James Scott lands role in TBS pilot; begins filming today

Posted Tuesday, January 27, 2015 6:32:04 AM
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James Scott lands role in TBS pilot; begins filming today

Think James Scott has been totally wrecked since leaving Days of our Lives? It's true... sort of.

The year is off to a good start for former Days of our Lives star James Scott (ex-E.J. DiMera), who began work today on a new TBS comedy pilot Wrecked.

Written by Justin and Jordan Shipley, the prospective series follows a group of very diverse people forced to live on a remote island following a plane crash. No longer plugged into 2015 luxuries, the group must navigate the new society and learn to live without things like social media, indoor plumbing, fast food, and Internet access (which means -- gasp! -- no Soap Central).

Scott stars as Liam, a confident, charismatic, and appealing natural leader who's seemingly the most handsome man in the world -- even after a plane crash (sounds like quite a stretch, right?). He's done ten years with the British special forces, was in the military police before that, and now campaigns for human rights for child war refugees.

The Gilligan's Island-meets-Lost pilot also stars Zach Cregger, Brian Sacca, Ginger Gonzaga, Asif Ali, Ally Maki, Will Greenberg, Brooke Dillman, Jessica Lowe, George Basil, and Rhys Darby.

What do you think about James Scott's new project? Are you excited to see him in a comedic role? Share your thoughts in our Comments section below, on our message boards, or by click here to submit feedback.

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