Peter Reckell debunks return rumor: Bo not coming back to Days of our Lives

Posted Monday, August 09, 2021 12:22:44 PM

Days of our Lives' Peter Reckell sets the record straight after a Facebook imposter pretended to be him and claimed that he was reprising the role of Bo Brady.

This weekend was a roller coaster for Days of our Lives fans, who were given false hope that Peter Reckell was returning to Salem as Bo Brady, only to find out from the actor himself that the return rumors were completely untrue.

The drama was ignited via a Facebook scam in which a Reckell impersonator announced that he was returning to DAYS for a one-week storyline arc involving Bo's daughter Ciara (Victoria Konefal). Social media immediately blew up, with fans of the actor looking forward to seeing Bo back in Salem for the first time since 2016. In response to viewer enthusiasm, the imposter once again posed as Reckell to thank fans for their support and claimed that a DAYS return wasn't definite because his wife's career keeps them both so busy.

Fortunately, Reckell caught wind of the false posts being made by his impersonator and immediately took to Twitter to set the record straight. "It would be nice if people would stop saying I'm going back to DOOL without checking with me," he wrote. "Yes, I miss Bo, but not enough to change how fulfilling my life is right now."

Reckell added that he does not have a Facebook account and hopes that none of his fans were "taken in by this imposter."

Reckell's wife, Kelly Moneymaker, also messaged fans to reiterate that her husband does not use Facebook. "Please do not be scammed by this impersonator," she shared. "It's so awful when people do this. It hurts people we care about and it's a massive pain to deal with. Sorry for any and all who were mislead & love to all of you!!!"

At the time this article went live, Facebook had refused to take down the imposter's fake Peter Reckell account because the site only removes profiles that "pose a danger to other people or are harmful to the community."

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