Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on DAYS

Sami survived surgery after Austin hit her with his car, but she landed in a coma. Laura was to undergo hypnosis to regain her memory, but Kristen plotted with Dr. Kay to prevent it. Father Jansen was called in to give Sami last rites. Bo was convinced Jill was helping Franco. Billie told Kate about the Bo/Hope breakup. Alice convinced Hope to fight for Bo, who also decided to try once more with his wife.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, January 6, 1997

Bo and Billie were at Jill's apartment, and Bo questioned Jill over and over again to find out why she was lying to them. Jill kept denying it, and she kept her mouth shut about her involvement in the plan with Franco. Franco had been in the closet, and they all heard a noise there. Bo went to look at what it was, hoping it was Franco, and found out it was Jill's cat.

Franco had escaped the closet and was hiding outside the window of Jill's apartment. Bo got a call from Abe saying that Sami had been in an accident. Bo and Hope left, but just as they were leaving, Bo said that he would not stop until he found out the whole plan and Franco's involvement.

Back at the hospital Sami was still in surgery, and Marlena went in. Austin was still upset with himself for what he had done, and Carrie continued to comfort him. He went to pray in the chapel once again. The doctors found the punctured spleen and stopped the bleeding, along with the bleeding going to Sami's head.

Upstairs where Laura lay, Marlena saw Kristen on the phone, and before she went into the operating room, she questioned Kristen on whom she was talking to. Kristen said it was "Laura's friend." Marlena did not believe her but left to help out Sami. Kristen then spoke to the unconscious Laura and asked if the procedure had worked and what she would have to do to keep Laura's mouth shut.

After the operation, the doctor said that Sami would be all right for the time being and that the slightest thing could be life-threatening. Laura woke up, and when everyone was there, she said that Kristen was a liar and a thief. Everyone wondered why Laura was saying such "madness." Laura suddenly fainted, and everyone said she had been sleepwalking.

Kate kept convincing Billie that she should go to comfort Bo. Billie said that it wasn't right, and she kept some distance from him.

Tuesday, January 7, 1997

As Sami lay on her deathbed, Austin sat at her side while Carrie slept on the chair. Austin said again that if Sami died, it would be all his fault. Mike told Marlena, Carrie, and Austin that the longer Sami was in a coma, the less likely it was that she would wake up. After he checked on her, he said that it didn't look good. Marlena suggested putting music on in her room because it had been known to help comatose patients, and Mike said it would be worth a try.

Carrie left to buy a radio, and she took Will back with her. She convinced Austin to leave Sami's room for a minute, and she took him to his son. While in Austin's arms, Will said, "Mama," ruining Austin's moment of happiness. Mike gave Austin permission to take Will into Sami's room, and Will said "Mama" in Sami's presence, which made her smile, so Carrie went off to get Mike.

Kristen was trying desperately to call Stefano after returning home, aware of the danger she would be in if Laura saw her again. She was able to reach one of his colleagues and ordered him to have Stefano send someone to help her because she didn't believe that the laser procedure had worked. The doorbell rang, and she figured that it was someone sent to help her, but it turned out to be Jennifer. Jennifer asked Kristen to go with her to help Laura jog her memory, and Kristen reluctantly agreed.

Marlena walked into Laura's room shortly after Jennifer and Kristen arrived, and she tried to help Laura remember, but Laura couldn't recall anything after the funeral. Kristen suggested that was the reason that she kept calling out for Kristen. Marlena didn't believe that, so after Jennifer and Kristen left, Laura asked Marlena to hypnotize her, and Marlena eagerly agreed.

Vivian figured out that Sami had something on Kate, so she went to Sami's apartment to ask her, totally unaware of the accident. In the hallway, Wendy revealed that Sami had been in an accident, so Vivian and Ivan went around to the side of the building to climb into a window. Little did Vivian know that Kate was on her way over there to get the mysterious white envelope that Sami had. She had gotten Austin to give her the key by telling him that she would get him some clean clothes and Will some toys to play with during his stay at the pub.

Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Vivian and Ivan were snooping around Sami's apartment when Kate entered. Kate and Vivian argued for a minute then Kate insisted that she would call the police and press charges. Vivian convinced Kate that she'd be better off not calling because Vivian might know what Sami knew about Kate then Vivian would expose Kate and win Victor.

Mike said that Sami's "smile" had not been a real smile, just a muscle spasm. Her condition worsened, and Mike said that she had put up a good fight, but she was losing the battle. Mike advised Marlena to call Father Jansen to give Sami last rites.

Kristen tried to get Laura to change her mind about the hypnosis, but it didn't work. She saw the name of the doctor that had performed the laser surgery on Laura on the hospital directory, and she went to see him. He said it had been experimental, and Kristen told him that it hadn't worked. He said he was going to leave the country, and he advised her to do the same.

Kristen stopped the doctor and made him help her with her latest scheme to keep Laura from remembering. The plan was to get Jennifer to let them go to her mother's room and convince her not to go through with the hypnosis. Jennifer persuaded Laura to listen to the doctor, despite Marlena's objections. Laura wanted to go home as soon as possible, but Jennifer was hesitant because she and Mike both worked, so there would be no one home. Nurse Lynn overheard the discussion and offered to be Laura's nurse in exchange for room and board. Laura reluctantly agreed.

