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Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, January 24, 2023
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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

At the Johnson townhouse, Stephanie saw a news alert on her phone about Marlena's death. Paulina knocked at the front door. "I know, I should have called first," Paulina said as she lifted a casserole up. Stephanie invited Paulina inside. "I just wanted to tell you in person how sorry I am," Paulina said. Stephanie thanked Paulina for the visit.

"It's the least I could do. Heaven knows that you've been there for me when I needed help," Paulina said. "I really appreciate you bringing that in person," Stephanie said. Paulina admitted that she was also there to ask Stephanie for help. Paulina told Stephanie about Sloan's lawsuit. "But I don't see how a publicist can help you," Stephanie said. Paulina asked if Alex could help get information like last time. Stephanie groaned.

"What's the problem? He saved us once," Paulina noted. Stephanie told Paulina that she had dumped Alex. "My mother died, and because of Alex, I wasn't there," Stephanie said. Stephanie told Paulina what had happened. "I was starting to think that maybe Alex and I had a future, but that's over now," Stephanie said. When Stephanie asked Paulina if she had overreacted to Alex's transgression, Paulina said no.

"First of all, your phone is none of his business. But more importantly, he kept you from seeing your mama for the last time," Paulina said. "Sometimes I have moments when I think maybe I was too angry," Stephanie confessed. Paulina advised Stephanie to move on. When Stephanie noted that she could not reach out to Alex for Paulina's sake, Paulina suggested that Stephanie help her with the court of public opinion instead.

"Bring Chad onboard. That boy is smart," Paulina said. With a grin, Paulina noted that Chad was also handsome. "Alex would probably just think you're doing it to get to him," Paulina said. "Alex can think whatever he wants. I couldn't care less," Stephanie said. Stephanie promised to brainstorm some ideas to help Paulina. As Paulina rose to leave, she said, "Take some time to grieve. But get ready for war, too." Paulina lamented that she could not handle the situation herself.

"Sloan made my baby a target, and I went to DEFCON 1," Paulina said. "My mom would have done the same thing. If anybody came for one of us, they'd have to go through her first," Stephanie said. Paulina counseled Stephanie not to dwell on the fact that she had been unable to say goodbye to Kayla. "I'm pretty sure that you and your mom were past needing words, and she died knowing how much you loved her," Paulina said. Paulina noted that if Stephanie thought about the good times, Kayla would never be far from Stephanie.

At the Brady Pub, Eric got drunk and cried. "Mom, what am I going to do without you?" Eric whispered. Fortified with liquid courage, Eric went to Sloan's apartment. "At least you didn't bring a kid with you this time," Sloan said. Eric explained that his mother had died.

"I am so sorry. I know what it's like to lose a mother," Sloan said. Frustrated, Eric yelled, "Well, this didn't have to happen." Sloan told Eric he could sue the hospital for negligence, but Eric explained that a virus was to blame, not the hospital. "Shouldn't you be with your family right now?" Sloan asked. "No, family is the last thing I want to be around right now," Eric growled. Sloan suggested that Eric should spend time with someone he loved.

"I am not asking for a shoulder to cry on," Eric said. Sloan asked Eric what he wanted. Eric grabbed Sloan and kissed her. After Eric and Sloan had sex, Sloan asked Eric if he felt better or more alone. "I can think," Eric admitted. Sloan admitted that when Eric had told her about his mother's illness, it had reminded her of the loss of her own mother. "I'm sorry if I made you feel like I was using you," Eric said. "No. you needed me. That's very different. And I'm not really used to that," Sloan admitted. Eric suggested that Sloan could help him get over the loss of his mother.

"I'm afraid I'm not very much help in that arena. You don't seem like the vengeful type," Sloan said. "How is vengeance working out for you?" Eric asked. Sloan said she had hit a snag, but she vowed not to let Chanel and Paulina get away with murder. "There's other ways to make them pay," Sloan said. Eric told Sloan that revenge was more of an obsession than a natural instinct. "Is there anything that makes it go away?" Sloan asked. "I have one idea," Eric said. Eric kissed Sloan.

In the park, Johnny joined Chanel on a park bench. Johnny started to ask Chanel a question, but his phone beeped. "Breaking news report about Grandma. Makes it pretty real," Johnny said. Chanel noted that it was especially difficult for Johnny because he had lost so many family members recently.

"You never told me what happened with you and Allie after I left," Johnny said. Chanel reminded Johnny that he had found her alone on the park bench. "I told Allie that the only reason I went to the hospital was to see if she was all right," Chanel said. "Something tells me that didn't make that much of a difference," Johnny said. Chanel explained that Allie was upset that she had caught Johnny lingering close to Chanel.

