Which Days of our Lives character will die to give Paulina a new heart?

Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2024 2:02:40 PM
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With Paulina needing a heart transplant, it looks like another Days of our Lives character needs to die.

Things aren't looking good for Days of our Lives' Paulina Price. The Salem mayor thought she'd come out of her thyroid surgery with good news about her cancer, but instead, she woke to learn she needed a heart transplant.

Paulina spent weeks ignoring her thyroid cancer symptoms because she didn't want to face the news that she could die. When she was finally diagnosed, her prognosis was good because she caught the cancer early. The last thing she expected to hear was that a heart condition might take her life instead.

When a soap character needs a heart transplant, we all know another character will have to die to provide said heart. When General Hospital killed B.J. Jones in a school bus accident in 1994, her cousin Maxie got her heart in one of the most exceptional and emotional daytime stories ever told.

In 2019, DAYS went the transplant route in a very DAYS sort of way when Julie Williams needed a new heart, and Stefan DiMera's murder provided her with the organ she needed. Of course, that led to an app-controlled pacemaker story in which Gabi Hernandez would secretly zap Julie to show Lani that she could kill her beloved Eli's grandmother at any time.

Now, Lani's mom needs a new heart just as Lani's released from prison and makes her way back to Salem. The news devastates Paulina and her family, but it's a pretty good bet Paulina will live -- as long as she gets someone's heart. And where's the drama if she doesn't get the heart from a character we already know?

With Clyde Weston's story coming to a head and his prison breakout being planned, any number of things can go wrong. The Salem PD now knows he is behind the recent infestation of opioids in Salem, and the police are gunning for him -- literally. What if he gets caught in the crossfire while trying to make his escape, and the villain's long reign of terror finally comes to an end? His heart can go to Paulina, meaning the outlaw would save the woman in charge of the rule of law in Salem.

Then again, poor Harris could take a turn for the worse. Stefan -- who happens to be alive because he got a new heart to replace the one in Julie's chest while in a four-year coma -- shot Harris, and while Harris seems to be recovering, something could go wrong. With Steve Burton off DAYS and returning to GH, we know his time in Salem is coming to an end soon. We know Burton didn't tape his last scenes until December, but he could always appear in flashbacks until the end of his on-screen run.

If DAYS wants to make this death be relatively inconsequential, then it can always kill off a character not meant to be long-term. Officer Goldman is a bad cop who likely won't last long on-screen and could be killed during the Clyde breakout. Another character who nobody would miss is Konstantin, Maggie's forever house guest out for revenge. If his revenge takes him to a darker place than expected, he could be killed and help save Paulina.

What do you think? Which DAYS character will lose their life so Paulina can keep hers? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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