The family gathered around Sami's bed, thinking that they would never see her again.

Thursday, January 9, 1997

As Sami's condition continued to decline, Hope told Jack it was finally over between him and Bo. At the police station, Bo discovered that Jill had left town suddenly without informing her landlord. He was more convinced than ever that she had been working with Franco to break up his relationship with Hope, but he couldn't figure out who had hired them. Just then, Billie walked in.

At the hospital, Laura reluctantly agreed to let Jennifer hire Lynn Burke as a private nurse to watch over Laura when Laura was released. Fearful that Laura was regaining her memory, Kristen stopped Dr. Kay from leaving town by threatening him with Stefano's retribution if he did not help her suppress Laura's memories. Dr. Kay discovered a drug that could suppress Laura's memories but left it to Kristen to figure out how to substitute the drug for Laura's regular medication, which aided her memory recovery.

Kristen sought out John, but he turned her away to comfort an increasingly distraught Marlena. Together, on Mike's advice, they summoned Father Jansen to perform last rites on Sami. John and Marlena clung to each other for support. As word of Sami's deterioration spread, friends and family gathered at the hospital. Lucas fell into despair and anger, realizing that Sami had been the only person who had understood and accepted him and that he would feel alone without her. He continued to blame Austin for Sami's accident but offered support to Carrie.

On her way out of the hospital, Laura visited Marlena and agreed to attempt hypnosis to regain her memories at a later date. Jennifer and Lynn escorted Laura home, and Jack, Mickey, and Abby all welcomed her. Her joy at being home was marred by painful, disturbing flashbacks of Peter, and she blurted out that Peter was alive without knowing why. The sight of flowers Kristen had left for Laura disturbed her deeply, but she was unable to explain her reaction. After Lynn settled her into bed, Laura had a fragmented dream about Peter, Stefano, Kristen, and the laser procedure, but upon waking, all she could remember was that she had dreamed of the Blake house.

Meanwhile, discussing Peter's death with Mickey, Jack reaffirmed his wish to enter a guilty plea in order to spare Jennifer, Abby, and Laura the pain of a public trial. Jennifer discovered Jack's plea and demanded an explanation. Abe called Bo to the hospital as Father Jansen administered last rites while John, Marlena, Carrie, Austin, Shawn, and Caroline looked on sorrowfully. Marlena nearly collapsed with grief, but John was there to catch her.

Billie, waiting outside Sami's room, told Kate that Hope had broken up with Bo for good; Kate encouraged Billie to pursue her feelings for Bo. Finally, as Marlena stood vigil over Sami's bed, Sami took a turn for the worse, and as Marlena cried out in anguish, the family gathered to say goodbye to Sami.

Friday, January 10, 1997

After discovering Jack's intention to plead guilty in Peter's death, Jennifer demanded to know why Jack wouldn't go to trial if he was innocent. Jack refused to tell her the reason -- that he wanted to spare her and Abby the humiliation and trauma of a publicized trial. While they were arguing, Laura dreamed restlessly of Peter, Kristen, and Stefano at the Blake house. Still asleep, she made the connection between her missing days and the Blake house, and sleepwalked out of Jennifer's house to investigate the Blake House.

Dr. Kay obtained the memory-impairing drugs for Kristen to switch with Laura's medication and begged her to allow him to flee. Kristen took the pills to Jennifer's house, but when she asked Jennifer if she could visit Laura, Jennifer discovered Laura was missing and told Jack and Kristen in a panic. At the Blake house, still sleepwalking, Laura entered the room where Stefano had held her captive. She discovered the key to her handcuffs, and screamed as she had a horrifying memory flash of Stefano, chains, Dr. Kay, Kristen, and the laser.

At Alice Horton's house, Alice comforted Hope, who was despondent after seeing Billie and Bo together at the hospital. Alice urged Hope to fight for Bo, but Hope felt Bo loved Billie. Hope wanted to step back and give Bo and Billie a chance. However, after talking to Alice, Hope agreed to talk to Bo once more and make a final decision. She left the house to search for Bo.

At the hospital, Austin refused to face the fact that Sami was dying. Shawn and Caroline urged him to go to Will, who missed his mother. Austin went home to Will and grieved when he discovered the wedding video of him and Sami. He took Will back to the hospital, where Mike said it was time for the family to say their last goodbyes to Sami.

Shawn and Caroline broke down as they realized they were losing their granddaughter. Bo comforted them as Billie and Kate looked on. Kate told Billie to go to Bo and tell him she loved him. Just as Billie was about to reveal her feelings, Bo decided he needed to try one more time with Hope. In despair, Billie decided to leave Salem for good -- immediately. Kate convinced Billie to write her feelings for Bo down in a letter, but after pouring out her heart, Billie crumpled up the paper, feeling like a fool.

As Billie left Victor's house to pack, Bo entered and asked Kate to look for a poem he wanted to read to Hope; he spied the letter Billie had written and read it. Bo rushed off and found Billie standing on the pier, reminiscing. He told her he knew that she loved him, and he loved her too. Hope, standing unseen a few feet away, heard Bo's words and sobbed in heartbroken despair.

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