The devil undermines Chad

Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, January 14, 2022
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The devil undermines Chad | DAYS Daily Recaps (Friday, January 14, 2022)
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Friday, January 14, 2022

When Victor was unable to talk, Jake and Gabi met with Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. "If you are here about your grand plans to run Titan and DiMera, I know all about them," Maggie said. Over tea, Jake noted that he, Gabi, and Victor would run Titan and DiMera. "The geezer you think you could put something over on?" Maggie asked. Gabi stressed that she did not believe that they could manipulate Victor.

"I'm glad to hear you say that, because Victor is as sharp and savvy as he's ever been. And there is no way I'm going to let anyone take advantage of him," Maggie said. "That was never our intention," Gabi said. Jake explained that they wanted to partner with Victor because they respected him.

"We want to create a strong, lasting partnership that's going to benefit all of us. Secure a legacy for our children," Jake said. Jake asked Maggie not to shut them down before they had talked to Victor. "Who said anything about shutting you down? I think it's a perfectly fine idea. I just wanted to make sure that you can deliver on your promise," Maggie countered. Gabi admitted that she was surprised.

"You can't be married to Victor Kiriakis all these years and not have some of his ambition rub off on you. I'm deeply invested in Titan and in Titan's future," Maggie explained. "And you see me and Gabi as part of that future, huh?" Jake asked. Maggie noted that Victor had wanted to keep the company in the family.

"But Victor believes that it's time to consider broadening that pool of potential executives," Maggie added. Jake noted that Victor had admitted to them that the next CEO of Titan would be an outsider. Maggie said that after Philip's disappearance, Victor needed a distraction and a win.

"The idea of bringing his biggest rival to its knees, ooh, that's a big one," Maggie said. "I would love to see nothing more than my backstabbing brothers get exactly what's coming to them," Jake said. Maggie suggested that with Chad and E.J. preoccupied with the kidnapping trial, it was the perfect time to strike. Maggie added that Victor would not move forward unless she approved of a team-up with Jake and Gabi.

"Are you?" Gabi asked. "I am all in on this plan if you two are successful in getting Victor a seat on the DiMera board," Maggie said. "We will be," Jake said. Maggie asked Jake and Gabi if they had the votes. "We believe so," Gabi said. "That's not good enough. We need an ironclad guarantee. Then and only then will Victor sign off on this deal," Maggie countered. Maggie thanked Jake and Gabi for their time, and she left the room.

Jake asked Gabi if she believed they could deliver for Victor. "Hell, yeah! Let's go lock down those votes," Gabi said. Jake and Gabi went to the bistro in the square, and they made calls to board members. "I just counted up the votes, and without one more DiMera on our side, we're going to come up short," Gabi said. "Not necessarily," Jake said. Jake explained that he had learned that E.J. wanted to sign his stockholder shares over to Johnny.

In the DiMera living room, devil Johnny talked to Stefano's portrait. "Thanks to you, E.J. is convinced that there is nothing more important than family. And he is so desperate for his son's love that he'll sign over his shares to me, no questions asked. I'll take over DiMera, and your precious heir will rot in prison," devil Johnny said.

At Basic Black, Brady told Chloe that Steve and Kayla had gone undercover in Italy at Kristen's convent. "Is that where she is now?" Chloe asked. Brady said that Steve had not located Kristen yet. "So, we don't know if Philip is alive or dead?" Chloe asked. "Not yet," Brady admitted. Brady urged Chloe to keep the faith that Philip was alive.

"If he's not dead, then where is he?" Chloe wondered aloud. "We're going to find him. We're going to get some answers, okay?" Brady said. Chloe's phone rang with a call from her mother, Nancy. Chloe ignored the call because she did not want to talk to Nancy about Philip. "It's like Philip just disappeared off the face of the earth," Chloe lamented. Brady reminded Chloe that she could talk to him as a friend. With a grin, Brady suggested that they get food.

Lucas walked into the Brady Pub, which surprised Kate. Lucas explained that he was there for E.J.'s trial. "What [E.J.] did was unforgiveable. They need to throw the book at that guy, and you know it," Lucas said. Kate rolled her eyes. "This righteous indignation of yours may work with Sami but not with me, because I know for a fact that you're the one who had her kidnapped," Kate said.

Lucas acted indignant, and he chastised Kate for having believed E.J.'s lies. Kate told Lucas that Chad had told her the truth. "He's such a DiMera. That makes me sick," Lucas muttered. Lucas explained that he had been desperate to protect and hold on to Sami. "I'm trying to help you here," Kate said. Kate told Lucas about Chad's plans to exonerate E.J. on the stand. Nearby, devil Johnny eavesdropped at a table with the hood of his jacket up to hide his face.

Lucas argued to Kate that E.J. had committed enough crimes that he deserved to go to prison. Kate said that Chad disagreed. "Chad agreed with me. He knew it was time that E.J. got what he had coming," Lucas whispered. Kate explained that Chad was fine with the company firing E.J., but he could not watch his brother go to prison.

