"I felt sick": Days of our Lives' Mike Manning reveals uncomfortable details about rape flashback scenes

Posted Thursday, January 14, 2021 6:42:31 AM

Days of our Lives' Mike Manning (Charlie Dale) reveals that viewers will see a flashback of Allie's rape, which he and Lindsay Arnold have already filmed: "That entire week I felt sick. My stomach hurt."

Days of our Lives spent the better part of last year exploring exactly what happened the night that Allie Horton (Lindsay Horton) was sexually violated in London, but viewers have yet to actually see what transpired during the horrific moment. However, actor Mike Manning previews that the NBC soap opera plans to air flashback scenes of Aliie's rape now that it has been revealed that his character, Charlie Dale, was the perpetrator.

In an interview with Soap Hub, the actor shares that he and Arnold have already filmed the flashback scenes, which will soon be shown on-air.

"You'll see it in the next month or two," he says. "We actually shot what happened between Charlie and Allie."

As one can imagine, Manning says that it was extremely uncomfortable for him to shoot such violent, intense, and horrific scenes. "That entire week I felt sick," he states. "My stomach hurt."

As for her take on the intense storyline, Arnold recently told Soap Central that the dark and emotional material has definitely affected her, and she carries the emotion even when she's off the clock.

"I am crying a lot more just on the daily now. Something will happen, and I'm like, 'Why is this affecting me so much?!' And I think it's just because my brain is like, 'Girl, you are always crying at work,'" she shares. "It has made me appreciate my days off a little more. There is always so much emotion happening when we are on set, so it is nice to be in my real life, because my real life is very chill and very relaxed compared to what I'm doing when I'm at work in this high-intensity [environment]. So, it makes you appreciate your own calmness in your life a little bit more."

Fortunately, both Manning and Arnold were on the same page about how they wanted the rape flashback scenes to go and what they wanted to portray on-screen.

"Lindsay and I had some really honest conversations about it. We wanted to do the characters and the story justice," Manning shares. "It was an awful thing that Charlie did, and that really happens to people in life. We really wanted to show the ugly side of what happened. We didn't want to shy away from it."

How do you feel about the way DAYS has written Allie's rape storyline? How would you like to see the story resolved? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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