Matthew Ashford teases DAYS return, says storyline ahead is "really good"

Posted Tuesday, November 13, 2018 11:54:00 AM
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Days of our Lives' Matthew Ashford is reprising his role as Jack Deveraux, and he says the story that's coming is going to be better than it has been "in years and years and years."

Hang onto your hats, Days of our Lives fans, because Jack is back -- and the powers that be have written the beloved character one heck of a return storyline.

Though rumors of Ashford's return have been circulating since June, the NBC soap opera announced news of portrayer Matthew Ashford's reprisal of Jack Deveraux in an action-packed, can't-miss winter preview video. But before the exciting news was released, Ashford secretly recorded a video for fans that gives a glimpse into what's coming once his popular alter ego pops back up on the canvas -- which could actually happen much sooner than many viewers thought.

"Yes, I am back on Days of our Lives!" he enthuses in the clip. "It's not airing yet, but someday soon. Maybe as soon as the new year."

The actor wasn't able to give away any storyline details, but he teases that DAYS' head writer Ron Carlivati and the show's writing team have penned a fantastic story for Jack's big return to Salem.

"[The storyline] is going to be really good," he previews. "In fact, probably better for me -- and hopefully better for you -- than it has been in years and years and years. It's really good stuff."

Ashford doesn't reveal who exactly he'll be in storyline with once he's back on-screen, but he says he's loving the actors he's working with and that the "writing is really fun. It's popping." In fact, when Soap Central posted its initial story about DAYS' winter preview, Ashford retweeted the post with the comment "Pictures sometimes need no words -- even in Daytime..."

The actor, who originated the role of Jack back in 1987, closes the video with a thank you to all of his fans for sticking with him and sticking with the show, adding: "I'm glad to see you soon!"

As fans recall, Jack fell down an elevator shaft and died back in 2012 while trying to save his daughter, Abigail (Kate Mansi). He has come back to the show in spiritual form a few times since then: when his son J.J. (Casey Moss) was contemplating suicide, when Abigail was locked in a mental institution, and when his wife Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) was battling a pill addiction. Rumors of Ashford's most recent return to DAYS first started spreading back in June, but it was unclear whether Jack would be coming back from the dead or returning in spiritual form once again.

Ashford's additional soap opera credits include the roles of General Hospital's Tom Hardy, One Life to Live's Drew Ralston, and The Bay's Steve Jensen.

How do you feel about Matthew Ashford once again returning to Salem? What do you hope DAYS' writers have penned for Jack's big return? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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