Greg Rikaart shares what lies ahead now that Leo is back on Days of our Lives

Posted Wednesday, March 02, 2022 4:52:15 AM

Days of our Lives' Greg Rikaart teases what's next for Leo Stark, plus he reveals how long he'll be in Salem and how the arc affects his role as The Young and the Restless' Kevin Fisher.

There's always going to be trouble where Days of our Lives' Leo Stark is involved, so it's probably no surprise to fans that the character's return to the canvas is already stirring the pot! It was just revealed that Leo is the man that longtime Salemite Craig Wesley (Kevin Spirtas) has been dating, and portrayer Greg Rikaart says that the surprising coming-out storyline was definitely part of what charmed him back to DAYS.

"I found out that I was coming back to be the love interest of a character who had been there. That relationship would, of course, have ramifications for other characters on the show, who are not at all pleased about Leo's return and also his involvement with that character," the actor tells Soap Opera Digest of the storyline specifics he was given when asked to return. "There [will be] multiple efforts from many different people to try and sabotage that relationship, much to Leo's chagrin."

However, much to all those other characters' chagrin, Leo will be sticking around for quite some time! Rikaart reveals that he's still taping at DAYS, which means, due to the soap's advanced taping schedule, that his stint as Leo will last at least half a year, likely longer. But his future storyline may or may not involve being on the arm of Nancy's (Patrika Darbo) husband Craig, who recently announced his attraction to another man.

"I'm still there," Rikaart reveals. "Although I think I'm in a different arc now. I'm there indefinitely. I'm having more fun now than ever."

While it's great to have the actor back on DAYS, a lot of fans might be wondering how the actor's return to the NBC soap will affect his job at The Young and the Restless, where he plays Kevin Fisher. According to the actor, there's no need for worry -- at least for now.

He reveals that he's been taping at DAYS since October and there haven't been any issues yet. "For better or for worse, I'm not particularly heavily utilized at Y&R at the moment," he points out. "So, there haven't been any challenges there, which is great."

For Rikaart's full interview with SOD, click here.

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