The demonic presence uses Marlena to manipulate Ben

Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, October 11, 2021
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Monday, October 11, 2021

by Mike

Johnny visited the town's printer then returned to the DiMera mansion with a boxful of identical scripts and joined Abigail in the living room. "Just the person I was looking for," Johnny began before handing Abigail one of the scripts.

"You can tear up the old one -- that is the rewrite, hot off the press," Johnny explained as Abigail opened the script to a random pair of pages in the middle. "You wrote another script that fast?" Abigail asked incredulously. "Yeah -- I was working on it all night...but I gotta tell ya, that thing practically wrote itself; I guess you could say the devil was my muse," Johnny flippantly replied.

Johnny handed Abigail another script to give to Chad then made it clear that brutally honest feedback was desired. "Maybe read it with the lights...on," Johnny teasingly advised before carrying the rest of the scripts upstairs.

Chanel and Allie emerged from Sweet Bits while discussing, with a mixture of excitement and exhaustion, the fact that they had been busy all day -- so busy that they had sold out of everything they had baked, and they hadn't had a single chance to chat with each other about personal stuff. "What did you end up doing last night?" Allie wondered. "Turns out it was good I didn't go out with you [and Tripp], because I was involved in a surprise engagement," Chanel responded. "What? You and my brother got engaged?" Allie sputtered. "Relax, Horton -- I am not engaged to your brother after three dates," Chanel insisted with a laugh before clarifying that Abe and Paulina had gotten engaged -- news that delighted Allie.

Chanel hinted that something had, however, happened with Johnny the previous night that was almost as romantic as an engagement -- and Allie again jumped to the wrong conclusion, begging to be spared the gory details. "It would only be 'gory' if he was a lousy...singer," Chanel teasingly elaborated. "My brother brought out his guitar and 'serenaded' you?" Allie incredulously translated.

"I told you he was a player," Allie maintained. "Well, if he is, far, he's playing it exactly right," Chanel countered. "Tell me that you recorded [him]," Allie begged, seeing an opportunity to blackmail Johnny. "I did not -- [it] was a very lovely, private moment," Chanel responded, drawing a sigh of disappointment from Allie, who thought "cringey" was a more fitting adjective.

"I'm sure my brother couldn't be cheesier if he tried," Allie declared. "I bet I can," Johnny argued, approaching Allie and Chanel with a heart-shaped box. "Chocolates? You know she's a baker, right?" Allie teased. "They're chocolate-covered mixed nuts," Johnny clarified. "My favorite! You're good!" Chanel swooned, drawing a shrug from Johnny and an eye roll from Allie.

Allie started to rush off, uninterested in witnessing the next phase of Johnny's plan to woo Chanel. "Hang on -- I'm here to woo you, too," Johnny called out, stopping Allie. Johnny produced another script and handed it to Allie, who immediately rejected it, just as uninterested in accepting a role in the movie. Johnny urged Allie to reconsider, teasing that some of the juiciest scenes in the script still featured their mother, even though it had been reimagined as a story about their grandmother.

"Wait 'til you read about the moment that [Mom] walked in on Grandma [Marlena] and Grandpa John on top of the Titan conference table," Johnny elaborated with a laugh. "Okay -- one, ew...and two, what does that have to do with the possession?" Allie responded. "[It's] the event that pushed Mom over the edge -- I mean, it's why she changed Aunt Belle's paternity test results, why she kidnapped her... A lot of people say that that was the birth of Sami Brady as we know her," Johnny clarified. "Your mom did all of that?" Chanel interjected through a mouthful of chocolate-covered mixed nuts. "Oh, it's literally just the beginning," Allie answered.

Chanel wondered what had happened to Marlena after being exposed as an adulteress. "My Grandpa Roman divorced her --" Allie began. "Leaving Marlena all alone, vulnerable, and full of shame -- and that's how the devil found his way in," Johnny concluded.

Johnny continued trying to convince Allie to participate in the movie -- and Chanel eventually started trying to help out. "I thought you were against the movie," Allie reminded Chanel. "I'm just could come in handy to have your twin owe you forever," Chanel advised Allie. "Think about how much you would enjoy holding that over me," Johnny encouraged Allie. "Fine -- [but] I just hope that this doesn't all come back to haunt us..." Allie said to Johnny and Chanel after some thought.

Allie soon rushed off with the script -- and once the coast was clear, Johnny thanked Chanel for the support then wondered what had prompted the sudden change of heart. "I'm still properly afraid of the devil, like any good girl should be...but I see how passionate you are about this story, and I know you're not gonna give up -- and I kind of wanted to move the conversation along...[you know], so I could be alone with you..." Chanel explained. "And I could demonstrate my 'passion' in a different way?" Johnny guessed before giving Chanel a kiss.

At the Brady Pub, Roman emerged from the kitchen with a bowl of chowder and approached Kayla, who had not actually ordered anything but seemed to need comfort food. "Nothing does the trick like Ma's cure-all," Roman reasoned as Kayla gratefully accepted the offering. "I wish it could cure everything..." Kayla grumbled before telling Roman what was wrong.

"Damn, that breaks my heart -- I mean, I knew [Doug] was having trouble, [but] it sounds like it's really getting a lot worse," Roman mused at the end of Kayla's tale. "Well, I think we know, better than most, that dementia is a degenerative illness...[but] in Doug's case, it just seems like it's progressing with alarming rapidity," Kayla fretted. "We did get a miracle for Ma," Roman noted. "It's gonna take at least that, if not more, for Doug to recover," Kayla declared.

