Larry King grills Alison Sweeney about exiting DAYS

Posted Tuesday, January 13, 2015 12:50:50 PM
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Larry King grills Alison Sweeney about exiting DAYS

Legendary interviewer Larry King sat down with Alison Sweeney to get her thoughts on women in Hollywood, the future of soaps, why she left DAYS, and whether or not Sami was a true villainess.

Alison Sweeney has done several interviews since departing her role as Days of our Lives' Sami Brady last year, but interview veteran Larry King decided to take a stab at grilling the actress on her decision to depart daytime -- among a slew of other topics. And it's no surprise that he was able to get the actress to open up like never before during her Larry King Now episode, which aired last night.

The fun-filled half-hour segment features Sweeney discussing her thoughts on exiting DAYS, hosting The Biggest Loser, directing daytime soap operas, health, the landscape of entertainment, women in television, declining soap ratings, and more. She also reveals that she told executive producer Ken Corday that she'd love to come back for the show's 50th anniversary celebration and begged him, "Please don't forget about me!"

While a DAYS return could happen down the line, Sweeney already has landed her first post-DAYS acting job. For more on that -- and the involvement of another daytime favorite -- click here.

To watch Sweeney's full Larry King Now interview, click here.

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