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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, June 16, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

In Rome, The wedding continues. When it's Bo's turn to say the vows he hesitates (thinking of Hope) and King clears his throat. When Bo finally says his I Do's, Hope faints. Bo & Franco rush to her side as Billie tells Bo to just let Franco take care of her. She comes to and says she is okay (must be the heat).Hope watches on (choking back tears) as Billie & Bo are pronounced man & wife. As it shows each of the players they are thinking to themselves...Hope is thinking that she must get over Bo...Franco thinking he can help Hope, if only she will let him...Bo thinking that he has to tell Hope the truth...and Billie thinking that if King notices any wrong move, he won't hesitate to kill Hope. King is taking it all in. He congratulates B&B and tells them that he has a romantic evening planned for them in their suite. Once again, Bo tells Billie that it is Hope that he loves. Billie tells him he can tell her as soon as they nail King. When they finish dancing, Billie butts in and says it's time to cut the cake.

Carrie and Austin find out from Marie about the business trip that Kate had arranged and both are a bit puzzled and a bit uncomfortable about it. Austin wants to talk to Kate about what is happening. Meanwhile, at the Kirikas house, Kate has her hands full as she holds Victor and cries. She lashes out at Sami telling her it is all her fault and if Victor dies she is a murderer. The nurse rushes to call 911 as Sami stares on in shock. Sami sees the picture on the floor and thinks that seeing the picture is what caused Victor's attack. The paramedics arrive and Kate says she is riding in the ambulance. As Sami crams the picture back into the envelope, we get a glimpse of it. Couldn't see what it was, only that it looked like an old black and white photo. Hmmmm.... The whole time we hear Victor thinking to himself that he understands and forgives Kate for what she did...he doesn't blame her.

He thinks that Sami is the cause of's all her fault, not Kate's. Back home, Sami fills Lucas in and he's furious at Sami. He sees the envelope and snatches it up and they get into a tug of war over it. Sami overpowers the wimp and snatches it away from him. They all go the hospital to check on Victor's condition, and Sami & Kate end up arguing again.

In the secret room, Marlena emerges from the bathroom and Kristen delights in telling her the news that Stefano is on his way, while Susan is panicking over the same news. Stefano notices something wrong in Kristen's voice, says she sounds shaky and not like herself. Kristen comments that Susan is NO MATCH for Stefano, he will know she is an imposter.Susan asks where is he planning to take M and he says far, far away from Salem. In the secret room, Kristen continues to tease and taunt Marlena. We see Kristen in what looks like a long black evening gown, putting on lipstick She asks Marlena if she doesn't want to get fixed up for Stefano...who knows you might just grow to love him M sits there like a whipped puppy. After Susan gets off the phone with Steph, she is in a tailspin, scurrying around packing her stuff and getting ready to haul ass before his arrival. We see Stefano rolling into the city limits of Salem and he says "how good it is to be back."

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

In Victor's room Austin asks Kate what it is she wants to tell them. Kate tells them that Victor stood up, collapsed, and she thinks Victor wanted to tell them something. When Kate is about to spill it all, Mike comes in, and says the tests show some improvement, but he must stay calm or he could suffer more damage. Mike says the slightest outset could set him his progress back indefinitely. Mike asks them all go wait in the hall so he could examine Victor. Sami asks Austin to please go call Wendy to check up on Will, and Sami and Kate go at it again. Kate says she will expose her one day, but Sami says she wouldn't dare. Carrie sees them together,and thinks to herself that the look on Sami's face looks like the old Sami. Carrie asks them what is going on, and Sami just says that they are talking about Victor and the type of care he needs. Sami tells Kate that she is going to give Austin a big promotion, and then she's going to buy them a great big house in the country. Kate tells Sami no way, but when Sami threatens to let Vivian in on her secret Kate agrees.

Carrie goes and finds Mike, and they talk about how she can't believe Austin thinks something is going between them. (The look on Mike's face suggests he wishes there was something going on between them).

Mike goes to see Laura, and tells her she was right about Carrie, she's such a great girl, he just doesn't know what to do and wishes she was there to help him. Mike leaves, and then finds Carrie crying, and comforts her. Carrie says she doesn't understand why Kate is doing this to her, she thought Kate was on her side. As Mike comforts Carrie, Austin and Kate leave Victor's room and see them together.

