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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, February 24, 1997

by Danielle

The drug boss demands that Bo retrieve all the evidence the police have against him. Jennifer stops by the jail to see Jack and give him some family photos. A convict named Travis befriends Jack who is one of Stefano's hired thugs. Later, Travis calls Stefano with the results of his first meeting with Jack. Susan asks Kristen for one more day with her baby but Kristen goes nuts and tells her no. She grabs the wedding ring and then orders Susan to go to the private hospital to recuperate. Marlena tries to tell John about Kristen's deceit but he's delirius with joy and keeps interrupting her. The two are then interrupted by Kristen's scream. They find her with the baby and realize he is not breathing. After the baby is taken away, Marlena hears Kristen mumble that she won't lose this baby like the last one.

Tuesday, February 25, 1997

by Danielle

Carrie is upset to find Austin lying in bed next to Sami. Kate hears that her son was in bed with Sami all night after Carrie went home for the evening. Kate suggests that Austin take Carrie out for breakfast and when he does so, they make plans to spend the day together. However, a sudden call from Mike at the hospital sends Austin running back to Sami. Marlena reveals to Laura that John and Kristen's baby has stabilized. John suggests to Kristen that their baby is as much a fighter as his mother is. As more tests are scheduled for the baby, Kristen becomes upset when John suggests bringing in Marlena to help out. Kristen is concerned when she spots Marlena in John's arms. Marlena makes plans to tell John the truth about Kristen as soon as the baby is healthy so that John will be able to make a choice. Kristen warns Marlena that she will not allow her to take John away from her. Lynn calls Kristen with a warning that Laura failed to take her pill. Lynn arrives at the hospital with the medication just before Laura takes the pill Marlena was going to get for her.

Wednesday, February 26, 1997

by Danielle

Moony, Jack's cellmate in prison starts trouble by removing the family photos from the wall of their cell. Jack warns him that if he does it again, he'll kill him. By using Stefano's name, Travis makes a deal with the guard to frame Moony so that he can become Jack's cellmate. The guard plants a knife and gets Moony in trouble so that Travis can become Jack's cellmate. Moony vows revenge against Jack. Bo assures Abe that he won't blow his undercover case. Hope wants to be on the drug detail but Bo won't allow it. Unable to stop thinking about the drug problem, Hope decides to do some work on her own. Marlena and Laura follow John around the hospital and finally confront him. But as Marlena is about to tell him about Kristen's deceit, the doctor interrupts with bad news about the new baby and a heart problem. The doctor explains that there is an abnormal opening in the wall of the heart which needs to be fixed through surgery. Dr. Robins arrives to examine Kristen but she won't allow it, claiming to only want to be with her baby.

Thursday, February 27, 1997

by Diane Dix

Sami's pain continues, and Austin stays by her side. Carrie watches from the hospital hallway, disturbed by the sight of Austin with Sami. Lucas comes by with a bouquet of flowers for Sami, but gives one of the flowers to Carrie when he sees how upset she is. Carrie is saddened by the flower, remembering the gardenia Austin gave to her on Valentine's Day, which he ended up giving to Sami. Lucas decides to sit with Sami to give Austin and Carrie some time together. Carrie is grateful, but Austin is suspicious. When Lucas leaves the room, Kate comes in and begins badgering Sami to remember the location of the papers. Sami gets upset when she can't remember, and Lucas catches Kate giving her a hard time. In the hallway, Lucas tells Kate not to bother Sami any more, just as Vivian and Ivan come upstairs with a gift for Sami. Vivian, who had had a confrontation with Kate over a Titan client earlier in the day, had decided to come see Sami to try to get the location of the papers Sami was using to blackmail Kate. When Lucas sees Vivian and Ivan, he tells them to go away and leave Sami alone. They leave reluctantly.

At the Titan building, Franco tells Billie that Bo has rejected Hope, and it is a perfect time for her to go after Bo herself. Franco leaves, and Kate comes in. Kate tells Billie that Franco is right, and Billie rushes off to the store to buy a special dress for Bo. At the same time, at Alice's house, Alice and Maggie were encouraging Hope to do the same thing, and go after Bo with all she has. Hope rushes out excitedly to buy a dress to impress Bo, running into Franco as she leaves. At the boutique, Hope tries on a sexy black dress and has dreams of winning Bo back. In the next dressing room, Billie tries on a cute red dress and fantasizes about Bo. In the store, Hope runs into Billie and figures out they are there for the same reason. Hope and Billie both admit they are going after Bo, and wonder if they can ever be friends again.

Franco talks to his mysterious employer on the phone, and tells the employer that in order to win Hope, he needs a lot of money. A briefcase is delivered for Franco, containing thousands of dollars. Franco is warned that if he fails, there could be serious consequences.

