinting that the shift might be more of a natural progression than any sort of radical change.

Fans of the younger set should not fear that the teens will totally disappear. Because the teen storylines draw in a younger viewing audience, their storyline will remain an integral part of the show.

Another change, one that has swept across every television program, is an effort to tone down the amount of violence. The terrorist attacks on September 11th have prompted soap execs to take another look at the type of material that they are providing. [Click here to read a special report on the post-attack changes being made by the soaps.]

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