INTERVIEW: Find out why Jordi Vilasuso's new film, The Invitation, will make you want to lock your doors and hide

Posted Thursday, April 07, 2016 2:18:23 PM
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INTERVIEW: Find out why Jordi Vilasuso's new film, The Invitation, will make you want to lock your doors and hide

Days of our Lives' Jordi Vilasuso (Dario Hernandez) opens up about The Invitation, his sinister new film that is guaranteed to have you whimpering for mommy.

Fans of Days of our Lives' Jordi Vilasuso (Dario Hernandez) will be able to see a whole new side of the Florida native starting tomorrow, when his bone-chilling film, The Invitation, hits theaters.

The psychological thriller follows a group of friends who get together after a tragedy in the very house where the horrific event took place. "I'm super proud of this project," the actor shares with Soap Central. "You follow this character who's having a difficult time being back at the house where this tragedy happened, and you're thinking either he's losing his mind, or something very awry is happening in the house. So it's a slow burn until the last 20 minutes of the movie, where all this shit breaks loose, and you're like, 'Oh, my God. Wow.' It's such a good movie. It's very intense and fun. If you can see it, I definitely recommend you do."

As for further soap connections, the film also stars Tammy Blanchard (ex-Drew, Guiding Light), and it got a stamp of approval from DAYS' alum Blake Berris (ex-Nick Fallon), who worked with Vilasuso on the film Mafiosa. "Blake Berris saw me in a screening of The Invitation in New York and he wrote me a really nice text, saying how much he liked it," Vilasuso shares." I thought, 'Man, that's cool.' I hadn't heard from the guy in five years, and he randomly sent me a text. It was really, really sweet. And I don't think he knew I was on DAYS yet!"

Watch the trailer for The Invitation below, and be sure to catch the film in theaters and On Demand starting Friday, April 8. And for more from Jordi, check out our interview where he talks about Days of our Lives, parenthood, and more.

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