NOW STREAMING: Vampire Dad, starring Days of our Lives' Emily O'Brien

Posted Tuesday, June 23, 2020 11:31:01 AM

Looking for "a good belly laugh, 1960s flair, and some monster mash?" Check out Days of our Lives' Emily O'Brien (Gwen) in Vampire Dad, now streaming.

Actress Emily O'Brien has been stirring up all kinds of trouble as new Days of our Lives character Gwen, but she isn't just showing off her talents in Salem. She's giving fans a bloody good time in her new film, Vampire Dad, too.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Apple TV, the period piece follows a family-man-turned-vampire who struggles with his beastly nature while his devoted wife tries to keep anyone from finding out -- including their teenage daughter.

Reads the official description: "Psychologist Dr. Raymond Walenski is the picture-perfect husband and father until one night when everything changes. Victoria, the 'Goddess of the Underworld,' bites Raymond and turns him into a vampire. Victoria recruits Raymond to be the therapist for creatures of the netherworld because monsters have feelings too, and they desperately need his help! Raymond struggles with his beastly nature as he treats bulimic zombies, obsessive-compulsive warlocks, and manic werewolves with their emotional issues. Meanwhile, Raymond's devoted wife tries to keep their teenage daughter, neighbors, and friends from finding out Raymond's secret."

"If you need a good belly laugh, 1960s flair and some monster mash, our movie is the ticket," O'Brien teases on Twitter of the film, which was released earlier this month.

Vampire Dad stars O'Brien alongside Jackson Hurst, Grace Fulton, Sarah Palmer, and Juli Cuccia.

O'Brien made her Days of our Lives debut on June 5. She previously starred on The Young and the Restless as Jana Hawkes. Some of her other credits include television series like One Day at a Time and Love, Death, & Robots, and movies like The Cloud, Iris, Pernicious, and Get Married or Die.

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