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Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, October 15, 2021
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Friday, October 15, 2021

Outside the Brady Pub, Rafe admitted to Nicole that he was jealous of E.J. "Don't do that, Rafe. Don't say that. You can't. You're with Ava," Nicole whispered. "I know," Rafe said. Rafe and Nicole leaned toward one another to kiss. "Am I interrupting something?" E.J. asked. Nicole explained that she and Rafe had been talking over a doughnut.

"I thought you and Nicole were trying to stay away from each other?" E.J. asked. "Nicole didn't do anything wrong," Rafe said. "I didn't say that she did. I'm being supportive," E.J. countered. E.J. said that he knew that Nicole did not want to make any trouble for her friend Ava. "Nicole is trying to move on, and you won't let her. I wonder how your girlfriend would feel about what I just saw," E.J. said to Rafe.

"You're inserting yourself into something that is none of your business, and you're trying to make everyone uncomfortable," Rafe said. "The only one making Nicole uncomfortable is you," E.J. said. Defensive, Rafe reminded E.J. that E.J. had a history of treating women terribly. "It's no wonder things didn't work out with you and Sami," Rafe added. With a chuckle, E.J. noted that he was not the bad guy in the situation. Nicole defended Rafe.

"Wake up, Nicole. He is playing silly games with both you and Ava," E.J. said. When Rafe muttered that E.J. "deserved it," E.J. smiled. "You want to hit me," E.J. said. "You have no idea how much," Rafe muttered. With a smirk, E.J. noted that it would make a great viral video if the police commissioner punched a private citizen. "Stop it now," Nicole growled at E.J. Nicole told Rafe to leave. Reluctantly, Rafe grabbed his box of doughnuts and walked away.

"That was fun. Lucky I came along when I did," E.J. said. "I really wish you hadn't," Nicole said. Nicole told E.J. that he had antagonized Rafe. "You told me you wanted to get over Rafe," E.J. said. Curious, E.J. asked what would have happened if he had not interrupted. When Nicole could not answer the question, E.J. asked her if she wanted someone to see her making out with Ava's boyfriend in a public place. Nicole shook her head no.

"I wasn't just saving you from Rafe, but from yourself," E.J. said. "I don't need to be saved from Rafe or myself!" Nicole objected. After a moment, Nicole admitted that E.J. had stopped her from an action that she would have regretted. "But you at least have to admit that you could have handled that differently," Nicole said. E.J. admitted that Rafe got under his skin.

"And you get under his," Nicole countered. "A fella has got to have hobbies," E.J. joked. E.J. promised that he was on Nicole's side. "I know," Nicole whispered. E.J. asked Nicole if she had been about to kiss Rafe. "Yes," Nicole said. E.J. told Nicole not to blame herself.

"He's the one that has a girlfriend," E.J. pointed out. "But still, I have to try and get past these feelings. And I do not want to come between Ava and Rafe," Nicole stressed. With a sigh, Nicole admitted that she struggled to resist kissing Rafe. "So kiss me instead," E.J. said. "What?" Nicole asked. E.J. kissed Nicole.

At Basic Black, an emotional Chloe hugged Brady. Philip walked into the office. "What the hell?" Philip said. "Take it easy. I can explain," Brady said. "Philip," Chloe started. Philip punched Brady. Chloe helped Brady back on his feet, and he confirmed he was fine. "What the hell is wrong with you? Have you lost your mind?" Chloe yelled at Philip.

"You were in his arms. Again!" Philip countered. Chloe stressed that Brady was not after her, but Philip disagreed. "I think he wants to take you away from me, and somehow, I'm the bad guy. He's lucky that one punch is all that he got," Philip said. With a sigh, Brady told Philip that he sounded like "a crazed idiot."

"I told you there was no point [in talking to Philip]," Chloe said. Brady told Philip to leave the building, or Brady would have security drag him out. The scowl fell from Philip's face, and he made a quiet plea to Chloe to go with him so that they could talk privately. "You should leave," Chloe said. "My security team, they play really rough," Brady added. "We'll talk about this later," Philip said.

After Philip left, Chloe asked Brady if he was okay. "I'm fine. What I'm upset about is the way he is treating you," Brady said. "I think you may have been right about him all along," Chloe said. "I wish I wasn't," Brady said. "I don't think he knows how to change. I think it's up to me to fix this," Chloe whispered. Chloe lamented that Philip continued to sabotage his chances with her with his jealousy.

