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Monday, December 30, 1996

Marlena, John, Kristen, and Jennifer go up to see Laura. Kristen makes up excuses to keep from seeing her. Marlena begins to get upset with Kristen. They finally agree to see her. They enter the room and Laura is resting. Mike is sitting next to her. John sees the mark on her forehead. Mike says that it looks like burn of some kind. Marlena wakes her up and tells her that Kristen is there. Laura tries to remember but says that it hurts. As they leave Laura says that Kristen was in the room when it happened. They ask Laura what it means and she says that Kristen was with her on Christmas. Kristen says that she brought a present to Jennifer. Kristen said that the thing must of happened when she woke up. Laura agrees. They begin to leave again and she says that Peter was with her too. Jennifer says it could not of happened. Laura says that she saw him in his coffin. She complains about her head hurting. Mike gives her some pain pills and they leave the room. John says maybe Peter's funeral caused all of this. Marlena thinks that something traumatic happened that caused her to repress her memories. Marlena says that the memories could return with therapy or time. Kristen is positive that the surgery worked and says "I win, you lose Doc." Kristen convinces John to leave and get married. John in unsure about keeping it from everyone. Marlena sees them leaving and asks them where the are going.

Sami hits her head on the steering wheel when she wrecks and she is knocked out. Austin and Carrie go to the Brady's and tell Caroline and Shawn what happened. The offer to let the celebrate New Year's with them at the pub. A police officer arrives and tells them that they found the car and the person who stole it. Sami was brought in in handcuffs and she said that she was innocent. Everyone is upset with her. When they ask her what happened she said that something was wrong with his car. Carrie asks why she had the car and she says that she had to run an errand. Austin tells the police to put her in jail. Carrie convinces him the Will should not be punished for what Sami does. He drops the charges and she thanks him. He tells her not to thank him but thank Carrie because he would want her to spend the rest of her life in jail. Austin gets his car from the police so they can go to the lodge. The officer assures Austin that nothing is wrong with the car. Sami runs in and tries to keep him from leaving.

Jill says one more time that she does not see her attacker. Hope tells Bo to face it and it is over. They begin to fight about why he went to the island and about Billie. Hope tells him their relationship is over. Hope leaves and Jill tells Billie to tell Bo that she loves him that he may feel the same. Billie does not agree. Bo begins to yell at Jill and Franco. Abe tells him to back off. Bo asks Jill to look into his eyes and say that she has never seen him before. She says that she has not seen him before today. Abe lets Jill and Franco leave. Bo tells Franco that he will prove he is the attacker. Franco goes to see Billie and tells her that today proved Bo came because he loved her. Billie disagrees, but Franco still insists Bo disliked him because he was dating Billie. He also says that Hope knows the Bo loves both of them. He continues to tell her to tell Bo how she feels. Billie says that she is doing what is right. Franco says that Bo and Hope are over and if Billie would tell Bo then they could be together.

Hope is at the docks and remembers when Bo asked her for a divorce so that he could marry Billie. She also remembers when he said that he loved her for the first time when she came back, when he proposed for the second time, and finding Bo and Billie together on the island. She tries to take off the engagement ring and she says that they can never be together. Bo finds her and tells her that the ring will not come off because it was meant to be there. The begin argue and Hope tells him that he still loves Billie and their relationship is over. Bo puts his arms around her and tells she tells him that he loves Billie. Bo asks Hope if she loves him enough to give him more time to prove that he only loves her.

Tuesday, December 24, 1996

Sami tells Austin that he should not take the car. He still does not believe her. She asks him if he will at least have it looked at. But he still does not believe her. Carrie, Austin, Caroline, and Shawn tell her that she lies all of the time and they have know reason to believe her. Austin says that last time she said something was wrong with the car it was just fine. Austin leaves to go get the car. All of the Brady's toast as Sami worries about Austin. She goes to try to stop him at the police station. Austin asks the officer about the car and he says that it was just fine. Sami arrives as he is about to leave in the car. Austin still does not believe what she is saying and that she is just trying to get him to love her. She says that he has to love her and he says it will not ever happen again and she makes him sick. He tells her that the only reason they have Will is because she drugged him. He loves Will, but the fact that they slept together makes him sick. Austin puts the car into gear and it jerks out of control and hits Sami.