"Did you happen to tell her that I had just realized that my grandmother was about to die? And that's why you had your arms around me?" Johnny said. "It turned into a little more than that," Chanel countered. Johnny urged Chanel to encourage Allie to be mad at him instead. "It was both of us," Chanel stressed. "You tried to comfort me. I tried to turn that into a kiss. You know I'm right," Johnny said. Johnny offered to talk to Allie, but Chanel said no.

"You are both grieving over your grandmother. You're too raw. If you try to talk to [Allie] now, it's only going to make things worse. It has to be me," Chanel said. "It's your call," Johnny said. Chanel suggested that they give Allie more time alone. As Johnny and Chanel sat on the bench, Johnny apologized for having almost kissed her.

"I didn't take it seriously, because you had just finished telling me about Wendy, and how great she is," Chanel said. "I think I just screwed that up, too," Johnny said. Johnny told Chanel that he had punched Tripp in front of Wendy. "What was it about?" Chanel asked. "About his lunatic mother. She's the one who caused the crash that killed Susan," Johnny said. With a rueful laugh, Johnny explained that Wendy was understandably unimpressed with his behavior.

"You're mad at the world right now," Chanel said. "And you're being great about it," Johnny countered. Johnny apologized again for having made a pass at Chanel. "I won't do it again," Johnny promised. Chanel noticed the time on her watch, and she announced that she wanted to check on Allie. "Allie loves you. She's going to come around," Johnny advised. Chanel hugged Johnny, and he noted that Allie could catch them. "I'll risk it. You're a special person, Johnny DiMera. And I am so sorry you're hurting," Chanel said.

At the hospital, Allie ran into Abe at the nurses' station. "I'm so sorry for your loss," Abe said. "I'm sorry for yours, too," Allie said. When Allie noted that it was a terrible day, Abe asked Allie if she wanted to talk. Allie declined. Abe asked about John. "I think he is up on the roof. That's where she died. So, I think he could really use an old friend right now," Allie said.

In the town square, Alex drank away his blues at the café as he stared at photos of Stephanie on his phone. Alex called Stephanie, but she ignored his call. On a voicemail, Alex pleaded with Stephanie to give him a chance to make things up to her. "You and I had something great going, and I don't want to give up on that," Alex said.

As Alex rose to leave, he saw Allie walk by. "I just heard about Dr. Evans. I am so sorry," Alex said as he hugged Allie. Alex told Allie that Chanel was not in the bakery. "Doesn't matter," Allie grumbled. Alex encouraged Allie not to be alone. "I'm the farthest thing from okay right now," Allie said.

After Alex escorted Allie home to her apartment, Allie relieved the babysitter. "Why isn't Chanel home?" Alex asked. "I don't know where she is. Maybe with Johnny," Allie muttered. Allie grabbed beers out of the fridge, and she sat on the couch with Alex. With a shake of his head, Alex noted that he could not believe that Marlena was gone. "She was like an institution," Alex said. "She helped me, that's for sure," Allie said. Allie confessed that she had believed that Marlena would survive her illness. Heartbroken, Allie chugged her beer until Alex stopped her.

"The last thing you need right now is a hangover," Alex said. "What I need is my grandmother," Allie grumbled. Allie continued to drink her beer. "I'm going to call Chanel," Alex said. "Please don't do that," Allie said. Alex asked what was wrong. "It's what's going on with her and Johnny, it's what scares me," Allie said. Allie explained that when she had arrived at the hospital, she had seen Johnny and Chanel in each other's arms.

"They were about to kiss," Allie said. "To me, the important words here are 'about to,'" Alex said. Allie argued that if she had not arrived at that moment, Johnny would have kissed Chanel. "What did you do?" Alex asked. Allie noted that she had been unable to act because Sarah had interrupted with the news about Marlena.

"Chanel could have been just trying to comfort the guy because he was so broken up," Alex suggested. "No. Chanel and Johnny are crazy about each other," Allie said. Allie argued that Chanel would still be married to Johnny if he had not been possessed by the devil. "That's the only reason Chanel and I actually got together. And then she took forever to choose between Johnny or me," Allie added. Alex reminded Allie that Chanel had chosen Allie.

"Why are you taking their side?" Allie argued. "I am on your side," Alex stressed. Alex counseled Allie to trust Chanel and Johnny. "I'm talking from experience here," Alex said. "What? [Are] you having problems with Stephanie?" Allie asked. Alex told Allie what had happened. Allie asked Alex if he would have answered the phone if anyone but Chad had called that night, and Alex said yes.

"You messed up. If I was Stephanie, I'd be pissed, but we'd work through it," Allie said. "Why?" Alex asked. "Because you would never deliberately keep Stephanie from being at her dying mother's bedside," Allie said. Allie told Alex that he deserved to be forgiven. "You actually managed to give me some hope," Alex said. Alex thanked Allie, and he said she was the only one to have his back.

