Guy Wilson on curveballs, homeruns and Big League drama for WilSon

Posted Monday, December 15, 2014 11:35:25 AM
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Guy Wilson on curveballs, homeruns and Big League drama for WilSon

2014 was a happy year for DAYS' Will and Sonny, but 2015? Not so much. One thing is certain: Paul's presence will either cause the pair's relationship to spiral downhill... Or it'll create one hell of an uphill battle. So which way will it go? We caught up with Guy Wilson to find out.

From the moment Days of our Lives' Will (Guy Wilson) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) became an official couple, the soap world was abuzz with one pertinent question: when would DAYS throw another guy into the mix? After all, love triangles are a classic soap staple, and since they're frequently used in storytelling for heterosexual couples, it seemed inevitable that the writers might try to amp up the drama for their one and only homosexual couple in a similar way. But just as they took special care to build the couple's relationship and make the story of Will and Sonny's connection special, they've taken extra care in introducing a third man for the pair to play ball with. And, as Guy Wilson tells Soap Central, the result is no ordinary love triangle.

Though there have been a few bumps along the way, the past year has proven to be relatively smooth for popular soap couple Will and Sonny. Their long-lasting romance escalated into the very first on-screen wedding between two male soap characters, and the newlyweds have enjoyed a strong connection since. However, as viewers have seen with both the hot-and-cold attitude from a recently absent Will and the surprise arrival of Sonny's ex, Paul (Christopher Sean), 2015 isn't exactly looking like roses for the pair. But Wilson admits that he has welcomed the challenge and is quite excited about the thunderous turmoil headed the newlyweds' way.

"What makes Will and Sonny so strong is their commitment to one another; they have this commitment to want to succeed as a couple. So to have another man thrown into the mix, it's another opportunity for Will and Sonny to explore their relationship and to test their relationship," he explains. "From an actor's point of view, that's always awesome, because it's another opportunity to make new discoveries for a character and to experience new things. So regardless of how things play out, I think this is a good thing for Will and Sonny, because it will enrich their relationship."

That being said, Paul's presence could spell disaster for the couple -- which has fans, as well as Wilson, feeling torn. On the one hand, seeing the baseball player and Sonny share a kiss was painful to watch, considering it could destroy WilSon's marriage. But on the other hand, the liplock was hot. Like, outrageously hot. So hot that the characters' chemistry might have the power to overshadow Will and Sonny's connection, leaving Sami's son flying solo. "Obviously, Will [is going to be] worried about that," Wilson shares with a laugh. "And when I see how well Christopher and Freddie work together, on the one hand, it's like, 'Wow, I love watching these guys act. These are amazing scenes.' But then I'm like, 'Oh no, now I've got to step up my game!' It's fun, though, because it brings some friendly competition. It's like [all of us] all of a sudden want to mine great chemistry amongst one another."

As it stands, the actor believes it's too early for teams to have formed (i.e. WilSon versus Saul). But it's only a matter of time before it heads in that direction. Especially because the layered history the writers have created for Paul and Sonny is turning the former lovers into quite the homerun pair. "I really enjoy how the writers and producers have crafted this backstory... that was really sort of unbeknownst to everyone," Wilson says. "Having this extra component, it's a new dimension for Will and Sonny, but now, clearly, Paul is a very real part of Sonny's past, and there's just no denying that now. It's just going to raise the stakes for everyone, because there is that personal history between Paul and Sonny. There's a lot more at stake emotionally."

But, as this is no ordinary love triangle, the writers have added an extra element to the existing drama: The addition of Derrick (Spencer Neville), who will be throwing another kink into the story. "He is an awesome, awesome guy," Wilson says of Neville, adding that the character will amp up the troubles between Sonny and Will to an unimaginable level. "Without letting forth too many upcoming plot points, he's definitely someone to watch and someone to keep an eye on, because his character is very much a mover and a shaker. He's definitely another ingredient in the stew that's going to keep things really dynamic in Salem."

In fact, says the actor, "Just as Will and Sonny are beginning to feel like they've got everything figured out or they understand where everything stands within their relationship and how it all relates to Paul, Derrick and what he has is going to turn everything upside down on its head. Obviously I can't say more than that, but just when you think everything is going to be okay, Derrick has got some aces up his sleeve that nobody was expecting, some information that no one was expecting. So he's very much an integral part of what's going to be unfolding in Salem, going forward. I'm excited, because he's a great actor, and I think he's really going to keep people guessing."

Meanwhile, as Will and Sonny experience their first catastrophic blow as a married couple, Wilson is about to celebrate his first anniversary with the show. His version of Will debuted on-screen on January 8, 2014. And as he'll tell you, the past twelve months have been quite a roller-coaster for his alter ego. "If you were to look at any normal human life, the amount of events that have transpired in this past year for Will Horton, it's astounding," he says. "Between getting married and having these new career opportunities as a writer, which has been a curse and a blessing, all of the conflict that has arisen from his articles and his research and just so many unexpected turns for him. And I think because so much mature matter has come into Will Horton's life this past year... it has really been a landmark year where it's simply undeniable: he's no longer a mature boy. He's in a man's world, and he's just trying to keep up with these very adult, difficult circumstances."

The actor has gone on the emotional journey with Will, and he's looking forward to the differences that 2015 will bring. "Because we had an opportunity to do the happy stuff -- the engagement, the wedding, and all of the little victories that they've had -- because we've been able to do that, it does make the turmoil... fun to play," he says of Will and Sonny's current drama. "As actors, it is fun. But it's also difficult and kind of sad because it really feels like we've come full circle in playing all of the human emotions, you know? And it certainly, as actors, it pulls you closer together, and that of course leads to having a stronger connection [for] the characters. So it's been fun. Well, I think satisfying is the right word for it, because it's never fun to have to go to sad places, but it's very satisfying as a performer and knowing that these characters are becoming more and more human, more and more fleshed out. It's not at all removed from reality, and that part has certainly been fun."

What do you think about the current troubles facing Sonny and Will? Have you already chosen sides when it comes to the Sonny/Will versus Sonny/Paul debate? You can share your thoughts below in our Comments section, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.


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