The Best and Worst of DAYS 2014 Podcast

Posted Saturday, December 27, 2014 8:24:21 PM
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The Best and Worst of DAYS 2014 Podcast

It's a year-end tradition:'s Dan J Kroll and the Days of our Lives Two Scoops columnists, Tony and Laurisa, gather around and share their thoughts about the best and worst of the year in Salem.

Sit back and enjoy a special year-end podcast that takes a look at the Best and Worst of Days of our Lives 2014. Soap Central's Dan J Kroll is joined by Two Scoops columnists Tony and Laurisa to dish the things they loved... and the things that were not their favorite things.

And be sure to read the special two-part year-end Two Scoops columns: The Golden Donuts, which honor the best of the year, and the Alex North Memorial Awards, which wag a finger of shame at the things that didn't work.

What are your picks for the best and worst of DAYS 2014? Let us know in the Comments area below, or you can also click here to submit feedback.

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