c. And it turns out it's a storyline executive producer Ken Corday regrets. "Sometimes we jump into something that's a total failure and those numbers come back pretty quickly, and we'll bail," he said in an interview. "The Exorcist was only about 25 years old at the time, and [writer James E.] Reilly walked into my office and said we're going to do a storyline with Marlena possessed. And I said we're going to do The Exorcist? He said, "That's right." I said, "We're going to do a feature film?" And he said, "No, we're going to make it great. It's a serial." It was supposed to last three months, starting somewhere around Halloween and ending with a Christmas miracle. And he dragged it into Easter, and he ended it literally with John Black just standing over her saying one 'Our Father,' and that story was over. People remember because the effects were so strange. Here's this wonderful, goddess of beauty, wisdom, and light, and she's floating around with green eyes doing horrible things. That's an eye opener."