Later in Laura's room Lynn tells Jen she feels Laura will come out of it soon. Jen says she's so grateful to Lynn, and Lynn asks her not to thank her. Mike comes in with some great news, Laura will wake up very soon according to the batch of neurological tests.

In prison Jack is upset that he can't be a family and blames the DiMera's. When Jack says why hasn't anyone found proof that Peter and Stefano are alive, Stefano shows up outside Jack and Travis's cell! Stefano listens in as Travis tells Jack to find another man. Stefano opens the cell and pulls Travis out of the cell (Jack doesn't recognize Stefano). Travis is shocked, and is told that he has some big plans for everyone in Salem. When Travis returns to the cell he tells Jack that he's being transferred to another prison. S

Jen returns home and tries to call Jack, but the guard laughs at her and hangs up. Abby says she wishes her daddy wasn't in jail because she wants him to come home.

Lynn goes to see if their are any private duty nurses available, and learns another male nurse is doing to private duty work for Laura Horton, and maybe he could give her some info. Lynn approaches the man, and when he turns around it's Stefano with a big honking rubber nose on. Lynn is shocked to see him, and when he asks how Laura is doing Lynn says better. Stefano is outraged to learn Lynn has stopped drugging Laura, and is shocked to hear that Kristen ordered her not to drug Laura anymore. Being near Stefano jogs all of Laura's memory, and she says she will destroy the entire DiMera family. Stefano leaves, and tells Lynn she does not like this at all. Stefano says he's going to see Kristen to learn what this plan of hers is.

In the secret room Kristen has a fantasy that Stefano has come to the secret room and rescued her. Kristen watches the monitor where she sees Susan running around packing in hopes to escape before Stefano shows up. Downstairs a door opens, and Susan thinks it's Stefano, and then makes one of her weirdo faces. Kristen, also thinking it's Stefano, begins cheering as well. Susan grabs a bat, and almost clubs Caroline Brady. When Caroline offers to watch John Jr. Susan says she's taking him with them, and then quickly shows Caroline out so she can keep packing. Susan gets the mini-tv monitor and tells Kristen that she's leaving before Stefano can get her, and Kristen tells her that's a good idea. Susan says she hates to leave John, and then torturers Kristen saying John loves her. Susan says she's leaving now, and she's taking Elvis with her. Kristen warns Susan that if she takes John Jr. Stefano will hunt her down. Susan refuses to leave without her baby, and Kristen says how much this will hurt John. Kristen tells Susan her baby would have a much better life here with John, and says that it is best for him. Unfortunately, Kristen's plan doesn't work, she only manages to convince Susan to stay! Suddenly Stefano calls and says he's on his way to see her. Susan says he can't come because of the police, and begs him not to come. Stefano says she's acting very peculiar, and is on his way to see her right now. Susan realizes she has to leave Salem, and she's taking Elvis. Susan runs out of the house, and Kristen screams at the monitor for her to come back. As Susan is running through the park Stefano grabs her and she screams, but Stefano doesn't realize it's not Kristen!

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

John tells Abe that he hopes Stefano tries something so they can use him to find Marlena. Stefano takes a disguised Susan home. She manages to warn Marlena. Susan considers locking up Stefano in the secret room.

While the real Kristen is in the bathroom, Stefano talks with Marlena on the monitor, but is forced to hide when Abe and John arrive home. John heads down to the wine cellar to retrieve a bottle of champagne to help celebrate with his wife.

Jennifer talks with Trent about Jack and he makes some small talk. Travis then calls Jack in prison and continues to make Jack think that he's helping him.

The fortune teller warns Franco to beware of the person on the phone she sees him talking to, boasting that this mystery person is very desperate. When Bo admits that he wants to tell Hope everything, Billie warns him of the danger Hope and their son face from King if he does talk.

