The truth about Abigail and Sonny's attacks emerges

Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, September 22, 2022
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The truth about Abigail and Sonny's attacks emerges | Days of our Lives Daily Recaps (Thursday, September 22, 2022)
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Thursday, September 22, 2022

by Mike

Jennifer was alone in the living room of the Horton house, fishing pain medication out of a prescription pill bottle, when Jack approached from behind and demanded to know what was going on. Jennifer gulped down the pain medication then kept the bottle hidden in a fist while claiming to have just finished straightening the framed photograph of Abigail that was perched on the mantel. Jack protested that Jennifer had clearly been crying recently. Jennifer assured Jack that there was no reason to be concerned about the momentary wave of sadness, especially since it had already passed.

Someone rang the doorbell just then, so Jack rushed off to greet the visitor, and Jennifer hid the prescription bottle behind the framed photograph of Abigail while the coast was clear. Jack soon returned with Gwen, who apologized to Jennifer for the intrusion. Jennifer dismissed the concern, admitting that Gwen had recently done a good deed for the family, and Jack agreed that the move had meant a lot. "As much as I'd like to say that I turned in Leo for Abigail's sake, I did have my own selfish motives," Gwen clarified, but Jennifer and Jack didn't care because the bottom line was that they finally had justice.

Gwen warned Jack and Jennifer that the matter might not be settled yet. Jennifer and Jack both found it hard to believe that Craig could be responsible for Abigail's murder and Sonny's stabbing, and Gwen admitted that it was just one of Leo's hunches for the time being. Gwen soon rushed off, and Jack followed, wanting to see how things were going at the Spectator. Jennifer waited until the coast was clear then retrieved the prescription \bottle -- and Gwen returned just then, having left behind a purse. Jennifer claimed that the prescription bottle contained antibiotics for a sinus infection, but Gwen wasn't fooled.

Gwen insisted that Jack needed to know the truth right away so Jennifer could get help. "The only reason you have any relationship with Jack at all is because I allow it -- if he had to choose between the two of us, you, my dear, would lose every time! So, if you even think about going to Jack and telling him what you imagine that you saw here, I will make sure that you never see your father again! Now get the hell out of my house!" Jennifer spat at Gwen, who sighed then rushed off.

Leo paced around a holding cell at the police station while stewing about Gwen's betrayal then froze and fell silent when Craig approached. "They say that talking to oneself is the first sign of losing one's mind. Is that what you're doing, Leo -- laying groundwork for an insanity defense?" Craig began before admitting to having been following Leo's case since the start.

Craig pointed out that Leo had betrayed Gwen first. "Okay, maybe I earned a little payback myself...but what you did, you are going to burn in hell for!" Leo countered while scowling at Craig. "I have no idea what you're talking about -- I did nothing to you," Craig insisted before adding that Leo was the one who had done unforgivable things during their relationship.

"Your words are positively dripping with scorn," Leo observed before accusing Craig of having taken that anger out on Abigail and Sonny as a form of payback. "Leo, you reek of desperation -- do you really expect anybody to believe this crazy theory of yours?" Craig responded with a laugh, prompting Leo to vow to find irrefutable proof.

Craig grabbed Leo by the shirt collar. "I did not stab anybody -- no one -- and if someone is framing you, it is not me!" Craig insisted before shoving Leo away. "You are a scary, sadistic maniac -- the look in your eyes is the look of a stone-cold killer!" Leo countered, drawing a scoff from Craig, who started to storm off after hoping that they would never cross paths again.

Leo called out that Craig had spent a lifetime lying to people and was quite good at doing so, but he would be exposed sooner or later. Craig continued storming off after countering that Leo could rot in a cell for life, and no one would shed a single tear.

Clyde received a text message while dining with Nancy at the Brady Pub, putting a damper on their engagement celebration. "I gotta do these random drug tests -- you know, as a condition of my parole --" Clyde started to explain with a sigh of irritation, prompting Nancy to wonder if that was going to be a problem. "Oh, hell, no -- I mean, back in the day, I did a little bit of dealin', but right now, your love is the only drug I need," Clyde insisted without hesitation, making Nancy swoon.

Nancy eventually changed the subject, showing Clyde a news article about Leo's arrest then declaring that it was a relief to know that the "rodent" was going to pay for Abigail's murder and Sonny's stabbing. Clyde countered that it was a relief to know that Leo no longer posed a threat to Chloe, making Nancy swoon again. Clyde seized the opportunity to suggest to Nancy that they should get married that very day, since Craig was still in town and seemed to be jealous about their engagement. Nancy didn't want to get married just to "stick it to" Craig, but Clyde insisted that would simply be a fun bonus. Nancy warned Clyde that Craig wouldn't see the humor in the timing.

