DAYS' Peter Reckell explains why he welcomed saying goodbye to Bo; teases it's not quite over yet

Posted Wednesday, November 25, 2015 8:18:29 AM
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DAYS' Peter Reckell explains why he welcomed saying goodbye to Bo

Days of our Lives fans were saddened by last week's death of iconic character Bo Brady, but portrayer Peter Reckell explains it was a turn of events he actually welcomed with open arms.

Millions of Days of our Lives fans are in mourning following the on-screen death of beloved Salemite Bo Brady last Friday, but there's one person who has taken it all in stride and possibly even hoped for the character's final chapter: long-time portrayer Peter Reckell.

The Indiana native gave an exclusive interview to Soap Opera Digest and explained that when he found out Bo would be meeting his demise, he didn't try to persuade the powers that be to change their minds. "What's keeping me from saying, 'Killing Bo? That's not a good idea,' is... what I discovered over the past three years, and that is being a dad... and the important role I have in my daughter's life," he explains. "As important and as wonderful and inspirational as being Bo Brady is, this job of being [eight-year-old] Loden's dad is more important to me at this time."

However, don't count Bo out just yet. Though Reckell will eventually bow out of Salem permanently, last week's scenes in which Bo succumbed to a fight with brain cancer may not be the official end of the character. Following the gut-wrenching scenes, the actor took to Twitter to tease that there may be more of Bo to come. "All I can say is WOW!!" he wrote. "I know this has been a difficult time, mostly because I went through it to[o] :) But it's not quite over yet."

Fans immediately became excited after the mysterious tweet, leading Reckell to further explain himself. "To be clear, it's nothing big, just not the end," he clarified. "Don't want to be accused of leading you on."

The actor, who joined DAYS in 1983, also thanked fans for their support, writing: "I wish I could respond to each and every one of these heartfelt, passionate, tweets that r being sent to me. I say again, you guys amaze me." He also stated that, "Being Bo has been an amazing journey, very rewarding... life-changing!"

What do you think about Reckell's decision to close the book on Bo and focus on being a dad? What are some of your favorite Bo moments? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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