Sarah and Xander grow suspicious of Gwen

Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, August 4, 2022
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Sarah and Xander grow suspicious of Gwen | Days of our Lives Daily Recaps (Thursday, August 4, 2022)
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Thursday, August 4, 2022

by Mike

Abe finished another day of work then headed over to the town square to have dinner with Paulina, who was already there and had already ordered a martini.

Paulina was quick to flag down a waitress and order a second martini for Abe. "Heavy on the gin -- and stingy as hell on the vermouth," Paulina requested.

"Trying to get me drunk so you can have your way with me?" Abe guessed after the waitress walked away, unaware that Paulina's ulterior motive had more to do with business than sex. "When it comes to your career, you can be downright stubborn!" Paulina complained once Abe started drinking -- and they were soon arguing again about the idea of pursuing greater political goals.

Abe -- who, to Paulina's dismay, needed more than just a few sips of alcohol to be manipulated into running for governor and considering even higher positions -- spotted and flagged down Nicole as a way of putting an end to the argument. "Won't stop me!" Paulina warned Abe as Nicole hobbled toward them on crutches. "Nothing ever does..." Abe countered before turning away from Paulina to help Nicole get settled at their table.

"We have to get you a drink...but first, tell the man he should be governor!" Paulina insisted, further annoying Abe, who was more interested in making sure that Nicole was okay. "No, he's right -- shame on me! Feel free to open up -- I know exactly what you're going through; when we were robbed at gunpoint last Labor Day, I don't think I slept for a week!" Paulina backpedaled, making Abe even more annoyed because the conversation was supposed to be about Nicole's experience.

Paulina conceded Abe's point then finally allowed Nicole to start talking about the ordeal -- but interrupted after hearing that Eric had saved the day. "That's so romantic!" Paulina raved before starting to urge Nicole to reunite with Eric -- but Abe eventually managed to stop Paulina and stress that Nicole's husband might not like that idea.

Paulina congratulated Nicole then stepped aside to take a phone call from someone at a focus group that had been hired to determine how many people would be willing to vote for Abe as their next governor. Once the coast was clear, Abe started to apologize for Paulina's earlier comments, prompting Nicole to admit that even Rafe had concerns about Eric -- then insist that those concerns weren't warranted.

Chad was at the Brady Pub, gulping down some whiskey, when Sarah called from the Kiriakis mansion to reveal everything that had happened since they had last talked to each other earlier that day. Chad sent the call to voicemail then ordered a refill -- and Sonny entered the mansion, having just finished another day of work, while Sarah was recording a vague message about the new information that had just emerged. Sarah ended the call then updated Sonny before rushing off to another room to share the good news with Maggie.

Sonny soon received a phone call from Eric, who revealed that Chad had just been cut off after consuming a lot of alcohol at the Brady Pub and was making a scene in protest. "I have an appointment to make, [and] I just didn't know who else to call --" Eric explained, prompting Sonny to interrupt with a promise to handle the matter. Sonny ended the call then rushed over to the pub and tried to convince Chad that it was time to call it a night. Chad threw a punch at Sonny in protest, but Sonny dodged the blow then dragged Chad out of the pub.

Sonny took Chad to the Kiriakis mansion then tried to find out what had prompted the binge. Chad stumbled over to the bar and filled a glass with whiskey, ignoring Sonny's objections, then started venting about what had happened with Sarah earlier that day. Sonny eventually interrupted to reveal that Sarah had an alibi for the night of Abigail's murder, and Chad scoffed in response then grumbled that the suspects kept being proven innocent. "So, what does that mean -- that my wife stabbed herself to death?" Chad mused with a laugh of disbelief before gulping down the whiskey then telling Sonny about what had happened with Thomas earlier that day. Chad broke down in Sonny's arms while fretting about being a bad father to Thomas.