"You tellin' me you're afraid of Craig? I mean, what do you think the big, bad Dr. Wesley's gonna do?" Clyde protested. "Craig does have a temper...but I'm not worried about him getting mad," Nancy clarified.

Nancy argued that turning the wedding into a revenge spectacle would be a bad way to start a marriage, and Clyde conceded the point. Nancy agreed to marry Clyde that day but decided to invite Craig -- and Chloe and Brady, too, of course.

Alex burst into Sonny's hospital room, hidden behind a massive bundle of balloons, and checked for other visitors then breathed a sigh of relief and raved that it was a great time for a brotherly bonding session. Alex excitedly handed over the balloons as well as a stuffed pony and a huge bag of jellybeans, but Sonny clearly wasn't the least bit impressed with any of the gifts. Alex protested that Sonny had always wanted a pony. Sonny countered that the dream had been to own a real pony, not a stuffed one, and that Alex was a few decades behind the times. Sonny tossed aside the gifts with a shake of the head, leaving Alex confused about the reason for the hostility.

Sonny, who had been using the alone time as an opportunity to catch up on recent events, held up a tablet computer so Alex could see what the device was displaying then suggested that they could start their brotherly bonding session with a little chat about Titan's new CEO. Alex insisted that the change had been Victor's demand and was only temporary, but Sonny wasn't convinced because there were credible reports circulating online about major new acquisitions that were in the works at Titan. Alex explained that those deals were being negotiated right away for the sole purpose of ensuring that Titan would still be thriving when Sonny was healthy enough to reclaim control of the company.

Sonny laughed off Alex's claim. "It's just like when we were kids -- 'Oh, let me watch your jellybeans for you; I'll keep them safe!' Except when you gave them back, all the purple and red ones were gone!" Sonny argued while scowling at Alex. "I don't want your spot at the company -- or your damn jellybeans!" Alex countered before starting to storm off, prompting Sonny to soften and apologize then admit that the deals sounded promising.

Alex accepted the apology then initiated a tight hug, forgetting that Sonny wasn't fully healed yet. Sonny cried out in pain, prompting Alex to let go then back away with a sheepish shrug. Stephanie entered the room just then and greeted Sonny and Alex then started to inform them that a reporter had just called to ask for a comment about a specific deal. Alex coughed then tried to stop Stephanie, arguing that Sonny didn't need to be burdened with work matters at that time. Sonny dismissed Alex's concern then prodded Stephanie for more details. "They want to know why an LLC owned by Alex bought the company and then turned around and immediately sold it to Titan," Stephanie elaborated.

Alex squirmed as Sonny absorbed Stephanie's news. "I was working on that deal for months, only to lose it at the last second to some unknown competitor, and now I find out it was you?" Sonny snapped at Alex, who tried to explain the situation but was ignored. "Leo Stark isn't the only person who stabbed me in the back!" Sonny spat before ordering Alex to leave at once.

Stephanie tried to play peacemaker, but Sonny wasn't interested, so Alex shrugged then stormed off. "I thought you knew about the deal Alex made," Stephanie apologetically informed Sonny once the coast was clear. "I do now -- and I also know I can't trust my brother...and I never will again," Sonny sadly responded.

Alex bumped into Clyde while exiting the hospital. "Watch where you're goin', son!" Clyde snapped at Alex. "I'm not your 'son'!" Alex countered as Clyde stormed off.

Alex continued exiting the hospital then headed over to Titan, and Stephanie arrived a short time later. Alex tried again to explain the situation, but Stephanie refused to listen.

Chad headed over to the police station to tell Rafe that Craig might be responsible for Abigail's murder and Sonny's stabbing. Rafe was skeptical but agreed to investigate Chad's theory.

Chad exited the police station then ran into Nancy while passing by the Brady Pub and seized the opportunity to ask if Craig had always worn aftershave or cologne that smelled like vanilla. Nancy insisted that Craig had actually never had a habit of wearing aftershave or cologne of any type. Chad suggested that Craig might have just recently decided to try something new, but Nancy found it difficult to believe that such a crazy coincidence was possible, since Clyde had a habit of wearing aftershave or cologne that smelled like vanilla. Chad stared at Nancy in disbelief, remembering that Clyde had been nearby during the earlier encounter with Craig. Meanwhile, at the police station, Rafe started questioning Craig.

Clyde passed by the window of Sonny's hospital room while en route to the location where drug tests were administered. Clyde paused outside the room and watched as Sonny slept. Clyde smirked while thinking about having stabbed Sonny at Titan.

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