Kristian Alfonso and John York promote brain power in new PSAs

Posted Friday, January 23, 2015 6:56:24 AM
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Kristian Alfonso and John York promote brain power in new PSAs

Kristian Alfonso and John York have made the very smart choice of starring in public service announcements together.

Tackling the issue of uneducated Americans is a tough job, but Days of our Lives' Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) and General Hospital's John York (Mac Scorpio) have agreed to do it.

The pair star in new public service announcement ads that aim to bring awareness to the fact that 37 million American adults are currently living without a high school diploma. Produced by the Ad Council and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, the "Skip the Drama" commercials compare the at-times humorous drama of soaps to the drama of not having a GED diploma.

"Finish your high school diploma, and some things -- like finding a better job -- will feel much less dramatic," reads a slogan that's part of the campaign, which also directs viewers to for resources and more information including inspirational stories, a ZIP-code based test prep center, and more.

Check out the "Skip the Drama" campaign videos featuring York and Alfonso here.

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