Thursday, June 19, 1997

by Diane Dix

Things aren't improving for Carrie and Austin. Carrie is devastated that Kate, who seemed like an ally, offered to buy a country house for Austin, Sami, and Will. Mike is there to comfort her, but it's obvious that Mike's feelings are beginning to be more than friendly. Carrie is too wrapped up in her problems to notice. Austin and Carrie try to see each other to talk things out, but keep missing each other. Kate encourages Austin to keep hoping he can be with Carrie soon. Sami searches for houses on the internet, and when Austin comes home, she tries to show him what she's found, but he seems distracted. Sami is furious because she assumes Kate has turned him against buying a house, and she calls Kate in Victor's hospital room to apply more pressure. Kate is too distraught to worry about Sami's blackmail and blows her off. Carrie goes to the rooftop, the site of so many romantic moments with Austin, and thinks about how good it used to be. Mike comes up and tells her everything will work out. But Carrie's eyes fill with tears when her special song with Austin is played on the radio. Mike, touched and helplessly attracted to her, offers to dance with her, even though he's no substitute for Austin. Naturally, Austin picks precisely that moment to come looking for Carrie on the roof. He sees her dancing close with Mike to what used to be his, Austin's, song with Carrie. He is hurt and angry and wonders if it is already too late. He goes downstairs and tells Sami it's time to start looking for a house seriously. Sami, of course, is ecstatic with his changed attitude. On the rooftop, Carrie tells Mike he will find the right girl someday, but Mike is thinking only about Carrie. As he turns away to go downstairs, he hears Carrie saying to herself that her heart will always belong to Austin. Mike is touched by her loyalty and beauty and says to himself, "Austin's a fool."

John heads to the wine cellar, completely unaware that Stefano and Marlena are there, only a few feet away. Stefano is preparing to open up the secret room, but the sound of Abe's voice on the stairs alerts him to John's presence. By the time John and Abe get there, Stefano is hidden. But he accidentally left a crack in the door of the secret room, and through it John hears the faint sound of Marlena's voice. He convinces himself that he imagined it, even though it seems so real. They head back upstairs so John can have his pre-wedding celebration with "Kristen", and put the ankle bracelet on her leg. Marlena and Kristen, watching on the monitor from the secret room, are on pins and needles, waiting to see who will be discovered first - Kristen, by Stefano, or Susan, by John. It's all they can do to keep from attacking each other. John goes up to his room where Susan, disguised as Kristen, is waiting for him. As he is about to put the ankle bracelet on her, and discover from her Elvis tattoo that she is really Susan, a police officer knocks on the door to make sure they're okay, because he saw something by the kitchen. John heads downstairs to check it out, and Susan hurriedly puts the ankle bracelet on her own ankle. Abe, meanwhile, goes downstairs to check out the cellar one more time, but a phone call distracts him and he goes away. Stefano enlists Susan's help to get him out of the house for the night. Disguised as the world's ugliest maid, he slips past the policeman outside. Susan is thrilled to have him gone, convinced he will never get back in the house after John beefs up security for the wedding.

Vivian and Ivan, released from their convent penance, hear about Victor's stroke and rush over to the hospital to see him. Kate does not allow them into his room. Vivian is furious, but as she walks the pier with Ivan, she begins to regret some of the terrible things she did to Kate and others. Ivan encourages her conscience, thinking it is caused by her time in the convent. Vivian resolves never to commit any more evil deeds for Kristen or Stefano. But before she can put her new self into action, Stefano appears behind her and Ivan and tells them he has a job for them - to sneak him into the house during Kristen's wedding tomorrow.

Friday, June 20, 1997

by Diane Dix

Hope goes to Bo to tell him she's leaving Rome that day. Bo tries to convince her to stay, because he wants to tell her about the undercover operation the second King is nabbed, but Hope is determined to leave. Billie tells Bo it's for the best, so that Hope won't be endangered when the drug deal goes down. King tells Bo and Billie the shipment will arrive that night, and Bo will sail a new boat back to Salem, claiming it was a deal he couldn't pass up, with the drugs secretly stashed aboard. Bo is relieved that the long nightmare is about to end, and soon he will be back with Hope and Shawn-D, but Billie is quiet, realizing her fairy-tale marriage to Bo is about to come to an end. Franco gets an earlier flight for himself and Hope back to Salem, knowing she is eager to leave. On the flight home, Hope remembers that John and Kristen are renewing their vows that day, and she and Franco will be back in Salem in time for the wedding. But she's not sure she can handle another wedding after seeing Bo and Billie's. Franco offers to escort her, and invent an excuse to leave if she can't handle it. Hope is grateful to him for being such a good friend. Franco tells her he wants to be more, but is willing to wait, because she is the only woman in his heart.

