Jen Lilley and Kassie DePaiva share Thrady secrets and details about Eve's exit

Posted Friday, December 04, 2015 10:06:51 AM
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Jen Lilley and Kassie DePaiva share Thrady secrets and details about Eve's exit

Sexy Days of our Lives Donovan sisters Jen Lilley (Theresa) and Kassie DePaiva (Eve) open up about whether or not Theresa has really changed her ways and what fans can expect from DePaiva's upcoming departure from the show.

Whether you love them or hate them, there's no denying that Days of our Lives' sexy sisters Eve and Theresa are one entertaining duo to watch. The sassy siblings bring a whole new meaning the word dysfunctional, but portrayers Kassie DePaiva and Jen Lilley tease that the pair may soon be singing a very different tune. Soap Central caught up with the actresses, who discuss how Theresa will behave during her second shot with Brady (Eric Martsolf) and whether or not it's truly the end of the line for Eve. Okay, Jen, is Brady making a mistake by giving up everything to be with Theresa?

Jen Lilley: No! They belong together. They're Thrady -- hashtag Thrady. It's so fun working with Eric Martsolf. I mean, he's brilliant. And he's such a good actor. He's easy to work with and easy on the eyes, too. It's a really tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Honestly, though, is Theresa going to step up and be a good girlfriend now, or will she quickly go back to her old tricks?

Lilley: Yes, she's finally going to be a good girlfriend. What's awesome is the transition with Theresa. She's a mom now, and she becomes that girl that you really, really root for, because she fiercely protects and is loyal to those whom she loves. So if you mess with them, old Theresa comes out on their behalf. So she's the girl you root for, because now it's like, "Oh, she's so sweet! But if you mess with the people she loves, she will come after you with a fireplace poker!" Does she realize the gravity of the situation, how much Brady is sacrificing for her?

Lilley: Brady deserves happiness, and I think he's finding it in Theresa. But I also think that Theresa is very nervous, because he does give up so much for her. He sacrifices so much to be with her, and I think even filming what we're filming now, Theresa has a real struggle with self-worth. So she's like, "Brady gave up all of this to be with me, and for what? I'm not that great." It's a really interesting storyline that unfolds, and Theresa really, really does have Brady's back. Finally, thank God! But [the other shoe could always drop]. Give her some alcohol, and she might sleep with Chad DiMera [Billy Flynn]! Kassie, I'm heartbroken that they let you go. How could this happen?!

Kassie DePaiva: It stung, I'm not going to lie. And it only stung because I freaking wake up every day to fight for the cause, and that's to keep daytime on the air. And I love it, and I love doing soaps. I loved shooting this episode of Castle, but I called my husband afterwards and said, "You know what? I enjoy daytime better." It suits my personality, and it suits the speed of my metabolism. But that being said, doing DAYS was a gift. I'm very sad that it's over, just because I loved working with all the wonderful people... I've gotten to work with some phenomenal people. Even since Paige's [True O'Brien] death, I've gotten to work with Lauren Koslow [Kate DiMera], who I think is phenomenal, Wally [Kurth, Justin Kiriakis], A Martinez [Eduardo Hernandez], hello! Many people thought A Martinez would kick off your next story arc and start Eve's next chapter.

DePaiva: I was shocked, too. I thought, "Wow, what a wonderful opportunity." What can you say about your exit storyline?

Lilley: She's playing it to the hilt. She's going to win an Emmy. I'm calling it right now. Everybody [hated this character], but then people started sympathizing with her. I feel like she got the sympathy of the audience when Paige died, because grief is such a universal thing that everybody unfortunately goes through. And that's what keeps soaps on the air. And she just played it to the hilt. She played every note of it like it was an orchestra. She was the string section, the percussion section, she was all of it... and my point is that it's not over. Spoiler alert: Eve doesn't die!

DePaiva: Like these Donovan sisters, children are life-changing. Getting a child changes your life, and losing a child changes your life. Both [Theresa and Eve] kind of hit rock bottom, and we pull ourselves up from the ashes. But we'll see [when it comes to my future with the show]. They didn't kill me off. But it is what it is. I just feel like it was a gift that I got to be there.

Do you think Brady is making a mistake in giving Theresa another chance, or do you think the pair can finally find happiness? Would you like to see Eve stick around in Salem? If so, what storyline would you wish to see for the character? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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