"It's not getting better. It's getting worse, Chloe. You can see that he's starting to lose more control, right?" Brady said. Chloe nodded in agreement. Brady asked Chloe what she planned to do. "I need to do something now before somebody gets really hurt," Chloe said.

Allie was working in the square at a table for the bakery when Johnny said hello. Johnny handed Allie a contract for the movie. "I thought Grandpa Roman pulled his financing," Allie said. Johnny explained that E.J. had decided to invest in the movie. Confused, Allie asked what had changed E.J.'s mind. Johnny admitted that E.J. had demanded a role in the movie.

"[E.J.] wants to play Grandpa John," Johnny said. When Allie asked why, Johnny explained that E.J. had demanded the role as a way to annoy Chad. "And you're cool with this?" Allie asked. "The important thing is, I get to make my movie. So I need you to sign," Johnny said. Allie refused because John had objected to the movie.

"[John and Roman] asked you to cut the possession part of the story, and instead you made it the entire movie," Allie said. Johnny argued that he was not exploiting Marlena but instead honoring Marlena and John's love story. With a nod, Allie agreed to sign the contract if Marlena gave Johnny permission to use the story. "If [Marlena] is not okay with it, then neither am I," Allie added.

After Rafe left the pub, he wandered back to the square. "Is something wrong with the doughnuts?" Allie asked. Rafe explained that he had not gone into work yet. "I had a little run-in with your stepfather. I almost forgot what a piece of work E.J. is," Rafe said. "We are in agreement on that one," Allie said. Rafe asked about Sami, and Allie said that Sami had not been in contact.

"You think everything is okay?" Rafe asked. Allie shrugged. "It's probably better that [Sami] is not around, anyway. I'm not sure how she would feel about me playing her in Johnny's movie," Allie said. Allie added that she would not do the movie unless Marlena approved. "If it were me, I definitely wouldn't, but I don't know what's going on in [Marlena's] head," Allie said.

In Ben and Ciara's apartment, Ben cleaned up the room as Ciara slept. Ben thought about when the windows had flown open after Ciara had wondered aloud if she was pregnant. Ciara stirred awake. "Are you okay?" Ciara asked. Ben said he had been thinking about the windstorm.

"You're not reading anything into it, right?" Ciara asked. "No," Ben said. Ciara asked Ben if he still wanted to have a baby, and he said yes. With a nod, Ciara said she needed to go out and look for work. Ben asked Ciara if she planned to go talk to Victor about a job at Titan.

"Grandpa Victor is not leaving that room until he gives me the answer that I want," Ciara said. Ben kissed Ciara. "Save that thought for later, and maybe we can have another go at trying to have a baby," Ciara said.

After Ciara left the apartment, she walked over to Sweet Bits to pick up a pastry for Victor. "What do you need from Victor?" Allie asked. Ciara explained that she needed a job so that she was financially secure when she and Ben had their baby. Allie squealed. "Is that actually happening?" Allie asked. Ciara explained that Ben had had reservations, but Marlena had helped Ben work through his issues.

"[Ben] still has his doubts, but he said that whatever happens happens, and we'll get through it together," Ciara said. Ciara worried aloud that she had pressured Ben against his judgment. Allie noted, with a shake of her head, that Ben's fear would disappear once a baby was in their lives.

When Ciara arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip was drinking and stewing over the fight he had had with Chloe. "Is your father around?" Ciara asked. Philip noted that Victor was in the living room next door. Concerned, Ciara asked Philip if he was okay. "No, and no, I don't want to talk about it," Philip said. With a nod, Ciara walked into the next room to see Victor.

Chloe walked in, and Philip gasped. Philip apologized for having hit Brady. "Apology not accepted. Not this time," Chloe said. "I wish you could see it from my perspective," Philip said. Chloe argued that Philip's perspective was warped. Frustrated, Philip yelled, "Why can't I get you to see what's right in front of you?" "I can't do this anymore!" Chloe countered.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Philip asked. Chloe said that she needed to take a step back from their relationship and figure out what she wanted. Chloe confirmed that she was moving out of the house. "You don't have to do that. I can give you as much space as you need," Philip said. "I don't want you to give me anything," Chloe said. After Chloe headed upstairs, Philip growled, "Brady."

A restless Marlena twitched in her sleep in her penthouse bedroom. Marlena dreamed of how the devil had pleaded with her to be his. Marlena startled awake. As Marlena threw on her robe, John entered with a tray of breakfast. "I let you sleep in a little bit," John said. John asked Marlena how she felt. "I'm not sure. I had an upsetting dream," Marlena confessed. When John asked about the dream, Marlena told him that she had dreamed that she had been levitating.

