Jack learns Abigail could be alive

Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, July 10, 2024
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Days of our Lives Daily Recaps (Wednesday, July 10, 2024)
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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

In Horton Town Square, Leo typed an article about "the press conference from hell." He complimented the "diva-est of divas" Gabi in the article and gushed over his own writing. In the midst of Leo's writing, Xander jogged by and asked for Leo's glass of water, to Leo's delight and chagrin. While Leo ogled him, Xander thanked Leo and called him a "valued employee." He also asked if Leo wanted to join him for a work "write-off" drink at the pub.

Leo was puzzled at himself when he declined the invitation. As Leo finished his article, another man approached Leo, who grabbed his water and declared the table a "no-sharing zone." The confused man said he'd just wanted to know if Leo was Lady Whistleblower. Leo asked if the man wanted a retraction, but the man instead called himself a big fan. He raved about Leo's wit and charm and added that Leo was "easy on the eyes."

Leo brightened considerably at the compliments. The man introduced himself as Kerry and asked Leo if he'd be willing to share his secrets. Leo jokingly called himself discreet, and Kerry flirtatiously suggested they take the conversation somewhere more private.

Later, Leo and Kerry were in Leo's hotel room, talking about the show Beverly Hills, 90210. Kerry compared Leo to the character Dylan, while Leo fancied himself more of a Brenda. They suggestively agreed to share secrets "all night." Leo thought Kerry needed sustenance and gave him a menu to peruse. When Leo recommended ordering oysters, Kerry declared that he wanted to get to the "main course" and took off his shirt as he sidled up to Leo.

Leo commended Kerry for having "the second-best chest I've seen in the past hour" and asked Kerry if he was really a fan. At Kerry's affirmative response, Leo marveled that he had his "first groupie." He asked if "this is really happening," and Kerry replied that when he was attracted to someone, he didn't like to waste time. He kissed Leo, who responded with enthusiasm.

At the Brady Pub, Justin and Bonnie enjoyed a meal and bantered about what might go wrong at the upcoming weddings. Bonnie speculated that Xander might show up without a shirt, and she suggested she wouldn't mind if her "hubba-hubba-hubby" followed Xander's lead. Justin expressed relief that Theresa had agreed to sign a prenup, but Bonnie reminded him that Theresa could still be marrying Alex for Alex's money. Bonnie continued her skepticism of Theresa but backed off when she noticed how worried Justin was about Alex. She tried to reassure him that Theresa might be marrying Alex for the right reasons, then she excused herself to help Sarah with the wedding planning.

While alone at the table, Justin sadly reminisced about holding Alex in his arms when Alex had been a baby. Xander interrupted the reverie and asked if Justin would like to join him for a drink. Justin joked about Xander needing to "save [his] pennies" after Xander had turned down his part of Victor's fortune. Xander noted that Victor had not truly wanted him included in the will, and he took a shot at Alex and Alex's treatment of Justin.

Justin defended Alex, since Alex's entire life had been "upended." Xander countered that Justin's life had been affected, too, but Justin had not changed for the worse. Xander expressed empathy for Justin having been hurt the most in the aftermath of Victor's death. Justin recalled having dealt with the issue of Alex's paternity before, after Anjelica had claimed someone else had been Alex's father. However, Dr. Tom Horton had run a blood test and confirmed that Justin and Alex were father and son.

Justin attributed the result to Alex and Justin still being related by blood. He could not understand how Victor could have kept the secret for so long, though. Xander asked if Justin was having doubts about the assertion that Alex was not Justin's son. Justin admitted that the letter from Anjelica had validated the truth. Justin was still grappling with Victor having lied to him for Alex's entire life.

Xander conceded that Victor was "an ends justify the means type of guy." Justin lamented the questions he still had, which would never be answered, since both Victor and Angelica were dead.

Bonnie sat with Sarah in Sarah and Xander's place and browsed through bridal magazines. Bonnie encouraged Sarah to wear anything she wanted at her wedding. Bonnie excitedly suggested rhinestones but noted Sarah's expression and moved on from the idea. Bonnie also reintroduced the subject of a double wedding and mentioned that Theresa was in the process of signing a prenup. Sarah was still not receptive to the idea.

Sarah reminded Bonnie that Xander did not get along with either Alex or Theresa. Bonnie believed the double wedding could serve as the perfect opportunity to bring the family together for "a new beginning." Sarah relented and promised to discuss the idea with Xander. The talk moved to wedding RSVPs, and Bonnie remembered having retrieved the invitation for Xander's mother from the trash. She slyly asked Sarah if Sarah had received any unexpected RSVPs, to which Sarah responded in the negative.

Before Bonnie could clarify, Xander arrived. He and Bonnie exchanged greetings, and Xander offered to leave the women alone. Bonnie said she needed to leave, and she prodded Sarah to discuss the potential plan with Xander. When Bonnie left, Xander wondered what Bonnie had meant. Sarah reluctantly admitted that Bonnie had suggested a double wedding with Alex and Theresa. Xander scoffed and asked why he'd want to share his big day with "those two wankers."

