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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, July 14, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Bo is wandering around wondering why Hope doesn't want to see him. He call's Alice's place just as Hope walks in with Franco. Hope says she's not going to answer the phone, and Bo eventually gives up

Hope and Franco are driving around, and Hope says she needs some time alone. Hope and Franco eventually end up on Smith Island, and Hope is flooded with old memories of Bo. Hope goes inside and gives Alice a call to let her know where she is. Hope says she needs a night alone to think about how to go on without Bo, and she asks her Gran not to tell Bo where she is. Bo shows back up, and Alice has to tell Bo that Hope doesn't want him to know where she is. However, a sneaky Mrs. H. lets Bo know where Hope is by saying "This is a lovely picture of you and Hope at the cabin." Bo heads out to the island, hoping Hope will forgive him. Back at the cabin Franco gives Hope a friendship ring, and Bo arrives just inside to see Franco put it on her finger.

In Rome Billie is running around, and Max is following with a gun. Max confronts Billie, and he tells her they have unfinished business, and if she tries to escape she's a dead women. Max takes Billie back to his room and ties her up. Billie tells him Bo won't let him get away with this. Billie asks what he is going to do with her, and Max says King has big plans for her.

Stefano is at one of his hideouts when one of his manservants tells him that John is throwing an engagement party at the penthouse grill, he and Marlena are getting married in two days. Stefano says he'll never let Marlena marry that fool. Stefano then puts on his waiter disguise, and shows up at the party.

At the Penthouse Grill Kristen tells John she won't let him marry Marlena. Kristen tells John that he doesn't love that bitch, he loves her, and won't let that tramp steal her husband! Lexie tells Kristen she needs some fresh air, and she takes Kristen out to the terrace. Marlena tells everyone she's not going to let anything upset her happy night, and tells everyone to go on partying.

On the terrace Lexie agrees to get John, only to prevent her from making another scene. John goes to see Marlena, and Stefano decides to go for Marlena.

On the terrace John tells Kristen he can't believe the hell he put Marlena through. Kristen is delusional, and goes off about how nobody loves and makes him feel the way she does. John and Kristen kiss, but Kristen wakes up, it was all a dream. This time John really comes out to the terrace, and tells her he despises her. Kristen starts crying about it being her birthday and how he said they'd celebrate. John tells Kristen he doesn't want to see her, and she's out of his life forever.

John walks away, and Kristen gets onto the ledge and yells if he won't be a part of her life then she won't be a part of anyone's lives! Maggie rushes to get Marlena, and Stefano misses his chance to grab Marlena once again. On the terrace John is trying to talk Kristen down by telling her she does have a good soul and may become a good person again in time. Kristen asks if he'll love her then, and John says she has to prove she's worthy. John grabs Kristen, and everyone arrives on the terrace. Laura stays to talk to Kristen, and John leaves. Kristen tells Laura that this is all her fault, and she should have let Stefano take him away. Kristen says she didn't want to hurt anyone, and Laura says if she has a shred of decency she'll tell everyone the truth about Peter. Kristen tells Laura Stefano will help her, and she will make her and Marlena pay for everything they've done.

Back inside Marlena and John both think Kristen wouldn't have jumped, and they say they'll be together forever in 2 days. Lexie is feeling bad for Kristen, but Abe says Kristen doesn't love John, it's only an obsession. Stefano overhear's Abe tell Lexie she's not a DiMera and she proved that at the spa when she saved Marlena.

Sami tells Lucas that whenever her mom and John get together someone gets hurt, this time it's Kristen. She also says if it wasn't for her mom and John's sleazy affair her dad would still be alive.

Austin talks with Mickey at the party, and Sami wonders if Mickey knows Will's blood type. Mickey tells Austin about a similar case to his, and if that case comes out well, they can try the same tactics. Austin thanks Mickey, and asks him not to mention it to Carrie, he doesn't want her to get her hopes up. Later Austin tells Kate the news, and when he sees Carrie dancing with Mike he says he hopes Mickey can come through before Carrie gives up on them.

Vivian and Ivan run right into Stefano at the party. Suddenly Abe and the hostess show up, and Abe lets them in hoping they can at least calm Kristen down. Vivian wheels in a huge statue under a cover and says she brought this as a peace offering, she only cooperated because Stefano threatened her life. John rips the cover off of a statue to reveal a statue of a phoenix, and everyone is shocked. Abe then escorts Vivian and Ivan out of the party. Outside Vivian agrees to turn states evidence against Kristen and Stefano in order to stay out of jail

Marlena asks Carrie to be her maid of honor in her wedding, and she is delighted. Carrie says she has a way to test Sami's memory, she asks Marlena to ask Sami to be a bridesmaid as, because the old Sami would never be in their wedding because of her hatred for them as a couple.

