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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, July 28, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Carrie was irate when she learned that Sami had told Roman she and Mike were a couple. Later, she was even more upset when she discovered that Austin had overheard her. While John and Marlena were in the midst of a private conversation, they discovered someone was eavesdropping on them in the bushes -- someone whose identity they were shocked to discover. Meanwhile, Kristen marveled at seeing Sami manipulate Roman so effectively, and Stefano told her there was much she could learn from young Sami.

Kristen and Stefano watched what was happening at the DiMera mansion. They watched as Sami manipulated Carrie and Austin, and Stefano applauded her efforts. Kristen was disgusted by Sami's doings, but Stefano told her she was not much different. Kristen wanted to tell John about Sami, but Stefano warned her not to, because if she did, John would know the house was bugged. Kristen demanded that Stefano help her get John back.

Kate, seeing how much Mike was falling for Carrie, pressured Austin to tell Carrie about the annulment immediately. Austin, devasted by what Carrie had said, told Kate that he was not going to tell Carrie about the annulment, and that he was going to concentrate on his son. Carrie wished Eric were there, because he would be able to tell if Sami was faking. Sami feared that Eric would return.

Kate got a call from Bo, who told her he still hadn't found Billie. Meanwhile, Max continued to drug Billie. Billie was haunted by images of her father getting her hooked. A young man arrived in Salem and lurked around the town. When John saw the man eavesdropping on him and Marlena, he tackled him. The young man turned out to be Marlena's son Eric, back from Colorado after four years.

Tuesday, July 29, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Carrie explained to Mike what Sami had told Roman about their relationship and that they were in love. Roman caught Caroline off guard when he claimed that Kristen was an angel, as far as he was concerned. He then added that he blamed himself for not fighting for Marlena.

Caroline reminded Roman that Stefano had stolen his life. Austin was frustrated as he considered whether to tell Carrie about the annulment papers. Tired of her emotional outbursts, Stefano yelled at Kristen to use her brain before making decisions and commented that she could learn plenty from Sami. After placing his clothes in her room, Kristen donned a sexy negligee and greeted John. John was wise to her plan and warned her not to think that he'd fall for her ever again.

Marlena and John took Eric aside and explained the history behind Roman's return. Lucas met Eric and tried to warn Sami about her brother's return to town. Sami was caught off guard by his return and feared that he'd spill the beans once he realized that she was faking her memory loss.

Travis spied on Jennifer and Jack and then reported to Stefano, who warned him to play ball or face life in prison. Jack later spotted Travis from the backyard.

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Trent/Travis was peering into Jennifer's window when Jack saw him and called out to him. Meanwhile Hope arrived to see Jennifer, and she was still sure Bo and Billie were together. Hope recalled that a fortuneteller had told her someone involved in the relationship would suffer a tremendous amount of pain, and Hope said it had to be her. When Jack shouted at Travis, Travis ran off, and Hope and Jennifer ran out when they heard Jack scream. Jack was positive he'd seen Travis, and Jennifer and Hope helped him look.

Jennifer found Travis/Trent and asked him what he was doing there. Trent/Travis said he had heard a noise and had been looking around to see what was happening. Jack showed up, and Jennifer said maybe he'd just been dreaming. Suddenly Abby shouted, "Daddy!" at the top of her lungs, and he had to go to her. Hope asked Jennifer if she'd marry him. Jennifer said that she knew he wanted to propose, but he was waiting for the outcome of the appeal.

Jack went to see Abby, and she asked if he and her mommy were going to get married. Jack told her he hoped so, and Abby soon fell asleep. Outside, Jennifer told Hope that if she and Jack could get back together, then there was still a chance for Hope and Bo, but Hope said no way.

In Rome, Billie was having a bad trip about dogs chasing her. Max asked Billie if she could hear him, and just as he was about to untie her, King called. Max told King that Billie was definitely hooked, and she wouldn't be a problem to them. King wondered if she'd return to Salem if they let her go, but Max said there was no way; she'd never want them to see her that way. Max untied Billie and said he'd let her go as soon as she took some pills. Billie said no way; she was not taking any more drugs.

