Robin Strasser: Days of our Lives "won't be using me again"

Posted Saturday, October 19, 2019 2:17:40 PM
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It's the end of the line for Vivian Alamain -- at least for now. Robin Strasser informed fans that she has been told that she won't be returning to Days of our Lives.

It looks like Salem has seen the last of Vivian Alamain for a while -- or at least with Robin Strasser in the role.

The Emmy-winning Strasser took to social media to announce that she'd been informed that she would not be returning to Days of our Lives. Strasser was cast in the role when Louise Sorel was reportedly unavailable to return to the NBC soap. Sorel originated the role in 1992.

"[S]o it's clear to all who may overhear us: #Days told me eve of #YomKippur that they won't be using me again as [Vivian]," Strasser wrote. "To be clear: I'm AVAILABLE for other projects & maybe 100K peeps might come watch."

Strasser's mention of 100,000 is a reference to a recent ratings report that showed Days of our Lives gained around 100,000 viewers the week that she stepped into the role of Vivian. The NBC soap also slipped past General Hospital to take third place in the ratings. Since Strasser's original post, however, DAYS has shed most of those viewers and settled back into fourth place among the four soaps.

"Being on #DAYS was an awesome opportunity that has frankly energized me & galvanized so many #OLTL & #AMC fan/friend/followers," Strasser said of her DAYS experience.

With her well-received DAYS stint over, Strasser has been talking up ABC's General Hospital on her Twitter feed, prompting some fans to wonder if she might be headed to the soap. Strasser even mentioned a chance encounter with General Hospital (and former One Life to Live) executive producer Frank Valentini in New York.

Strasser, however, seems to be holding out hope that a network or streaming platform will realize the value of All My Children and One Life to Live and reboot the two series. The actress hinted that the aforementioned ratings bump should signal that fans are still passionate about both shows.

"We all got something we need...& stirring up people's desire to see #OLTL & #AMC return to their TV screen-is a very winning outcome," Strasser noted. "#SupportTheFOUR there will be more (I'm invested in that)"

With Days of our Lives' frenetic production schedule, it is unclear when Strasser will last air. Soap Central will fire up our time machine and report an airdate as soon as it becomes available.

What did you think of Strasser's time on Days of our Lives? Did you enjoy her portrayal of Vivian? Would you like to see her join General Hospital? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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