Anna prepares to go on the run

Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, May 12, 2022
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Anna prepares to go on the run | DAYS Daily Recaps (Thursday, May 12, 2022)
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Thursday, May 12, 2022

by Mike

At the hospital, Sarah gave Maggie and Xander a look of confusion and wondered why they were both so emotional. "Your voice -- it's normal..." Maggie observed. "It worked, Maggie!" Xander concluded.

Anna was just about to exit the DiMera mansion when Tony entered the foyer. "Where on earth are you going?" Tony began, eyeing the suitcase that Anna was carrying. "You know, darling, I was going through my closet, and I realized that I have so many beautiful clothes that I never wear, so I just thought I'd run them down to the community center," Anna responded. "In a suitcase," Tony stressed. "Is that a problem?" Anna wondered. "No...but jumping bail is," Tony answered.

"Listen, Anna, I know you're scared because your trial starts tomorrow, but that doesn't mean you're going to be convicted --" Tony argued. "Oh, the heck it doesn't, Tony! Trask is out for blood, the judge is in Victor's pocket, and Maggie is hellbent on making me pay for what I did to Sarah --" Anna countered. "But you just can't take off --" Tony maintained. "I can -- and I will! I have no choice -- I'm going on the lam, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!" Anna insisted.

"You were just going to leave -- without even saying goodbye," Tony realized. "To avoid implicating you, Tony -- you can't be caught aiding and abetting a criminal --" Anna explained. "Oh, you're not 'a criminal' --" Tony protested. "Tony, I have turned Sarah into...a rutabaga...[and] it's now time for me to pay the piper, [so] this is the end of the road for us...[but] I will love you forever," Anna declared with finality while fighting back tears.

Tony continued objecting as Anna started to exit the mansion again -- and Maggie approached the front door just then. "Going somewhere?" Maggie began. "I have a very important errand to run," Anna responded. "Well, I need to talk to you --" Maggie insisted. "I'm sorry, Maggie -- it'll have to wait --" Anna argued. "I really think you'll want to hear this now," Maggie countered.

Maggie started to explain what had just happened with Sarah. "If Gwen hadn't switched the vials, what you did to Sarah would have brought her back to us that very day, so what you did -- well, it wasn't terrible at all, as it turned out... [Anyway], I know your trial starts tomorrow, and I've decided to drop the charges," Maggie announced at the end of the tale -- and Anna was delighted to hear that but did make a point of apologizing for the recklessness of the act, nevertheless. Anna and Tony thanked Maggie -- then the couple started celebrating the turn of events once they were alone together again, and they also took turns apologizing to each other for everything that had happened recently.

At the police station, Ava assured Gwen that they would be able to pull off a jailbreak -- since, after all, they had already done so once before. "What's the catch?" Gwen responded. "There isn't one," Ava insisted.

"It's just...look, I know I let you down, and I'm trying to make up for it -- trying to be a friend," Ava explained. "Let's say that I did take you up on your offer -- what happens with your deal with Trask?" Gwen wondered. "Nothing -- I held up my end of the bargain; if you escape, it's not my problem," Ava answered. "Unless the cops find out that you helped me," Gwen noted. "Rafe Hernandez and his merry band of idiots? Please!" Ava countered.

"I think you need to be realistic here; [I mean], you got no lawyer, you got no fiancÚ, you got no family to help you -- all you got is me -- [so]...I don't see you having any better offers, [and] time's running out," Ava advised Gwen before producing a receipt and a pen. "Listen, if you decide to call me, here's my number -- it's a burner phone," Ava continued while writing the information on the back of the receipt. "But, hey, if you want to languish here in prison all alone, it's your choice," Ava concluded before exiting the conference room, leaving behind the receipt.

Jack entered the conference room a short time later, while Gwen was still pondering Ava's offer. "I'm a bit surprised to see you -- I thought you'd washed your hands of me for good," Gwen admitted. "I know I led you to believe that -- and, truthfully, I am sad, angry, and appalled when I think of what you've done in the past...and I'm sure that you know that when you hurt Abigail, you hurt me, [as well]..." Jack responded.

"But you've had a lot of pain in your life, and I believe that's the reason that you have caused a lot of pain, and I want to help you stop doing that -- because, in spite of it all, you're my daughter, [and] I care about you..." Jack continued. "Which is why I asked Justin to represent you. [Now], if you plead guilty to the lesser charges, Justin thinks he can get your sentence knocked down to five years [because] you'd be saving the city the expense of a trial -- [and that's] nowhere near what you'd be facing if a jury found you guilty," Jack concluded before producing one of Justin's business cards and handing it to Gwen, who nodded in response while fighting back tears of gratitude.

After Jack left, Xander arrived and thanked Gwen for having handed over the antidote that had made Sarah's recovery possible. Gwen wished Xander a lifetime of happiness with Sarah then repeated what Jack had just shared. Xander wondered if Gwen was going to take the plea deal. Gwen shrugged then removed her engagement ring and handed it to Xander. Gwen fought back tears while thanking Xander for everything and apologizing for having ruined their relationship.

After Xander left, Gwen contacted Ava and refused to go along with the jailbreak idea. "I have a chance to make things right, and if I take it...I don't know, I might actually have a chance of having a family again...[so], for the first time in my life, I am going to take responsibility for what I have done," Gwen explained. "Good luck," Ava responded. "Thank you -- I'm gonna need it," Gwen muttered.

Xander returned to the hospital and saw that Maggie had cut Sarah's hair. Xander praised Maggie's skills then wondered if Sarah wanted anything. "I want to see my baby!" Sarah begged, prompting Xander and Maggie to exchange looks of concern.

Tony and Anna went to the DiMera crypt to pay their respects to Renee -- and as they were leaving afterward, they found a pacifier on the floor. "This must be Ciara's baby's -- Allie must have brought him here!" Anna guessed. "But where are they now?" Tony wondered while looking around the crypt.

At the end of this episode was a dedication: "In Loving Memory of Philece Sampler, 1953 - 2021" -- to honor the actress who played Renee DuMonde.

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