Also in Rome, Bo talked to Kate, telling her he would find Billie and that, while he cared for Billie a lot, Hope was the woman he loved. Bo called Hope, got an answering machine, and left a message for Shawn-D. A man approached Bo and told him that he had learned the whereabouts of King's associates. He told Bo that they'd been seen off the coast of Wales, but an American woman hadn't been with them.

Bo thought that if King's associates were on the run, then Billie was safe, but he still needed to find her. The man asked Bo if he had any idea why Billie would want to disappear. Bo had an idea and told the man all about the Hope/Gina/Billie triangle, and he speculated that maybe she'd disappeared to deal with losing him all over again. When the man asked him if perhaps Billie could start using again, Bo said there was no chance.

At the DiMera mansion, Roman was glad Eric would be there for his sisters, and when Roman said Carrie and Mike might be getting married soon, Eric asked him who had told him that. Roman told him that Sami had told him and that Carrie had told him she was very happy. Downstairs, Austin saw Mike comforting Carrie and thought he'd lost her already, so he might as well tell her about the annulment.

Carrie went upstairs to see her dad, as did Caroline. Carrie told him he should get some rest, and Caroline offered to stay with him. Carrie and Eric left, and Eric asked her how she felt about Austin. Carrie said she loved Austin but had only told Roman that she was happy with Mike so he could be happy. Eric was angry that everyone was keeping stuff from him, but Carrie said they only wanted him to be happy. Carrie then said she was very glad Austin hadn't heard her talking about Mike because it could be a disaster.

Eric was still confused as to why Sami would say such a thing, and Carrie said she believed Sami had her memory back and was scheming again. Carrie told Eric he wasn't going to see the change in her, and Eric said he had been hoping the sweet Sami was back. Carrie said that he was the only one who could sense Sami's true feelings and asked him to find out the truth.

Meanwhile Sami was panicking because she just knew Eric would figure out she had her memory back, and then she'd lose Austin. Lucas said if she could fool him, then Carrie and Mike were over. Sami said it didn't matter; when Eric looked at her and talked face to face with her, he would figure it out, then he'd tell Carrie. Lucas said that maybe Eric wouldn't rat her out. Sami countered that he'd always been close to Carrie, and if he had to choose sides, he would choose Carrie.

Mike walked in and asked Sami and Lucas what was wrong, and Sami said that with everything going on, she was tired. She decided to go lie down. Mike told Lucas he knew Lucas was up to something, and he told Lucas not to make any moves on Carrie. Lucas said Mike should worry about protecting himself because it was obvious he was falling for Carrie. Lucas left, and Carrie arrived downstairs and said that hopefully Eric would help them learn the truth. Austin showed up, and Carrie introduced him to Eric. Eric then told Carrie that he would help her.

Eric went into the next room, where Sami was with Lucas. Eric said he'd like to talk to her about her, and she said her life was pretty boring. Sami said she'd love to show him pictures of Will. Sami said she was tired and needed to sit down, and Eric asked her if the pain was bad. Sami said sometimes it was so bad she could scream, but she didn't want Austin to know.

Eric said that he and Sami had sometimes kidded about forgetting things when they'd been little, but when someone lost four years of their life, it was not funny. Sami said it was horrible, and Eric decided to leave her to rest. Eric returned to the other room, and he told Carrie he definitely sensed something. Eric said he sensed Sami was in terrible pain, and Carrie was upset that she'd fooled him, as well. Austin was angry and said a lot of people had secrets.

Back in the other room Lucas said all Eric had picked up on was that Sami was in pain, and Lucas said the twin connection had to be phony, since Sami hadn't been in pain for a while. Sami said she was and showed Lucas her hand; she'd cut it with something. Sami said that it was the only way she'd been able to fool Eric; if she hadn't masked her true feelings with pain, he would have figured everything out. Lucas told Sami she was sick and couldn't keep doing that forever, but Sami said she'd do anything it took to hold onto Austin.

Back in the other room, Eric told Carrie he was sorry he couldn't help, but he'd really only sensed pain. Austin told Carrie that he didn't think Sami had her memory back, and Austin went in to see Sami. He told her if she was in pain to tell him; he didn't want any secrets between them.

An upset Carrie ran out of the house, and Mike went after her. Carrie didn't understand what was up with Austin, because he'd been so cold to her. Carrie said she didn't think anything would stop Sami, as Eric had been her last hope. Back inside, Austin went to get Sami a pain pill, and Eric returned. Eric was amazed to see that her pain had disappeared, and he asked her what she was up to.

