Greg Vaughan returning to DAYS

Posted Monday, September 26, 2016 10:42:29 AM
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Greg Vaughan returning to Days of our Lives

Huge news for Days of our Lives fans today: Greg Vaughan is reprising his role as Eric Brady.

Days of our Lives fans have no doubt missed Greg Vaughan (Eric Brady) since he was let go from the show in 2015, which makes today's big DAYS news all that more exciting. The actor is returning to Salem.

Vaughan, who has appeared on Lucifer and joined the cast of OWN's Queen Sugar since last appearing on DAYS earlier this year, is set to return to daytime on January 17, 2017, Entertainment Weekly reports.

"After coming toward the completion of Queen Sugar, I had the opportunity to speak with the executives and head writers at Days of our Lives," said Vaughan in a statement. "I've always been proud of my time and the work I contributed to DAYS, and I was excited at the opportunity to reunite with the cast and crew. I feel my job as an actor is about more than just stepping on stage and taking a role. I'm trying to create a presence that resonates for myself and the core of Eric Brady. I feel Eric's journey will have a huge and impactful return!"

He's not exaggerating on the impactful part. Vaughan's departure as Eric from the DAYS canvas was an emotional one. The character went to prison after accidentally killing Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) in a drunk-driving accident, with the actor commenting at the time, "Alcohol is a serious addiction, and a dangerous path for many who battle this disease. [Eric] is tragically becoming a lost soul, and someone who has professed so much faith, is now drifting away to this self-medicating by way of alcohol, which is hard on so many levels. I can see people calling Eric a hypocrite, contradicting everything he has professed as a former priest. And that's not something that I wanted to bring light to, but we're all human, and I think that because of his convictions and feelings of huge responsibility, depression kicks in and starts the drinking in motion. The burden of guilt, disappointment, lies, etc. ... all begins to factor in because of Eric's ignorance. He's going to have so much weight on him that is so overwhelming that he's going to be in complete turmoil. Only pushing him further down into the bottle, he will lose sight of who he is as a person and his direction in life."

At this time, there's no information on how the DAYS writers plan to break Eric out of jail for causing Daniel's death, but we can only imagine it's going to be juicy.

What do you think about Vaughan's decision to return to DAYS? What are you hoping the writers pen for the character once he's back in Salem in mid-January? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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