Sarah believed Bonnie had made good points in favor of the double wedding, but she was willing to drop the idea if Xander had reservations about it. Xander reminded Sarah that his last double wedding had ended in disaster, but that was likely because he had been marrying the wrong woman. He could see that Sarah had taken to the idea, so he expressed openness to it. Sarah hesitantly asked if she should call Bonnie and confirm the double wedding.

In the Kiriakis mansion living room, Theresa and Alex made out on the sofa. He teasingly grabbed a brochure from her, and she confessed that she'd been scouting ideas for their honeymoon. Alex was surprised that the brochure detailed a super-yacht. Theresa made the case for Alex to buy one but stopped herself after she realized that she would be giving Brady and Justin more ammunition to think of her as a gold-digger. Alex assured her that the prenup would "silence all the doubters."

Theresa called the prenup "insulting." After he noted Theresa's reticence, Alex asked if she had been having second thoughts about signing the document. Maggie interrupted the inquiry with a delivery for Alex: the pre-nuptial agreement. Both Theresa and Alex defended their reasoning for getting the document to Maggie. Theresa turned to Alex and claimed she was ready to sign.

Later, Theresa sat with Alex and complained about the "legalese" of the document. She noted a clause that said she would get nothing if she committed adultery or fraud. Theresa snarked about what she would get if Alex did the same, and he jokingly suggested she could have a vase in the mansion she'd been "eyeing." Alex grew serious and affirmed his belief that neither he nor Theresa had anything to worry about with regard to the other. Theresa signed the prenup, and the couple sealed the deal with a kiss.

Maggie rejoined Alex and Theresa for snacks. They talked about potential conflicts between Theresa and Alex's wedding and Sarah and Xander's wedding. Theresa mentioned that Bonnie had broached the idea of a double wedding, which prompted Maggie to tell Alex and Theresa about her own double wedding that had included Maggie's daughter Melissa. Theresa was skeptical about the couples' styles clashing, and Alex doubted he could get along with Xander. Maggie suggested that combining the weddings could turn into a "bonding experience" for the entire family.

Alex was still unsure, so Maggie invoked Victor and what he would want from his heir. Namely, Victor would want the family to present a "united front." Maggie asked Theresa what she thought, and Theresa reasoned that her and Xander's mutual disdain "canceled each other out." Besides, she had wanted to get married as soon as possible, even it meant "hitching their wagon" to Xander and Sarah. As Theresa made the case, Alex gradually warmed to the prospect, as well.

Justin arrived; Alex handed the prenup to him and testily said Theresa had already signed it. Justin was pleased that the "protections" were in place. Theresa replied that it wouldn't be necessary because she planned on spending the rest of her life as "Mrs. Alex Kiriakis." As Theresa and Alex agreed to the double wedding, Bonnie received a call from Sarah. Bonnie beamed after Sarah stated that she and Xander were in, and she confirmed to the group that "Operation Double Wedding is a go!"

At the Horton House, Chad made a call to Kayla and updated her on his request to exhume Abigail's body. He was frustrated because he had not heard back from Paulina. Just then, Jack stormed into the room and demanded to know "what in the hell" Chad was doing. Chad ended the call with Kayla, and Jack informed him that a friend had contacted Jack and alerted him to the exhumation request. While Jack had initially thought it to be a mistake, he had learned that the request had come from Chad.

Jack asked Chad why Chad would want to "desecrate" Abigail's grave. Jack said he'd put a halt to the process until he'd had a chance to confront Chad. He again demanded answers. Chad blurted out that Clyde had claimed Abigail was alive. Jack was shocked at the claim and expressed doubts about the source. Chad compelled Jack to understand why he had kept quiet, but Jack angrily reminded Chad that Julie had known.

Chad said Julie had been helping him, and he insisted they all needed to know the truth. Jack cut Chad off and proclaimed that the exhumation was not happening. He chastised Chad for believing Clyde's lies. Chad shot back that he hadn't been relying only on Clyde's word because there was evidence. He pulled up the video of the mystery woman on his laptop.

As a shaken Jack watched the video, Chad confided that sometimes he'd convinced himself it was Abigail and that she was afraid and alone. Other times, he'd called himself an "idiot" for believing Clyde. He asked for Jack's opinion. Jack shakily reached out a hand to touch the screen but stopped himself and jumped up from the chair. He emotionally claimed that he couldn't be sure, but he wanted to know why Clyde would have needed to rely on a grainy video as proof.

Chad admitted he'd had the same questions, but Clyde had been transferred to supermax before Chad had been able to get answers. Jack asked if "it [was] the only way," and Chad pleaded with Jack to move forward with the exhumation. However, he offered to back down if Jack objected. Chad then received a call from Paulina informing him that the exhumation crew was ready.

Later, Chad and Jack anxiously waited while the crew dug up Abigail's grave. Chad thanked Jack for agreeing to the exhumation. Jack expressed revulsion and called the process "ghastly." The crew foreman announced that the coffin was ready to be opened. Jack and Chad braced themselves for the moment.

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