DAYS February Sweeps details revealed

Posted Thursday, January 29, 2015 8:11:12 AM
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DAYS February Sweeps details revealed

It appears Cupid is skipping over Days of our Lives' Salem this year, as almost every major relationship is hitting a serious rough patch.

For some, this week's Snowpocalypse was more of a Nopocalypse, which may have left quite a few people feeling disappointed, but Days of our Lives may make up for the lack of excitement. The NBC soap's February Sweeps teasers preview an avalanche of drama headed for Salem. Will it turn out to be the perfect storm... or a mix of stories that leave viewers cold? Read on to find out.

The course of true love never did run smoothly, and that's certainly been the case for Melanie and Brady. In fact, their recent connection started out downright awkward. But the two finally begin to hit a good stride -- which Melanie promptly ruins when she decides to start keeping secrets from the former addict as she begins investigating Theresa's connection to Dr. Mandrake. Meanwhile, Theresa tries to forget all about Brady by using Clint as a distraction. But is he the one using her?

Busy investigating the Theresa/Dr. Mandrake situation, Melanie's attention is pulled away by Nicole, who enlists her help to fix things with Daniel. While Nicole focuses on trying to smooth things over with Dr. Jonas, Eric and Serena continue to grow closer. As Serena bonds with the former man of God, her ulterior motive becomes clear. But as soon as she's about to get what she wants, she's thrown a serious curveball.

Serena isn't the only one who gets a shock pitched her way, however. Will finishes his article on Paul just as Sonny comes closer to learning the truth about his husband's affair. Will Sonny finally discover that Will betrayed him with his ex? Either way, he won't be the only Kiriakis with his world possibly turned upside down this February: Victor's actions come back to haunt him, and he's forced to pay a terrible price.

Speaking of haunting, Hope accompanies Aiden to the vacation home he once shared with his deceased wife. But Hope quickly starts fearing for her life as she realizes that she may not know Aiden as well as she thinks she does.

The same may be said for Jordan and her knowledge of Chad. Though she's stood up for the DiMera man in the past, she's unaware of just how dark he can be. He shows his true colors, though, after he once again spies his gal and Rafe kissing. "Chad is someone who's been abandoned or time has fallen short with everybody that he's ever loved or cared about," his portrayer, Billy Flynn, points out. "So I think it's some deep-seated abandonment issues and betrayal issues that kind of make him pout just a little bit [after seeing them kiss]. He is kind of sulking in his own blind misery. That's his first reaction, and then it's different stages of grieving."

Funny enough, Chad's other big thorn -- Ben -- also finds himself in a tough situation, though his is being in hot water with the law. Will Abigail make like Tammy Wynette and stand by her man? Or will she perhaps start to notice a different side of her ex, Chad?

In other love-related news, Justin returns to Salem, and it's immediately clear to Adrienne that he's been busy... but not just with work. Will it be equally clear to Justin that his wife is falling for Lucas?

Meanwhile, someone in Salem is the victim of a violent attack, and it's unclear whether or not the unlucky Salemite will make it out alive.

For more sneak peeks at what will happen every week on Days of our Lives, be sure to check out The Scoop! And if you prefer a little commentary with your spoilers, Tony and Laurisa share their opinions every week in Two Scoops. Do you agree with their takes on what is happening in Salem? There's only one way to find out -- click here to read their latest column!

What do you think about the DAYS stories headed your way this February? Are there any Sweeps stories you're particularly excited to see play out? Are there any characters or stories that you see missing from the show's Sweeps plans? Share your thoughts in our Comments section below, on our message boards, or by click here to submit feedback.

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