Lucas asks Sami to talk for a moment, but she says not now. Sami and Austin then begin dancing. Carrie walks up to Sami and asks her to be a bridesmaid in Marlena's wedding, and Sami says no,she won't do it!

Outside Kristen screams she won't lose John, and only Stefano can help her now. Kristen calls Bart and asks to see Stefano, but Bart tells her that he doesn't want to see her. Kristen says she won't let Stefano leave her now, not after all she's done for him. Stefano then makes a quick retreat from the party, and Kristen sees him and goes after him. Stefano returns to his secret hideout and damns Kristen for causing him to lose Marlena. Suddenly Kristen shows up and asks for help, but Stefano tells her she can rot in hell for all he cares! Kristen grabs him and tells him not to turn his back her, because she's his daughter.

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

An angry Kristen blasts Stefano for hiring Susan for the job since it's obvious that Susan is crackers. She calls him a coward and claims that she and Peter are simply his trophies.

Called on her refusal to stand up at Marlena's wedding, Sami claims that she would ruin the wedding because of her weak legs. Carrie admits to Austin her feeling that John was finally able to defeat Stefano. When Carrie suggests to Mike that she's out to find the perfect woman for him ,Mike tells himself that he's already found her in Carrie. Sami watches Austin sleep on the sofa and calls Lucas to wonder if Mickey may have found a way to annul their marriage.

Franco asks Hope to wear a friendship ring. Hope declares to Bo that their relationship is over. Bo tries to explain about King in Rome and how Billie was involved but Hope can't stop thinking about seeing him in bed with Billie. Bo admits to Kate his feeling that Hope has lost faith in him. Kate tries to call Billie, unaware that she's being held by Max.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

John wakes next to Marlena and reminds her that tomorrow is their wedding day.

Travis eavesdrops on Jennifer talking with Laura about some new evidence that is going to clear Jack's name. He's in the kitchen when Jack suddenly arrives at the house.

To stay out of jail, Vivian is required to tell all she knows about Stefano, get a legal divorce from Victor and give up all of her assets. However, Vivian boasts to Ivan that they don't know where all her money is.

Stefano tells Kristen that whatever he does, he does for himself. He adds that she lost John only because she was careless and clumsy.

Sami takes great pleasure in telling Austin that Carrie is obviously falling in love with Mike.

Kate, Carrie, Sami and Susan help Marlena pick out a wedding dress. After Austin sends Sami to give Carrie a ride home, Marlena notices that her bodyguard is missing. Suddenly, the lights go out.

Thursday, July 17, 1997

by Diane Dix

Trent/Travis watches from the kitchen as Jennifer and Jack embrace. Just as Jennifer is about to come looking for him, Abby comes home. Her happy reunion with Jack gives Trent the chance to escape and call Stefano, who assures him things will be taken care of. Laura is ecstatic to have Jack home, even if only during the appeal process. She calls Mike and Carrie to come over.

Mike and Carrie talk in the park about Carrie's problems with Austin. Mike manages to make her feel better, and Carrie starts pressing him about his "mystery woman." Just as Mike is about to tell Carrie how he feels, he receives the call from Laura, and they head over to Jennifer's, unaware that Austin had been watching them embrace.

Austin heads up to the apartment, disturbed by how close Mike and Carrie are. Sami encourages him to believe they are falling in love. When Laura calls, they head over to Jennifer's too, especially after Austin learns that Mike and Carrie will be there.

Hope is depressed, but Franco is trying to cheer her up. Shawn-D comes home to the Horton house, and after a happy reunion with Hope, asks when she and Bo will be getting back together. Hope tells him it may never happen. Shawn-D is disappointed, and Hope is heartbroken that she can't give him the family she wants. Then they get the call to go to Jennifer's and they take off. Bo shows up a few minutes later, and Shawn-D tells him to go after Hope.

At the party, everyone is thrilled that Jack is out of prison. Sami and Lucas scheme to drive Carrie and Austin further apart. Sami's seemingly innocent comments about her "happy" marriage drive Carrie outside, to seek comfort in the arms of Mike, as they finish a dance they started years ago. Carrie is unaware that Mike is now in love with her. Sami maneuvers Austin out to the terrace to watch the two together, just as Austin is about to prepare her for the news that their marriage may soon be annulled. Hope and Franco say their goodbyes and as they are heading out the door, they run into Bo. Hope is cold to him again, and tells him that they are through, and that he made his choice in Rome. Bo is confused, but Hope doesn't explain. He tries to call Billie, but she can't be reached, and he wonders if she is okay.