"It's not about you. It's about [Chad's] conscience," Kate argued. Lucas countered that all DiMeras were animals. Kate told Lucas that Chad was different. "He couldn't live with himself if he hurt a member of his family," Kate said. "We'll have to do something about that," devil Johnny whispered at his table. The devil slipped out of the pub, unnoticed.

"If the truth comes out, I'm going to prison. That or Sami is going to kill me. Either way, I'm screwed," Lucas said. Kate told Lucas that Chad planned to testify that Chad had planted the evidence himself. "What?" Lucas asked in disbelief. "No one will ever know that you're guilty," Kate said. "Guilty of what?" Brady asked as he walked in with Chloe.

Lucas lied and said he had been lamenting that he had not figured out sooner that E.J. had kidnapped Sami. "But she's safe now. You rescued her," Chloe said. With a shrug, Lucas explained, "I could have avoided the whole trauma of this situation. [Sami] wouldn't have been held in that cabin against her will for months."

While Brady stepped aside to talk to Kate privately, Chloe asked Lucas why he was on edge. Lucas said he was worried about Sami. When Chloe asked if Sami would return to town to testify against E.J., Lucas said he had talked Sami out of testifying. Lucas said that he hoped Sami's deposition and his testimony would be enough to put E.J. behind bars.

Across the room, Brady informed Kate that he suspected Kristen had been involved in Philip's disappearance. "I hired Steve Johnson to look for [Kristen]," Brady said. Kate admitted Steve had already told her about the investigation. "You know that you're no longer under suspicion, so there is no need," Kate said. "I'm not doing this to clear my name. I feel responsible for what Kristen did," Brady explained. "You don't know what Kristen did," Kate countered. Brady said he wanted answers.

"I want you to call off this search," Kate said. "You don't want to know what really happened to your son?" Brady asked. Kate said she wanted to hold on to hope that Philip was alive. "If Steve can find Kristen, Kristen could lead us to Philip. He could be alive and well somewhere," Brady said. Kate argued that Steve would get in the way of the investigators that Victor had hired.

"The more people that are searching, though, the better, right?" Brady asked. "I've made my wishes known," Kate stressed. With a nod, Brady said he understood, but he had promised Chloe that he would get answers. "I'm sorry, I'm not gonna tell Steve to back off," Brady said.

Lucas interrupted Kate to tell her that he needed to go to the courthouse. "I'm going with you," Kate insisted. After Kate and Lucas left, Chloe and Brady sat down to eat. Brady was distracted. When Chloe asked what was wrong, Brady told Chloe about his conversation with Kate. "You'd think that Philip's mother, of all people, would want to get to the bottom of this and find answers as soon as possible, right?" Brady said. Chloe reminded Brady that Kate had always been strange.

When Chloe drew a comparison between Kate and Nancy, a voice yelled, "Chloe!" Chloe looked around the room and saw her mother walk over. After a hug, Nancy asked why Chloe had not answered her calls. "You came here from New York to ask me that in person?" Chloe said. "I needed to talk to you!" Nancy yelped. Chloe told Nancy that she had been too upset to talk to anyone about Philip.

"This is not about Philip! It's about your father," Nancy said. Chloe asked what was wrong. "I think he's having an affair," Nancy said.

At the courthouse, D.A. Trask questioned Chad on the stand about the irregularities in the expense report in evidence. When Trask treated Chad as a hostile witness, Belle took notice. Chad argued that he could not answer questions with just a yes or no. "I think Chad is trying to help us," Belle whispered to E.J. When Trask ended her questioning, Belle started hers.

"Do you have additional information about those payments made to Jason Smith?" Belle asked. "What I wanted everybody to know was how the record of those payments got into the computer system at DiMera in the first place," Chad started. Chad started to choke on his words. In the corner, devil Johnny squeezed his hands together. Chad stumbled to his feet and clutched his throat. Belle dropped the glass in her hand, and it shattered on the floor. Abigail ran to Chad's side, and she escorted him out of the courtroom.

"There is never a shortage of drama when the DiMeras are involved. I will see you when we reconvene," Trask said. After everyone else had cleared the court, E.J asked Belle if she was okay. "Yeah. I just don't know how that glass slipped out of my hand," Belle stammered. "Johnny" walked into the courtroom. An excited E.J. hugged his son and thanked him. E.J. told "Johnny" what had happened with Chad on the stand.

"I think that Uncle Chad got exactly what he deserved for turning on his own brother. You know what the Bible says about Cain and Abel," "Johnny" said. When Johnny quoted the Bible, Belle and E.J. exchanged a glance with one another. "Last night, you said you hadn't gotten religion," E.J. said. "I haven't," "Johnny" said. E.J. asked "Johnny" how he had been able to quote the passage from the Bible.

