Days of our Lives' Stacy Haiduk on her Emmy nomination and working with Eric Martsolf

Posted Wednesday, June 22, 2022 4:28:21 PM

Stacy Haiduk opens up about what she included on her reel to earn an Emmy nod for her work as Days of our Lives Kristen DiMera and why she thanks Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) for the honor.

Days of our Lives' Stacy Haiduk (Kristen DiMera/Susan Banks) was doing a yoga retreat in Greece when she found out that she'd been nominated for a Daytime Emmy award in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category this year, and when the show called to tell her the good news, she thought she was in trouble!

"[Our show publicist], Lia, actually called me, because she was like, 'Hey, congratulations,'... and I'm like, 'Call Lia ASAP, because oh God, did I do something wrong?!' That's our first instinct!'" Haiduk joked in an interview with Michael Fairman. "But she was like, 'Hey congratulations!' And I'm like, 'What?' And she's like, 'You got Supporting!' And I was like, 'Yay, Supporting Actress!' I was thrilled."

The actress immediately called her husband to share the good news, and she says that telling him has been one of the best moments of the experience so far. "It was nice, because they've all been there through this journey, the family has, every year going, 'Did you get it?' 'No, not this year.' 'Dang,'" she says. "And then this year, it's like, 'Yay!'"

Haiduk shares that the scenes that she included on her reel are the exact same scenes that Leading Actor nominee Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) included on his reel.

"We did the breaking up, or the fighting to stay together, scene in the interrogation room, where he decided to go off with Miss Chloe [Nadia Bjorlin]," she says, adding that she purposefully stayed away from any scenes in which she portrayed her other DAYS character, Susan. "I've done the Susan/Kristen scenes before and put them in a [submission] tape, but I don't know if people really get it."

As for the Kristen/Brady scenes, Haiduk says that she and her beloved co-star really shine when their characters are given tense moments.

"When we're together, we just plow over each other and then it gets emotional, it gets heated," she shares. "We don't really know where it's going to go sometimes, but it always ends up in some exciting place, whether he's walking out on me or, you know, falling into tears, or whatever. I love working with him. He just brings stuff out in me that sometimes other people don't -- its always different... But also, Kristen has that passionate love for him that she'll fight to the end. So, when he brings his brilliance out, Eric does, when we're working together, it's fun. I always [end up] going, 'Okay, that was exciting!'"

For past Emmy events, Haiduk has been known to keep things just as exciting -- arguably more so -- when it comes to her outfits, such as the year she carried a stuffed cat on the red carpet. This year might be just as fun, with the actress sharing that, as usual, she probably won't be dressing "traditional."

"You know me, I like to go vintage shopping for a dress," she shares, adding, "It's hard because there's not five in a batch -- you've got one, and it better fit you."

And if she hasn't found the perfect dress by Emmy night? It's all good. She jokes, "I'll wear a muumuu!"

What do you think about Stacy Haiduk being nominated for a Daytime Emmy? What did you think of her work as Kristen last year? Do you think Haiduk will win the Supporting Actress category at the Emmy Awards this Friday? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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