Alison Sweeney dishes on her "troublemaking" return to DAYS

Posted Wednesday, May 03, 2017 5:35:22 AM
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Alison Sweeney dishes on her "troublemaking" return to DAYS

Days of our Lives' Alison Sweeney teases her upcoming return will be as the "feisty, troublemaking, pot-stirring Sami" fans have missed.

Days of our Lives' Alison Sweeney is filming an extended return as her popular character, Sami Brady, this May and June, and the actress teases the character's appearance will be much more significant than your casual wedding or funeral pop in. To the contrary, Sami's return is said to tie into big story that new head writer Ron Carlivati has slated for Salem. And Sweeney reveals she was somewhat involved in the plans the soap made for her beloved alter ego.

"In the past, that was always a really important thing for me, to make sure that whoever was writing the storylines understood who Sami is, because I think it can be easily misidentified by people who might not have been part of the show's history," she explained to Soap Opera Digest. "So when I was talking to them about coming back, I really wanted to stress that I feel there are parts about Sami that the fans really miss, and I know because they tweet me and they post on my Instagram and my Facebook page every day. So I wanted to emphasize that that's the value really in my coming, and that's what I would want to come back for, to give the fans that feisty, troublemaking, pot-stirring Sami that they missed."

Believe it or not, the actress is extremely nervous to step into the shoes of the character she played for 21 years.

"Yes, I'm quite nervous!" she admits. "I thought about it when I went back last time because I had been gone for a year, and they needed me for that really difficult, emotional storyline [of Will's death], and I was nervous then. Now it's been two more years and a long time since I have screamed, gotten angry, cried, hit someone, or memorized sixty pages in a day, so I'm very nervous. In fact, I have a pit in my stomach talking about it right now! I'm pretty sure I'll be sleeping with my scripts under my pillow for osmosis."

For more from Sweeney on her DAYS return, be sure to read her interview with Soap Opera Digest.

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