Stefano calls Lynn at the hospital to tell her that his men will arrive to take Laura away. Lynn does not have the stomach to allow Laura to be taken from her family again, and resolves to help her escape. In Laura's room, Jennifer, Mickey, Maggie, Alice, and an HIV positive woman named Dana are talking. Alice thanks Dana for visiting Laura every day, and Dana says she could never have handled her positive diagnosis without Laura. Jennifer promises to get the message out about AIDS awareness and the need for a cure on her show, and Dana reminds her to also spread the message about the dangers of casual sex. After they all leave for John and Kristen's wedding, Lynn sneaks in and tries to get Laura up to avoid Stefano's men. She sees them out in the lobby, but fortunately, they have to duck into a supply closet to change clothes, giving Lynn time to wheel Laura out into the corridor. When Stefano's men enter Laura's room, they're shocked to find she's not there. Lynn hurries her into a stairwell, where she is just beginning to regain consciousness, and promises to hide her out at the Horton cabin on Smith Island. Stefano's men notice the abandoned wheelchair, but run in the other direction, giving Lynn and Laura a chance to escape.

The wedding day has arrived, and the groom, John Black, has no idea he's about to remarry Susan, and not Kristen. Susan is beside herself with excitement. She is sure that Stefano can not possibly penetrate John and Abe's security measures, although she tells the guards to watch out for a funny-looking woman (Stefano's last disguise). Stefano, naturally, is one step ahead of her. With Vivian's reluctant help, he sneaks into the wedding as a member of the catering staff, wearing a beard which does not do much to hide his distinctive face, but Vivian helps keep John distracted enough so he doesn't take a close look. Stefano's promised reward to Vivian, besides not killing her, is that Kristen will sign over all of her Titan shares to Vivian once Marlena is safely away from Salem. As Stefano wanders around waiting for his opportunity to steal down to the cellar and take Marlena, the wedding guests begin to arrive. Jennifer arrives with Dana, the HIV positive patient, but her mind is on Laura. Abe and Lexie and Celeste arrive, and the second Celeste steps through the door, she senses Stefano's evil and the nagging Elvis Presley song she can't get out of her head. Everyone thinks she's imagining it and ignores her. John brings a glass of champagne up to Susan and Susan, unaccustomed to alcohol, proceeds to get plastered as she makes up for her wedding. In the cellar, Kristen scrapes frantically at the wall with her metal tool, but she doesn't seem to be making much of a dent in the wall. Marlena anxiously watches the monitor, but doesn't tell Kristen when Stefano arrives. Kristen cuts her hand and viciously blames Marlena. When she goes to the bathroom, Marlena takes over the digging. Kristen tries to stop her, but Marlena whirls and tells her to quit being a dimwit, since they will both starve if John and Susan go off on their honeymoon and Stefano doesn't get through. Kristen lets her keep digging, planning to overpower her once they've broken through. Upstairs, the real horror of the wedding reveals itself - the hideous, gaudy, Elvis-style costumes that Susan picked for the wedding party. Vivian looks like a cross between Minnie Pearl and Tammy Faye Bakker in a glitzy black dress with a poufy skirt and rhinestone accents, and Ivan, in a pink - yes, pink - sequinned leisure suit is a nightmare. John is horrified to find, instead of the expected cutaways for him and Abe, a sequinned, rhinestoned black leather monstrosity for him, and a ridiculous leopard-spotted cowboy suit for Abe, complete with ten-gallon hat. Vivian rushes over to Kristen's room, assuming there's been some mistake and wanting to borrow a decent dress. When she opens the door, she sees the gaudiest sight of all - Susan, disguised as Kristen, with a tall beehive hairdo, way too much glittery blue eye makeup, a scrunchy veil about two feet tall, and a glittery, tacky white dress with an awful, gathered design that makes her look like vaudeville stage curtains. Even more astonishing is the look of dewy-eyed pleasure on "Kristen's" face - it's obvious she's pleased with her outfit. As everyone upstairs tries to figure out what in the world is going on, Stefano sneaks downstairs and is about to enter the wine cellar when he notices that two cops are there as part of the security team. He isn't worried, knowing that when John and Kristen leave for their honeymoon, he can take his time getting to Marlena. Not 15 feet away, Kristen shrieks in triumph as she breaks through the last of the plaster - only to encounter a metal plate of some sort, which turns out to be a pipe. Just then, Marlena notices a funny smell. Horror dawns on the battling prisoners when they realize what the smell is - gas.

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