Halloween in Salem 2016

Posted Monday, October 31, 2016 11:02:13 AM
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Halloween in Salem 2016

What should your favorite Salemites be for Halloween night? We've got it figured out! Have some spooky fun with us in this special column from your Two Scoopers!

Happy Halloween! Just for fun, your faithful Two Scoopers put together a list of costumes for the DAYS family this year. Let us know what you think they should wear in the comments section or on social media!

Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis and Lucas Roberts as Mary Poppins and Burt the Chimney Sweep
Because they've become two of the best babysitters in the business.

Kayla Brady Johnson as Bret Michaels
Just because of the high scarf fashion she's sporting these days.

Jade Michaels as Joy Wesley
Because that's who should have gotten the "fifth teen" spot all along.

Kate Roberts and Andre DiMera as Karen and Jack from Will and Grace
Because this duo is gearing up to be loads of inappropriate and slightly evil fun.

Nicole Walker as a sixth grader
Because she just can't go anywhere without talking about a damn Jonas boy.

Caroline Brady as Miss Klee-oh
The slightly less successful version of Miss Cleo. Catch phrase is, "Call me now-ish. Or maybe not. I don't really know when these things will work."

Maggie Kiriakis as Col. Sanders
Because she's already got the outfit.

Theresa Donovan as Isabella Black
Because we've got a bad feeling about her exit.

Blanca as Ariel from Footloose
She just wants to dance, people!

The Kiriakis Men as The Quartermaine Family from General Hospital
Deimos Kiriakis as Monica Quartermaine
It's his house, just ask him.

Victor Kiriakis as Tracy Quartermaine
Just try to get away from hearing what he thinks about any subject matter, including whose house it really is.

Justin Kiriakis as Ned Ashton

Brady Black as Michael Quartermaine Corinthos
Despite his parent being deceased, he still remains very loyal to the family.

Sonny Kiriakis as Dillon Quartermaine
He gave up a career traveling around the world to be part of this three-ring circus.

Philip Kiriakis as Brook Lynn Ashton
So he can show off all that stuff he's learned about being in the music biz.

Henderson as Alice
He totally knows some mad wrestling moves.

Joey Johnson as Joey Tribiani from Friends
Lovable. Loyal. But, oh, so very stupid. Like, someone-should-hold-his-hand-when-he-crosses-the-street stupid.

J.J. Deveraux as Dina from Superstore
He's just trying to do his job, people. Stop getting in his way!

Paul Narita, Steve Johnson, and John Black as Charlie's Angels
These three are ready to swoop in and fight danger whenever the city is in danger....or when the regular police aren't quite cutting it.

Marlena Evans as Charlie
She's calling all the shots.

Julie and Doug Williams as Jay and Silent Bob
One won't shut up about nonsense and the other has gone numb to the noise.

Aiden Jennings as King Joffery from Game of Thrones
He has way too much power -- more than he deserves -- and doesn't care if women don't actually want to be married to him. Oh, how we hope no one pours him some bad wine.

Roman Brady as Kevin McCallister from Home Alone
His family and friends (and storylines) seem to forget about him sometimes, but we're sure he's having a ball off-screen, fighting baddies with paint cans and watching old movies. We hope.

Theo Carver as Bambi
Though he knows hardships after the loss of his mother, we can't help but love this little buck to pieces.

Abe Carver as Waldo
Though he's an important character, it's sometimes hard to spot him in Salem!

Chad DiMera as Stella Johnson from Harper Valley P.T.A.
Chad may know just a thing or two about being a single parent trying to do their best, but also being perceived as the town's pariah. And then they have the nerve to tell him they think that he's not fit as a father. Well it's just a little Peyton Place, and they're all Harper Valley, err, Salem, USA, hypocrites.

Jennifer Horton as Jessica Rabbit
She's not bad. She was just written drawn that way.

Chloe Lane as Virgin Mary
She's just not sure how that child got in there, but she'll love it anyways.

Claire Brady as Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy
Oh, come on, Ricky Philip! She just wants to be in the show!

Ciara Brady as Jo Polniaczek from The Facts of Life
She's a tough gal with a vulnerable side but still needs some guidance to learn about the facts of life.

Hope Brady as Madonna
Our gal burst onto the scene in the '80s and is generally amazing, but we could do without all the random personality makeovers. Let's just hope she doesn't develop a British accent next. Eek.

Gabriella Hernandez as a Piece of Cake with Sneakers
After being in jail, everything else seems like a cake walk for Gabi.

Rafe Hernandez as Aiden Shaw from Sex and the City
Srsly!? What does this nice guy have to do to get the girl with all the drama -- commit murder, or help her cover one up? Oh, wait...

Dario Hernandez as a Singing Trout
The novelty gift and Dario have a lot in common. They both know one tune and get pretty tiring after a few minutes.

Eduardo Hernandez as Rubeus Hagrid from the Harry Potter series
He tries. He really tries.

Arianna Horton as a nun
We're with Sonny on this one. That would be hilarious. And if one needs a DAYS spin, she could go as Marie Horton circa the nun years.

Parker Jonas as Young Joey Johnson
We only see him once in a while, and he's always at the Brady Pub, eating something yummy. We're sure if he spends time with Caroline in the kitchen baking cookies, he'll be a teen in no time!

Anne Milbauer as Regina George from Mean Girls
Some may think she's snarky, while she thinks she just tells it like it is, but this lady just wants some man candy and to be adored. Is that too much to ask?

Derrick as Billy Ray Cyrus
If he's putting his money on landing Paul, we suspect this guy will end up with an "Achy Breaky Heart" sooner or later. Plus, we're curious to see if his abs balance out a mullet.

Valerie Grant as Vanessa Williams
Nope. We're sure the entire Vanessa A. Williams playing Valerie Grant going as Vanessa Williams wouldn't get confusing at all. At least we "Saved the Best for Last."

What do you think about the DAYS Halloween suggestions? Do you have any fun costume ideas? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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