Kristen and John try to leave and Marlena stops them and asks them to join them for New Year's. John wants to stay but Kristen insists that they leave. Marlena doesn't understand why and wants to know what she has planned. Kristen said that it was no big deal they just wanted to be alone. Mike also asks them to stay for Alice. John says that they can stay until the new year. Lexie, Abe, and Celeste arrive. Lexie and Celeste tell Marlena that Celeste has been having visions that Laura is or was in danger. Marlena suggests that they go see Laura. Maybe she could get her to remember. Laura is having a nightmare. When she wakes up she can not remember what it is about. When Celeste walks into the room she has a vision that Laura was being watched by Stefano and Peter and a bright light. Celeste takes Laura's hand and the both scream. Marlena goes to get Mike and tells him that Laura is beginning to remember. Kristen drops her glass and it breaks on the floor. Everyone goes upstairs to see Laura. Celeste tells them that it was her fault. Kristen begins yelling at her. Marlena gets even more suspicious. Everyone decides to give Laura some room. Kristen believes that she has won. Mike and Marlena discuss what happened. They are very puzzled by what Laura has done and the mark on her forehead. Laura starts dreaming about Peter and Stefano and the laser. She starts yelling for the light to be turned off. Mike decides to take her to the hospital. Laura is resting the hospital. Lexie and Abe offer to let Marlena join them for the new year. Marlena said that she won't be alone because John and Kristen are at home. Lexie tells her that she heard Kristen talking about flying somewhere tonight.

John and Kristen are getting ready to take off in the plane when Marlena shows up. Marlena tells Kristen that she knows what she is doing and will stop her.

Franco tells Billie that Hope is stubborn and should be happy that Bo loves her. He tells her that she needs to take a chance. She is not sure what she wants to do because she does not want to lose Bo again.

Hope tells Bo that their relationship is over that love is not enough. She tells him that she can not get past his love for Billie. And that she wants his whole heart. He tells her that Jill must have lied and that Jill and Franco were working together. She says that he has never gotten over Billie and he will always love her. He still disagrees. She says that if that was true then why he remember their second date and why was the rose on his desk. Bo says that none of that means a thing. Hope disagrees and walks off. Bo wonders where he went so wrong. Franco watches from a distance and says this is only the beginning.

Hope goes to see Jill about the night before the wedding. Jill says she feels is it because he was concerned about Billie. Hope is disappointed that she can't help. As she goes to leave Jill stops her and says that she may be able to help.

Billie sees Celeste on the docks. She asks her for another prediction. Celeste sees a turning point for Billie tonight and recounts the legend about being with your love of the new year at midnight. As Billie leaves she runs into Bo at midnight.

Wednesday, January 1, 1997

Days of our Lives was not shown today due to the New Year's holiday. Regular programming will resume on Thursday.

The Days Online Staff wishes you and your family a very safe, happy, and healthy New Year.

Thursday, January 2, 1997

Austin goes to leave and hits Sami with the car twice. The first time it just scared her. The second time he hit her in the head. Carrie comes in and sees Austin by Sami. He yells at her to get an ambulance. The ambulance arrives and they take Sami to the hospital. Austin begins to blame himself. Carrie tells him that everyone knows that it was an accident and Sami will make it. Austin is worried about Sami. He keeps thinking what he will tell Will about his own father killing his mother. Billie, Marlena, John, and Kristen arrive. Austin explains what happened. Mike says that she has head trauma, internal bleeding, a ruptured spleen, and spinal injuries. Mike also says that it looked like Sami was hit twice. Austin explains that he hit her twice. After the first time he tried to put the car out of drive and it hit her again. He says that Sami is dying because of him. Kristen calls Maggie to watch the children. When she turns around she sees John hugging Marlena. Carrie tries to comfort Austin. He says that he just needs to be by himself.

Bo is with Billie on the docks telling her how he is frustrated and how there is nothing else left for him to do. Bo is positive the Franco is guilty, but Billie does not agree. Billie tells Bo that she believes that Hope is afraid the he is going to choose Billie again. Bo tells Billie that that will not happen because he loves Hope. Billie tells him that she knows Bo just came out to the island to check on her and Hope will see that some day. Bo recalls that night and hopes that she will understand. She leaves Bo to think. As she walks away she gets a call from Austin to come to the hospital. Bo remembers his past with Hope.

Jill hesitates to say anything to Hope. Hope tells her that she needs to know everything so she can make a decision. Hope begins to have memories of the past with Bo. Jill tells Hope that Bo was concerned about Billie that night. Jill said that she felt Bo was acting like a man consumed with jealousy. Hope is shocked and says that her worst fears have come true. Jill says that she wishes that she could take it back but Hope says the truth can't be taken back. Bo loves Billie. Hope tells Jill that she believes her because she has no reason to lie. Hope leaves and Jill begins to feel guilty about lying to Hope. She decides to tell her the truth but Franco appears from the closet.

Hope goes to the dock and remembers the past with Bo. Bo sees her.

John asks what Marlena is talking about she replies that Kristen shouldn't be flying with the due date so soon. John tells her that Kristen already asked the doctor and he said it was okay. Marlena asked Kristen where they were going. John starts to tell her but Kristen says they were taking a relaxation trip. Marlena is still concerned. John leaves to call Kristen's doctor to check. Marlena and Kristen begin to fight about what was going on. Marlena says that she is not going to let Kristen go anywhere with John. Kristen fakes some pains and says that Marlena is going to kill her baby. Marlena tells Kristen to cancel the flight since she is having pains. Kristen says that they have been planning this for some time and he will be suspicious if it is called off. John returns and says that the doctor said that it was okay. Marlena gets a call from Carrie about Sami's accident. Everyone goes to the hospital to see Sami.