Xander entered the police station and started to tell Rafe about Sarah's alibi for the night of Abigail's murder -- but Jada overheard and interrupted the conversation to poke holes in the story. "Dial it down --" Rafe quickly tried to warn, but Jada ignored the advice and continued arguing with Xander. "Idiots!" Xander eventually spat before storming out of the police station with a shake of the head -- and Rafe waited until the coast was clear then admonished Jada for having revealed too much about their investigation during the argument. Rafe followed Xander out of the police station after telling Jada to show more restraint in the future.

Eric arrived a short time later and greeted Jada, ready to provide a statement about what had happened at the park the previous day. Jada accidentally spilled a bottle of water on the case file then started cursing about the blunder before calming down and apologetically admitting to being in a bad mood -- and Eric, who had entered the police station just as Xander had exited it, sympathetically guessed that there was probably a good reason for the outburst. Jada vented about Xander then wondered why Eric didn't like the guy. "Well, for starters, he slept with my wife," Eric revealed before telling Jada more about what had happened with Nicole.

Eric eventually changed the subject, promising to take Jada to the Brady Pub the following day for a tour of the rooms that were available for rent there -- and Jada offered to treat Eric to lunch afterward. "Are you asking me on a date?" Eric realized, and Jada confirmed the suspicion -- then Nicole entered the police station while they were finalizing their plans.

Xander joined Sarah at the Salem Inn and started venting about what had just happened at the police station. "I told Rafe that Rex could confirm your alibi -- [but] that Hunter woman, she was all over the fact that he's your ex-husband [and] might lie for you," Xander grumbled before insisting that Lucas was the one who was actually lying.

"He didn't see you -- you couldn't be in two places at once --" Xander began to reason. "Except I was before," Sarah pointed out. "That bitch!" Xander spat after realizing what Sarah meant. "For all I know, she still has that mask, [and] we've seen the lengths that she'll go to [in order] to get rid of me -- and she's the only person that I know that flat-out hated Abigail," Sarah explained to Xander before guessing that Gwen had "killed two birds with one stone" on the night of Abigail's murder.

Xander agreed that Sarah was probably on the right track. "The hard part is getting somebody to believe us -- I mean, Gwen was in prison --" Sarah fretted. "Gwen wasn't in 'prison' -- she was in Statesville; I know flea markets that have tighter security than that place! And we'll get the police to believe us by showing them evidence," Xander countered. Sarah was surprised to learn that Xander knew where Gwen was staying. "She wanted me to know that she's there for me, since it looked like you were the killer," Xander explained to Sarah with a shake of the head. Xander and Sarah rushed off to search Gwen's motel room for the mask.

Jack was at the Horton house, having a heated phone conversation with a member of the Boston newspaper's staff, when someone knocked on the front door. "I can approve all editorial decisions through email -- [and] the bottom line is that I am not leaving Salem until I find out who killed my daughter!" Jack snapped at the staff member before opening the front door -- and finding Gwen standing on the other side of it.

Jack said a quick goodbye to the staff member then ended the call and greeted Gwen with a hint of coldness. Gwen apologized for having shown up at the house uninvited, prompting Jack to admit that the timing was actually great because Jennifer, Doug, Julie, Thomas, and Charlotte were all eating dinner at their favorite pizzeria at that moment. Gwen started to reminisce about having taken the kids to the pizzeria while working as their nanny, but Jack eventually interrupted and demanded to know the reason for the unexpected visit.

"I wanted to tell you that the pardon was not my idea -- it was Kristen who got me out, who intervened... Now, I'm not gonna pretend like I'm not happy about it, but I didn't scheme to get it -- I was absolutely prepared to serve my sentence," Gwen informed Jack, who seemed satisfied with that explanation.

Rafe arrived just then and filled Jack in on what had just happened at the police station -- and Gwen listened with great interest then pointed out that Sarah's alibi conflicted with Lucas' recollection of what had happened on the night of Abigail's murder. "We're gonna have to look at Lucas' statement a hell of a lot harder -- I mean, after all, Sarah can't be two places at the same time," Rafe responded. Jack hoped, for Maggie's sake, that Rafe would be able to verify Sarah's alibi. "It must be hell to wonder if your daughter is capable of doing something like that," Jack mused.

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