"Right here. Right off the bed. It seemed so real," Marlena said. John asked Marlena for details about the dream. Marlena said a voice had talked to her. "Did you recognize the voice?" John asked. "I hadn't heard it for so many years, but I do know exactly who it is," Marlena stammered. John asked who it was. "Satan. It's the devil," Marlena whispered. John stressed that Marlena had had a bad dream, and he told her to focus on her health and her patients.

"Doug and Julie, they are going to need you to be at the top of your game, and I know how concerned you were about Ben last night," John said. Marlena remembered when the devil had told her in the dream that he needed Ben and Ciara's baby. "I need to go see Ben," Marlena said.

When Marlena arrived at Ben's apartment, she asked if he was okay. "I took your advice. Ciara and I made the decision together that we are ready to have a child. She even threw away her birth control pills last night," Ben said. "That's a very big step," Marlena said. Ben laughed nervously. "And we took it thanks to you," Ben said. With a grin, Ben admitted that he and Ciara had felt like she was already pregnant.

"That's wonderful," Marlena said. Ben's smile faded away. "This really strange thing happened. The wind blew, and it knocked open the windows, and it blew out all the candles," Ben said. Marlena asked why that was strange. Ben noted that the night had been calm with no wind. "And second of all, when the wind entered the room, it put this, like, cold shiver through my entire body," Ben said. Ben confessed that he had worried that the wind had been an omen.

"Maybe it was," Marlena whispered. Confused, Ben asked what she meant. Marlena remembered when she had talked to the devil in her office, and she had intended to call Ben and warn him. Ben startled Marlena out of her memory. "Do you actually think that the wind could have been, like, a sign that Ciara and I shouldn't have a baby?" Ben asked. Marlena's phone beeped. Ben encouraged Marlena to check on the message.

When Marlena pulled her phone out of her purse, a purple devil emoji graphic on the screen spoke to her with the voice of the devil. "Don't even think about telling him, Marlena. My plans for Ben's child are for you and me alone," the devil said. "What is it, Dr. Evans?" Ben asked. Marlena noted that the phone message was unimportant. Ben asked Marlena if she thought the wind was a bad sign.

"I'm thinking of this as a good omen," Marlena said. "Tell him his baby will be a gift to the world," the devil's voice said. Marlena assured Ben not to worry. "I think this baby will be good for everybody," Marlena said. The devil laughed. "Especially for me!" the devil said. Ben thanked Marlena for checking on him, and she left.

When Ciara returned home, she had good news. "You are looking at the new junior executive at Titan!" Ciara said. Ciara noted that Victor had complimented her work from the last time she had worked there. "But he still hates me," Ben said. Ciara smiled. "I will work to make that change," Ciara said. Ben told Ciara about his conversation with Marlena. "Now, I want us to have a baby just as much as you do," Ben said.

Johnny went to the penthouse to talk to Marlena. "You just missed her. Maybe I can help," John said. Johnny explained that E.J. had agreed to provide the missing funds and play John in the movie. "You can't be serious," John said. Johnny said that the only thing left was that he needed to secure Marlena's permission to tell the story.

"I'm afraid you're out of luck. Because there is no way in hell she's ever gonna give you that," John said. John said he knew that Johnny was talented, but he cautioned Johnny to find another story. "Why can't you just try reading the script?" Johnny asked. "I lived it. I don't need to read it. And I definitely don't want your grandmother to have to read it," John said. John told Johnny about Marlena's nightmare.

"This movie is bringing back horrible memories. Trust me, Johnny, you don't want to put her through this," John said. John asked Johnny to prove his love for Marlena and end the project. "I've been so focused trying to raise money to do this movie, I didn't stop to think about the consequences it has for my own family," Johnny said.

Outside of the penthouse, Marlena's phone beeped again. The devil emoji graphic was back on the phone screen. "You did well, Marlena. Once again, you talked Ben Weston out of his doubts," the devil said. Marlena ordered the devil to leave her alone, but the devil noted that Marlena was on the verge of giving in to him. "We are almost one," the devil said.

Marlena was surprised to see Johnny with John when she went into the penthouse. John cautioned Johnny to let it go, but Marlena asked Johnny why he had wanted to talk to her. "I came over to ask for your permission [for your story], but after talking to Grandpa, I'm having second thoughts," Johnny said. When Johnny noted that his script had been a bad idea, Marlena disagreed. "I want you to make the movie," Marlena said.

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