Halloween in Salem 2018

Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2018 01:12:02 AM
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Happy Halloween! Just for fun, your faithful Two Scoopers put together a list of costumes for the DAYS family this year. Let us know what you think they should wear in the comments section or on social media!

Eric Brady, Brady Black, and Holly Jonas as Joey, Michael, and Nicole from My Two Dads

Nestled into the sitcom heyday of the 80s was a show where two romantic rivals were awarded joint custody of the child of the woman they fought over. We're serious. Sound familiar?

Bonnie Lockhart as Joan Crawford from Mommy Dearest

To show Mimi that there is room for Bonnie to better herself as a person. #goals

Lucas Roberts as "Billie Jean" Michael Jackson

The kid is not his son daughter.

Ben Weston as Billy Joel

Because he's basically having to repeat himself over and over again about not starting that damn fire.

Mimi Lockhart as the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz

If she only had a brain...

Chloe Lane as Penny from Inspector Gadget

She seems like the supporting character, but really, she's the one solving all the mysteries. And she has great hair.

Hope Brady, Rafe Hernandez, Eli Grant, and Lani Price as the Keystone Cops

Each Halloween, one costume is too obvious to pass up. Congrats, Salem P.D. You win Halloween 2018.

Victor and Maggie Kiriakis as Bob and Helen Parrs from The Incredibles 2

We all know she's the real superhero. And lately, he's been having a hard time being the stay-at-home dad.

John Black as the Sheriff of Nottingham

He has a good title, but his actions are questionable. #poorPatchman

Rex Brady as 1990s Brady Black

Get it?

Sara Horton as Cindy Crawford

Lady has aged in reverse!

Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis as Homer and Marge Simpson

She does keep having to put up with his screw-ups. But longevity is surely on their side.

Belle Black and Shawn Brady as Princess Leia and Han Solo from Star Wars

She's got a career of her own. He's a brave hero with a knack for sarcasm. Okay, sure, one of their kids might be problematic. But together, they could also save our galaxy.

Stefan DiMera and Abigail DiMera as Gomez and Morticia Adams

If they're going to play the first family of a mausoleum, they might as well do it with flair.

Abe Carver and Valerie Grant as JayZ and Queen B

Because we prefer them crazy in love.

Doug and Julie Williams as Bruno Mars and Cardi B

He's an irresistible crooner. Her mouth can get her into trouble. Together, they're dripping in finesse.

Gabi Hernandez as Elsa from Frozen

It's kinda time for her to let it go and learn that love is better than sadness.

Claire Brady as Madeline Martha Mackenzie from Big Little Lies

There's a little something "essential Reese Witherspoon" about Claire Bear. The lady's got a mission, and people better check their schedules and get on board!

Kayla Brady Johnson as Dr. Rolf

We mean, she did set up a secret lair for one of her prized patients. She's not that far off.

Sami Brady as Moana from Moana

No one is going to stop her from going on her mission. And we'll fully support her to be the next chief.

Kate Roberts as Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch

Don't look now, but this lady's got a lot of family all of a sudden! Rex, Lucas, Will, and baby Bonnie are all back in town!

Tripp Dalton and Ciara Brady as Joey and Rachel from Friends

You guys are friends and roommates, so of course you should date. You'll last, too. Yay, love!

Arianna Horton, Baby Bonnie, and Thomas Horton as the Muppet Babies

Don't worry, kids, you just keep playing and singing with no mention of your parents. It's really, truly better that way for all of you.

J.J. Deveraux and Chad DiMera as the Parker Brothers Company

Because both of them need to buy a Clue.

Eve Donovan as Tina Turner

As soon as she's single, this songstress really finds her stride. (Oh, and those legs?!?)

Marlena Evans and Hattie Adams as Grace Adler and Karen Walker from Will and Grace

A slightly uptight socialite and the booze-prone sidekick who likes to call her out? Yeah, that will work for these two.

Shelia as Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

Crass as she may be, she puts a spell on us. And we bet she can sing!

Jennifer Horton as Murphy Brown from Murphy Brown

Sure, there may be younger gals in the news business. But it's still good to remember not to mess with one of the originals.

Roman Brady as Burt Reynolds

The ladies are crazy for this guy!

Sonny Kiriakis as the backup quarterback

He's just waiting for coach to put him in the game!

Will Horton as Florence Nightingale

He's certain he can nurse Paul back to health.

Paul Narita as James Bond

Better get this guy started on his globe-traveling crime-fighting mission where he's not tied down with any relationship. This role will suit him well.

What costumes do you agree with? Is there one we missed or got totally wrong? Is there a set that doesn't exist that you'd like to see created? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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