Linda Dano reveals she was "scared to death" to play Days of our Lives' Vivian

Posted Friday, February 05, 2021 2:31:04 PM

She may be a soap icon, but that didn't soothe the nerves of new Days of our Lives star Linda Dano (Vivian Alamain), who says that thinking about her fans helped keep her calm enough to play Salem's most vicious villain.

Daytime fans are beyond thrilled to have Linda Dano back on their screens, this time as the deliciously devilish Days of our Lives character Vivian Alamain. The actress is also excited to be back in the world of soap operas, but she admits that she was extremely nervous to take on her new role.

In a recent Instagram post, Dano shared a photo of her brand-new hairstyle -- which she is rocking specifically for her two-week stint as Vivian -- along with the confession that saying yes to DAYS had her shaking in her boots.

"Here is the new me... I had Chritina Libertori... my sweet (a daughter to me and my darling hair person) give me a new look for my 2 weeks on Days of our Lives," the actress wrote, adding, "I was scared to death [to play Vivian], but I thought about all of you and it made it so much better."

The "all of you" that Dano is referring to is literally you -- the soap fans who have loved her over the years in her various daytime roles, including As the World Turns' Cynthia Haines, Guiding Light's Lena Kendall, One Life to Live's Gretel Cummings (a character she took to General Hospital, Port Charles, and All My Children under the name Rae Cummings), and -- most of all -- Another World's Felicia Gallant.

"To all my friends who spent so many years together on AW with me... thank you and I hope this will be fun," Dano shared in her post. "And [to DAYS], thank you for asking.... love to all of you... Linda"

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Dano doesn't reveal why she was nervous to step into Vivian's shoes, but it's possible that part of her anxiety stemmed from the fact that the iconic character has been played by some pretty impressive actresses over the years. Vivian's previous portrayers include Louise Sorel, who originated the role in 1992 and last appeared in June of 2020; Marj Dusay, who temporarily played the role in 1993; and Robin Strasser (ex-Dorian Lord OLTL), who briefly played the role in 2018. However, judging from what we've seen Dano do as Vivian so far, the Emmy-winning actress had absolutely no reason at all to feel nervous: she's rocking it! Do you agree? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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