Surprise! Eileen Davidson reveals which DAYS character she's playing

Posted Saturday, October 28, 2017 7:52:22 AM
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Surprise! Eileen Davidson reveals which DAYS character she's playing

It's been a looooong wait, but Days of our Lives' Eileen Davidson can finally talk about who she'll be playing this go-around in Salem.

Madonna's smash hit "Who's That Girl" has been the unofficial theme song attached to Eileen Davidson's upcoming return to Days of our Lives. The show has kept mum about exactly which of the actresses' Salem alter egos she was tapped to reprise, or even if she was perhaps set to play a brand-new character. But the guessing games can finally stop, because the cat is out of the bag. Are you ready?

When Davidson hits the screen on November 2, she'll be playing... bucktoothed hillbilly Susan Banks, the look-alike of her long-running character, Kristen DiMera!

That being said, TV Line reports that just because her return starts out with her playing the entertaining hick she brought to fame in the late 1990s, it doesn't mean Kristen -- now dubbed a demented priest rapist -- or any of Davidson's three other DAYS alter egos (Sister Mary Moira, Thomas, and Penelope) won't also be popping up in the future.

"This arc is mostly about Susan, but we really cram in a lot," Davidson, who also currently plays The Young and the Restless' Ashley Abbott, teases. "A few other people may be making cameos. You might even see a comb-over."

But first thing's first: Davidson reveals Susan's return is connected to Will (Chandler Massey) coming back from the dead.

"They connect the characters in a very cool and unforeseen way that's both funny and tragic. And it's very entertaining," she previews. "In order to bring Susan back, she needed to be somewhat grounded, which isn't easy, because there's a fine line between her and reality. She's so completely out there. A lot of viewers won't know her if they weren't watching 20 years ago. [Laughs] They'll be going, ‘What the hell is that and how did it get on my TV screen?'"

For more from Davidson on her DAYS return, check out TV Line's original story here.

What do you think about the return of Susan Banks? How do you think she'll fit into current storyline? How much do you want to see Kristen DiMera, as well? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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