Bo and Abe meet under the pier, and Abe tells Bo that a complication in the plan to nail J.L. King has materialized. The mayor's office has been putting pressure on Abe to nail King and, unaware of the undercover operation with Bo, has installed a high-tech laser motion detector security system in Abe's office, protecting the safe with the King files. An armed guard is posted outside Abe's office door, with orders to shoot to kill anyone trying to break in. King has demanded that Bo obtain those files as a test of his loyalty as a bad cop. Abe can't allow Bo to have easy access to the office because he knows that King would pick up on the setup, and Bo's cover would be blown. Abe tells Bo that if he is caught trying to break in, he will be shot or sent to prison, where he probably wouldn't last long because many of the convicts know and hate Bo. Abe gives Bo a chance to back out of the deal, and Bo almost takes it, but thinking of Hope and Shawn-D and the drug dealers all over Salem, Bo decides to go through with it. Abe gives him the office blueprints, and Bo decides to enter through the air ducts. Back at the station, Abe locks up for the night and the security system is activated. A crooked female cop working for King arranges to relieve the guard outside Abe's office when she hears sounds in the ceiling and suspects Bo is trying to break in. The other guard returns, and King's plant calls her boss and tells him that Bo is probably obtaining the files, and can be trusted as loyal. Just then, Hope drops by. The armed guard tells her she can't go into Abe's office, but Hope brushes by and is about to enter. Inside the office, Bo has dropped through the ceiling, threading the laser beams, and is working on the safe combination. But just as he almost has the safe opened, Bo notices a moving laser headed right in his direction, and knows he is about to be caught - with Hope right outside the door.

Thursday, February 28, 1997

by Diane Dix

Hearing Hope outside Abe's office door, Bo hurriedly opens the safe and retrieves the J.L. King files. He scampers back up into the air shaft and escapes safely. As soon as he is back in his room at the pub, Bo calls Abe, who had been waiting anxiously for his call. Abe congratulates him on a job well done. After Bo hangs up, Max calls and asks if Bo has the file. Bo says he does, and Max tells him the dropoff will be made at an after hours club called the Snake Pit. Bo writes down the name of the bar and leaves, encountering Billie in the hallway. Billie, dressed to kill, asks Bo if he wants to go out, but Bo brushes her off, saying he has important business, but not with Hope. As he leaves, he accidentally drops the paper with "The Snake Pit" written on it. Billie picks it up and decides to go after Bo, hoping to confront him at The Snake Pit and make him declare his feelings for her. When Billie arrives, Bo is horrified to see her and tries to make her leave, but Billie, thinking he's playing hard to get, refuses. Unbeknownst to both of them, Max and King are watching them on club cameras, wondering why Bo's ex-wife is there and whether Bo is setting them up.

Hope leaves a note for Abe at the station, and comes perilously close to discovering Bo in Abe's office. The more Hope hears about the drug case, the more determined she becomes to investigate it herself. Hope tracks down Abe and asks to be put on the case. Abe reminds Hope that she is suspended, and warns her to stay away from the case. Hope asks Abe if Bo is working undercover, and Abe tells her he would never trust Bo with a case. Hope leaves the office hurt by Abe's attitude, but convinced she must go after the drug problem herself. After running into Franco, Hope is inspired to go after the drug problem by hanging out at a known drug dealing site, one which is frequented by models - The Snake Pit. Hope convinces Franco to go with her. They dress up and arrive at The Snake Pit, where Max and King are amazed and wary to see BOTH of Bo's ex-wives at the same place with Bo at the same time. King promises it will be an interesting night.

Marlena fantasizes that after telling John all of Kristen's evil deeds, he will leave Kristen and come to her. But she can't bring herself to tell him before the baby's surgery. She reassures herself that as long as John and Kristen's marriage remains unconsummated, he can easily get an annulment. Playing with Brady, Marlena tells him that someday she, John, Belle, and Brady can be a family. At the hospital, Kristen invites John into her bed and asks him to make love to her, despite the fact that the baby is barely a day old. John almost succumbs, but decides it would be wiser to wait. Lexie, after a disturbing conversation about Kristen with Vivian, spots John and Kristen lying intimately in bed together. After her shift ends, she stops by the DiMera house to visit Marlena. Marlena reveals to her that Kristen is not what she seems, and in fact, is a true daughter of Stefano. Realizing that Lexie is also Stefano's daughter, Marlena quickly apologizes for the faux pas. Marlena expresses her relief that John and Kristen's marriage is unconsummated. Lexie looks uncomfortable, and Marlena demands to know what is wrong. Lexie tells Marlena what she saw at the hospital, and Marlena, in outrage, dashes off to the hospital. There, she finds John lying alone in Kristen's hospital bed. Dreaming, he tells her he wants her and pulls her down to kiss him.

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