Billie is being held prisoner by Max. He brings in food and a couple of water glasses and persuades Billie to drink, despite her suspicions. She passes out, realizing the inside of the glass was drugged. When she wakes up, Max has her tied to the bed.

Marlena is terrified by the power surge at the Titan offices, but John rushes to her side and they share a romantic evening together. As they say goodbye for the night, John tells her nothing can stop their wedding now.

Kristen has obviously learned Stefano's plan and is reluctant to go through with it, but some pushing from Stefano resolves her doubts - she knows she will lose John if she doesn't help Stefano break up the wedding. Kristen shows a little heart by asking Stefano to leave Jennifer and Jack alone, but Stefano tells her to quit being soft and think like a DiMera. He tells her the surprise he has for John and Marlena is a wedding present they'll never forget.

Friday, July 18, 1997

by Diane Dix

Everyone is gearing up for John and Marlena's wedding. Kate and Sami exchange nasty words with each other, but Austin, as usual, is oblivious. Austin is on edge waiting for news from Mickey, but even thought Kate encourages him to tell Carrie, he wants to wait until he is sure. Sami freaks out when Lucas offers to watch Will during the ceremony and tells him that Will should stay with his father (hiding the fact, of course, that Lucas IS Will's father). They head over to the church, where all the women are getting ready. Susan is dressed in the gaudiest get-up imaginable - lots of ruffles and a wacky hat - but everyone is in too good a mood to care. Sami tells Carrie that she hopes Carrie can one day be as happy with Mike as Sami is with Austin. Carrie just has to bite her tongue and remind Sami that she and Mike are only friends. Carrie is still convinced that Sami is faking her amnesia, but Sami behaves perfectly, pretending to be happy for Marlena. Marlena is convinced that Sami still doesn't have her memory back. Everyone compliments Sami on her stylish new haircut. The women give Marlena something old (a hand-embroidered handkerchief), something new (a bracelet from Carrie), something borrowed (diamond earrings that belonged to Mrs. Horton's grandmother) and something blue (baby Elvis' blue suede shoes from Susan). Marlena is so overwhelmed that she bursts into tears. Finally, everyone leaves Marlena alone.

At the church, Austin finally contacts Mickey and smiles as he gets the news he wants to hear. Lucas asks him what happened and Austin says he has to find Carrie and tell her the great news. Out in front of the church, Carrie has lost the engagement ring from Austin that she kept on a chain around her throat. Mike helps her look for it and finally finds it. Carrie asks him to put it on her and as he is doing so, she stumbles and he puts his arms around her to support her. Austin sees them in that pose and assumes the worst - from a distance, it looks as if they are passionately kissing.

Hope is depressed over the situation with Bo, and admits to Franco that she still loves him. Franco tells her to come to the wedding and have a good time. But when they get there, Bo is one of the ushers and walks Hope to her seat. He reminds her that the last time she walked down the aisle, she was the bride and she was breathtaking. Hope doesn't even respond, but inside, she can't stop thinking about her splendid English wedding with Bo all those years ago. Bo can't stop thinking about it either. While he is reminiscing, Kate tells him that she hasn't been able to contact Billie and the hotel in Rome reported that she hadn't been to her room for days.

Billie struggles against her bonds, but Max tells her to quit trying because she won't escape and King has plans for her. Billie fantasizes that Bo comes to rescue her, saying he loves her, but Max laughs at her and says she has a blind spot for Bo, who is only interested in Hope. Billie tells Max that he will have to kill her to keep her from testifying because somehow she is going to escape. Max says to forget about it - King has bigger plans for her.

Stefano waits anxiously until Kristen returns. Kristen tells him everything went as planned and they hop on the DiMera jet and head back to Salem as quickly as possible. Kristen goes straight to the church, where Marlena is alone and getting ready to walk down the aisle. When Marlena sees Kristen, she is furious, saying "How dare you come here today?" But Kristen is smug and says she brought a wedding present that Marlena really should look at. Marlena, wondering what she is up to, is startled when Kristen opens the door and motions, and someone wheels a sleeping man with a bandaged face into the room. Marlena is confused, but as she gazes past the bandages, all the color drains from her face..."It can't be," she whispers. Kristen grins evilly. "Oh, but it is," she says softly. "It's Roman Brady."

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