"Because it's appropriate. Uncle Chad is a Judas. He came here to stab you in the back," "Johnny" argued. "I'm not so sure about that," Belle said. Belle explained that Chad had appeared to have been attempting to help E.J. on the stand. "I will give him another chance," Belle said. With a dismissive wave, "Johnny" changed the subject to E.J.'s stock shares. "Johnny" pulled paperwork out of his pocket.

"What is this about?" Belle asked. "Much to my delight, my son has realized that his rightful place is at DiMera," E.J. said. Belle asked "Johnny" about his film career. "Obviously, after what happened with Grandma Marlena, I'm not moving forward with the film. The whole experience actually made me realize it's time for me to get serious about a real career," "Johnny" said. E.J. explained that "Johnny" had offered to watch out for his interests if E.J. was sent to prison.

"Which I can't do unless I have power," "Johnny" added. When "Johnny" noted that E.J. planned to transfer his ownership shares to "Johnny," a concerned Belle noted that the transfer was premature. "I mean, you could be acquitted, in which case, this would all be completely unnecessary," Belle said. "Johnny" argued that they needed to be proactive because Chad could consolidate power if they waited too long to make the trade.

"Remember, this agreement is only temporary," E.J. said. "Can I at least give it a thorough review?" Belle asked. E.J. started to hand the papers to Belle, but "Johnny" snatched them out of E.J.'s hand. "I am his son, and he trusts me. With all due respect, this is between us. So, if you wouldn't mind just leaving us alone for a minute?" "Johnny" asked. Belle nodded curtly, and she left the courtroom.

"I know that Aunt Belle is just trying to protect you. But you don't need protection from me. You need protection from Uncle Chad," "Johnny" stressed. "I appreciate that. It means so much to know that you're looking out for me," E.J. said. "Johnny" told E.J. that he loved him and that he would be on his father's side. E.J. took the papers and signed them.

In the witness waiting room down the hallway, Chad drank some water to soothe his throat. "Should I call a doctor?" Abigail asked. Chad assured Abigail he was okay. "One minute I was fine, the next I couldn't breathe," Chad explained. Abigail asked Chad what he had been attempting to say on the stand before Trask had cut him off.

"You told me you were not going to lie under oath to save [E.J.]. Did you change your mind?" Abigail asked. "No," Chad said. Chad added that he did not want to tell Abigail before he announced it in court. "That way, you're not complicit," Chad said. "You're scaring me," Abigail said. Chad asked Abigail to trust him.

Abigail asked Chad if she could help him. With a grin, Chad said that Abigail's smile was what he needed. Abigail squeezed Chad's hand. While Chad started to return to court, Abigail promised to catch up with him after she filed an update with the paper.

On the way to the courtroom, Chad ran into Belle in the hallway. Chad apologized for his behavior. "I have no idea what happened," Chad said. "Melinda Trask happened," Belle joked. As Chad nodded in agreement, Belle told Chad that she would give him the opportunity to say whatever Trask had prevented him from saying. "I can't tell you what it is ahead of time, but I think you and E.J. will be pleased," Chad said. Chad said he would return to the courtroom after he grabbed his phone from the witness room.

In the witness room, Abigail finished up her report for the paper on her computer. E.J. walked in. "You shouldn't be in here," Abigail muttered. "I need to talk to you about something," E.J. said. Abigail noted that Chad had an obligation to testify. "I, too, feel compelled to be honest," E.J. started. E.J. told Abigail that he could not suppress his feelings. "I want you," E.J. said. Confused, Abigail looked around the room.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Abigail asked. E.J. told Abigail that since he had returned to Salem, he had been unable to stop thinking about her. "That's insane. Just get away from me," Abigail said dismissively. E.J. noted that he could not dismiss his feelings.

"You have a wife that you were obsessed with, and you were dating Nicole," Abigail reminded E.J. "Only to distract myself. I've been using them to try and get you out of my head, but it didn't work," E.J. said. Abigail rose to leave, but E.J. blocked her exit. "How I've longed to ravage you. I never thought I'd get the chance, yet here we are alone," E.J. whispered. As E.J. advanced on Abigail, her eyes went wide.

Down the hallway, Belle returned to the courtroom. E.J. was there. E.J. told Belle that he had signed the papers for Johnny. "You are operating on emotion and not logic. And that is never a smart place to be when you're making big decisions," Belle advised. E.J. countered that Johnny wanted to protect his legacy. Suspicious, Belle asked why Johnny had had a change of heart about his career.

"I never would have done it if I thought there was the slightest chance that [Johnny] would undermine me," E.J. said. "Hopefully, this is all moot," Belle said. Belle explained that she had talked to Chad, and she had gotten the impression that Chad was on E.J.'s side. "You may just go free," Belle said. E.J. sighed with relief.

E.J. added that Chad might be a wild card, but Johnny was not. "I trust that Johnny is going to do not only what is best for me but also what's best for the company," E.J. said. In the witness room, "E.J." kissed Abigail. Chad walked into the room and saw them.

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