Friday, January 3, 1997

Hope tells Bo to face the fact that Franco is innocent. He tells her that he can not because he does not want to lose her. He says that Jill lied at the line up because she was scared. She tells Bo that Jill had to reason to lie. They begin to argue about that night on the island. Hope tells him that she does not want to share his love and is upset that he wants her to accept less. They argue about their chemistry and Bo and Billie are not in the past. Hope tells him that he went to the island because he was jealous. He wants to go talk to Jill with her. She tells him that she already talked to Jill and she said that Bo was very jealous that night. Bo tells Hope that it proves that Jill is working with Franco and that she is lying. Bo tells her not to throw their relationship away, that he wants to prove the truth, and that Jill and Franco are working together. Bo asks her to agree for Shawn Douglas's sake. She says that she will do anything for their son. They proceed to Jill's.

Meanwhile Jill tells Franco that she is tired of lying to everyone and wants to stop. Franco tells her that she can not because he has to be sure that Bo and Hope do not get back together. Jill tells him that she does not like messing up their lives. He tells her that the money should make her feel better. He tells her that Bo might really love Billie and all she did was tell the truth. Jill still does not believe him. Franco tells her that her that the boss knows everything about Bo. Franco then tells Jill that she has to leave town because she is a risk. Jill declines because she does not want it to look suspicious. Franco tells her to tell everyone that she wants to build a new life for herself. Jill tells him that it might work. Franco gives her money, but she tells him that it is not enough. Franco calls his boss and they agree to give her more money if she leaves town as soon as possible. Bo and Hope arrive before Franco can leave. Bo tells Jill that he will break down the door if she does not answer. Jill answers in a robe and said that she was sleeping. Bo asks her why she and where Franco is. Jill tells them that she is innocent, which upsets Bo more. Bo does not know that Franco is hiding in the closet.

Kate comforts Austin at the hospital. He is really upset that he hit Sami. Kate leaves Austin and tells Billie that Sami brought all of this trouble on all by herself. Kate remembers what Sami is doing to her. She says that she hopes she dies for Austin's sake. Kate asks Billie where she was at midnight. Billie tells her that she was with Bo. Kate begins to get her hopes up, but Billie takes them down. Billie tells Kate about the line up. Kate tells her to take the chance while it is still available. Billie leaves to see Sam. Meanwhile Kate sees Lynn at the nurses station. Lynn asks if Sami ever got what she deserved Kate tells her about the accident. Kate asks her why she is back and Lynn tells her that she had to come back because a min swindled her. Lynn tells Kate that she has to go check in on Laura. She tells Kate about Laura and Kristen listen's in. Then Lucas arrives and yells at Austin and John breaks them up. Lucas tells Austin that he was trying to kill Sami on purpose. Carrie tells Lucas that it was an accident. Mike comes out and tells everyone that he can not keep the swelling down and that Sami has to have surgery. He asks everyone if they will donate blood because Sami is going to need it. Austin leaves to donate blood but the nurses will not let him go. Carrie begs Austin getting upset with himself. Austin just can not get over it. Meanwhile John comforts Marlena and he tells her that he still thinks of Sami as his little girl. Marlena and John agrees that feelings never change. Marlena asks John about where Kristen and him were going. Before he answers a nurse calls for Marlena and takes her to see Abe and the others. Abe tells her that the gear shifts were faulty and it is too bad that he did not know about it before. Lucas begins to blame Austin for knowing about the gears beforehand. Marlena tells him that it was just an accident. Lucas tells her that he does not understand why she is so calm. Austin begins to go over everything that happened before he hit Sami. He tells everyone that it was his fault. Everyone tells him that it is not his fault. Lucas tells him that if she dies then he will tell everyone that Austin killed her. Kate yells at Lucas for saying such a terrible thing about his brother. Lucas tells Kate that she loves Austin more than him. Meanwhile John notices that Kristen is gone and looks for her. Kristen is in Laura's room when the telephone rings. Kristen answers it and it is Stefano. She tells him that she needs help because the laser did not work. Meanwhile Marlena tells Carrie that John has stayed with her this whole time until now. Carrie tells her that he must love her a lot. Marlena answers that she is unsure because he was planning on leaving with Kristen and will not talk to her about it. John returns and tells them that he can not find Kristen. Mike comes out and tells everyone that they need to operate on Sami. Mike asks for Lynn to assist and Marlena volunteers to go find her after Kate mentions that she saw her. Mike says Austin that he needs him to sign the consent form because he is Sami's husband. Carrie goes to find him and he is in the chapel praying for God to spare her life. Austin leaves and John tells him that Marlena feels that surgery is the only way. So he signs the consent forms. Meanwhile Marlena finds Lynn up by Laura's room and see Kristen on the telephone in the room.

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