When Chanel returned home, she was surprised to see Alex. "[Alex] was nice enough to offer me a shoulder to cry on. You know, like you did for Johnny," Allie said. Uncomfortable, Alex announced that he was leaving. "You know what? Maybe we could have another threesome. Because I know for Chanel, life with me is getting a little bit boring," Allie said. "That is not true! And don't put Alex in the middle of this," Chanel countered. Allie turned to face Alex.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't really in the mood, anyway. It's been a pretty long and awful day for me. So, I'm going to try and get some sleep. In Henry's room," Allie said. Allie looked pointedly at Chanel.

On the hospital roof, John looked heavenward. "I know you're going to be up there, Doc. You'll be looking out for all of us," John said. Abe joined John on the roof. "We were just sitting over there, looking at some family photos," John said. Abe looked at the projected image of John and Marlena on the brick wall. John wiped tears from his eyes.

"She wanted me to take her home. I just kinda thought this was a compromise. Just trying to make her happy," John explained. "You did," Abe said. John said he knew that Marlena was watching him from heaven. "She wants me to know that I'm going to get past this," John said. "That would be her," Abe agreed. "She's wrong, because I'm never getting past this," John whispered. John wondered aloud if Orpheus was enjoying his success.

"The man is a monster," Abe said. "It should have been me," John muttered. Abe reminded John that Orpheus had infected the women because he had known it would hurt John, Roman, and Steve more than anything else. "The devil himself went after Doc twice, and she survived that. But Orpheus got her," John lamented. "She was so strong," Abe said. Abe noted that John and Marlena's love was not gone.

"It will last forever," Abe said. "I know you're right, it's just that when it was just the two of us against the world, we could beat all the odds. So, how do I leave this place without her?" John asked. John started to cry. Through tears, John asked Abe, "How did you go home to an empty bed without Lexie?" Abe hugged John. After a moment, Abe reminded John to think about his children and grandchildren. "That's what will make you go on," Abe said. Abe asked John to stay with him for the night, but John argued that it would postpone the inevitable.

"I need to be in a place where I can feel Doc's presence. And that is our home. I need to climb into our bed. I need to smell her perfume on her pillow. I need to look at her picture on my nightstand and just fall into those eyes again. I know it's going to be hard as hell, partner, but that is what I need right now," John said.

After Abe left John, he met up with Paulina in the town square. "How's John doing?" Paulina asked. "He's going to be in a bad place for a very long time. Marlena was his life," Abe said. On the hospital rooftop, John stared lovingly at the photo on the wall, then he turned off the projector.

Marlena's soul left her body, and she walked into a bright light. "Where am I?" Marlena said. Marlena wandered around a white room. "John!" Marlena called out. "Dr. Evans?" Susan said. Susan stepped out from behind a curtain. "Susan?" Marlena said. "That's right! Your best friend," Susan said with a giggle. Relieved, Marlena smiled at her friend.

"We all thought you died in that terrible car accident, and here you are. You're alive, and you're well!" Marlena said. Susan noted that she was well, but she was not alive. "Are you saying that you're really dead?" Marlena asked. Susan confirmed that she had died in the car explosion. "So, if you're dead and you're here, and I'm here with you, does that mean that I'm dead?" Marlena asked hesitantly. Susan said yes. Marlena asked about Kate and Kayla.

"You think Kate made it through the pearly gates? Ha!" Susan said. Marlena frowned as Susan argued that Kate had broken all of the Ten Commandments. "I am very well aware of who Kate is. And she's been a good friend to me. And maybe she doesn't live by everybody's code, but underneath, she's a good person," Marlena said. Susan snickered. Susan argued that Kate was not like Marlena or Kayla.

"Tell me where Kayla is. You can do that, can't you?" Marlena asked. Susan argued that it would be difficult to find Kayla in such a big place. Susan looked at papers on a clipboard. As Susan skimmed the names, she noted that Bo had an asterisk next to his name. "I really don't know what that means," Susan said. Susan noted that she did not see Kayla's name on the clipboard.

"[Kayla] is around here someplace. But you know what? I'm here to help you," Susan said. Susan explained that she was there to help Marlena transition to the other side. "What is the transition you're talking about?" Marlena asked. Susan explained that Marlena needed to let go of her loved ones, especially John. "[John] must be in so much pain," Marlena whispered. "He's crushed. But he has his kids, and the rest of the family, and friends," Susan said. Marlena wept, and she cried out for her children. Susan told Marlena to let go.

"I'm going to have you walk right through those doors, and we're going to have a fresh start after you get some rest," Susan said. Susan ushered Marlena through a pair of doors. After Marlena walked through, Susan's eyes turned to a devilish yellow. Devil Susan cackled with demonic laughter.

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