After finishing the chowder, Kayla said goodbye to Roman then started to exit the pub -- just as John entered it. "How's Marlena?" Kayla wondered. "Nowhere near 100%," John reported before getting Kayla to promise to keep an eye on Marlena at the hospital. John waited until Kayla was gone then approached the bar and informed Roman that they needed to have a serious conversation.

Roman listened to John's concerns about Johnny's movie -- then dismissed them all, still determined to help fund the project. "I am not gonna go back on my word to my grandchild -- [and besides], if I'm okay with it, why shouldn't you be?" Roman reasoned. "It's not about the affair, Roman -- it's about Marlena being possessed by the devil! [Look], we don't know what's gonna happen if we reopen that door, [so] why take the risk?" John fretted.

Roman conceded John's point then promised to try to convince Johnny to leave that part out of the movie about Sami's life -- since, after all, it wasn't like that was the only dramatic thing that had ever happened to the star character. John breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Roman for the support -- just as Allie entered the pub. "I can't believe it, but I just let Johnny talk me into playing Mom in his stupid movie," Allie grumbled. "Wait a minute -- are we looking at the star of The Sami Brady Story?" Roman translated. "No -- I am just a supporting character now; [see], Johnny totally rewrote the script, [so] it's a horror movie now, [and] he even changed the title [to]...Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story," Allie clarified.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail read through the part of the script that detailed the conversation that had led to John and Marlena's fateful sexual encounter atop the Titan conference table -- a private conversation that Johnny had somehow managed to recreate with an uncanny level of accuracy. "Why aren't you upstairs at the party with everyone else?" Chad said as John. "I just needed some time by myself," Abigail said as Marlena. "What are you running away from?" Chad said as John. "I think maybe that's enough for one day," Abigail declared, no longer in character, and Chad agreed that the scene was hitting a bit close to home.

Abigail eventually decided to continue reading through the scene with Chad. "It says they kiss..." Abigail hesitantly noted at the end of the scene before locking eyes with Chad.

At the Horton house, Ciara and Julie continued confiding in each other about what was going on with their respective husbands. Ciara eventually rushed off -- and Julie received a visit from Kayla a short time later. Kayla predicted that Julie would probably be allowed to see Doug at Bayview sometime the following day -- or the day after that, at the latest. Kayla admitted that, in the meantime, there wasn't much Julie could do for Doug -- except pray.

At the hospital, Ben donned a jacket then started to exit Marlena's office, unaware that anything was amiss. "Don't let me down, Marlena -- or there will be a steep price to pay," the demonic presence, which was still speaking through Marlena's recorder, warned. "You didn't hear that?" Marlena called out, stopping Ben, who responded with a shake of the head. "Ben can't hear me, 'Doc' -- I have a direct line right into your head...and, more importantly, your soul," the demonic presence explained. "Must have been something outside," Marlena reasoned while giving Ben a forced smile.

"Tell him to have this baby -- if you don't, I'll have to pay a visit to poor, vulnerable Doug..." the demonic presence demanded. "Maybe you should head home -- get some rest," Ben advised Marlena before starting to exit the office again. "Wait -- you can't leave!" Marlena protested, stopping Ben again. "Aren't...we...finished?" Ben responded, confused.

Marlena hesitantly declared that Ben had drawn the wrong conclusion from their earlier conversation. "Look, God forbid --" Marlena began to elaborate. "Don't bring him into this," the demonic presence growled. Marlena shot the recorder a glare then concluded that any child who inherited Ben's mental illness could simply manage it with medication.

Ben started to exit Marlena's office yet again after arguing that creating a potentially evil child then expecting medication to keep that evil under control for the child's entire life was just too risky. "Stop him -- now! You have to!" the demonic presence insisted. "Why?" Marlena challenged the demonic presence, stopping Ben yet again. "Isn't the answer kind of obvious?" Ben responded, understandably unaware that Marlena had directed the question at something else entirely -- something that was refusing to provide the desired clarification.

"There's a very big difference between healthy fear and unhealthy avoidance. [Look], Ciara loves you so much, and she wants to have a family with you -- [now], if you deny her the chance to be a mother, she'll accept that on the surface...[but] when one half of a couple makes a decision that affects them both, there can be a level of resentment, [and] it really can damage a marriage," Marlena advised Ben. "'re saying...?" Ben prodded Marlena. "I'm saying...go home, make love to your wife, and see if you can make a baby together," Marlena urged Ben.

"This does not sound like you -- [I mean], you never tell me what to do; you ask me questions, but then you leave me room to make my own decisions..." Ben observed. "I just...don't want you going down the wrong road," Marlena explained. Ben shrugged and thanked Marlena for the advice then rushed off.

"Brilliantly played, Marlena -- using Ben's own love for Ciara as a weapon against him? You did me proud --" the demonic presence raved, prompting Marlena to turn off the recorder in disgust. "You think you can get rid of me by shutting off the recorder? After all these years, you should know you can never get rid of me," the demonic presence continued.

Marlena again wondered why the demonic presence wanted Ben to conceive a child with Ciara. "I have big plans for Ben Weston's baby," the demonic presence teased with a cackle, drawing a shudder of concern from Marlena. Meanwhile, at the Weston apartment, Ben assured Ciara that there was no longer anything stopping them from trying to conceive a child.

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