Thursday, July 31, 1997

by Diane Dix

Bo's search for Billie continued but at first produced no new leads. Bo was less concerned, knowing that King's syndicate was in Britain and not in Rome, but he still wondered what could have happened to Billie. Then, Marcello produced a lead, saying that a woman matching Billie's description had been seen in a nearby township. As he drove, after calling Kate and Austin to tell them the news, Bo remembered driving that same road with Hope and her making him promise never to drive the road without her. Bo apologized to Hope in his thoughts but knew that when the whole nightmare was over, they could concentrate on working things out.

Billie was getting worse. She awakened in the hotel room, unbound and alone, but the hallucinations about Bo and Curtis continued to haunt her. She visualized Bo finding her and turning away in disgust when he saw the needle tracks on her arm. In her mind, Curtis laughed at her for trying to escape her demons and said she was not worthy of love from anyone but her daddy, a junkie himself.

Abe and Lexie Carver went to the DiMera mansion to visit Roman, and Lexie said she had some questions for Kristen. Abe assured her she didn't need to worry that she'd turn out like Stefano, but Lexie insisted she still had to talk to Kristen. At the mansion, they found things in turmoil. Abe's visit with Roman went well, and he, Marlena, and Roman managed to laugh about old times, but Roman put Marlena on the spot by asking her if she still felt the same way. She laughed off the question and went to get medication. She learned from Carrie that they were lying to Roman about Carrie being with Mike and Sami being happy with Austin, but she agreed that it would be best not to disturb Roman.

Marlena went to get some antibiotics Mike had delivered from the ISA to give to Roman, saying that even if it didn't help him, she did not want him to die without trying everything. Once again, while she was injecting him, Roman asked her what her feelings for him were. Marlena went out and told John that maybe it was time for them to tell Roman the truth. But when Marlena went in, Roman told her how much he needed her, especially in his final days, and Marlena promised she'd be there for him. John, listening, knew she didn't have the heart to disillusion him -- and Kristen, listening from another door, laughed in triumph.

Things were heating up for Sami as Eric realized that her pain was somehow a ruse, and she was hiding something. But in true Sami fashion, she turned the tables on him by making him feel guilty for being away through all their crises, and she asked him what he was hiding that had kept him away for so long. Then Kate, Abe, and Lexie walked in, and introductions and reunions gave Sami the out she needed. Kate was ecstatic to meet Eric because she hoped he'd give Carrie the information she needed. However, Eric told Carrie when he met her outside that Sami read him better than he could read her and that she'd turned the tables.

While Eric and Carrie were talking, Eric mentioned that Roman was dying, and Sami, coming to find Carrie, overheard. She immediately became agitated and refused to be comforted by Marlena, and she just asked Austin to take her and Will home. Carrie and Eric went home, too, and outside of their apartments, Carrie and Austin shared a longing look before they had to part. Carrie cried on Eric's shoulder, noticing that he seemed strangely calm about the whole mess. Eric told her enough tears had been shed already. In her apartment, a distraught Sami vowed she would never let Will lose his "father," Austin, and that no one would ever find out that Lucas was really Will's dad.

Stefano watched the whole proceedings with amusement and triumph, especially when Lexie confronted Kristen about Stefano's plans and whereabouts. Kristen played dumb but told Lexie she doubted Stefano would leave her alone. Lexie left disturbed. Stefano also watched as John and Kristen had words, and John told Kristen he would never love a woman as deceitful as she was. Later, Stefano watched Marlena and John together; Stefano laughed and declared that somehow, some way, Marlena would belong to him, and John would have nothing.

Friday, August 1, 1997

by Diane Dix

Bo made it to the Amalfi Coast, only to find that the lead on Billie was a case of mistaken identity. The woman he saw told him that she had not seen anyone resembling Billie. Bo was upset, wondering what had happened to Billie, and Kate was even more upset when Bo called to tell her. Bo told her he was arranging a full-scale search with the Roman police. Kate said that could take days, but Bo said he was not leaving until he found Billie.

Billie was furious that Max had gotten her hooked on drugs again, and she was nearly out of her mind with the symptoms of withdrawal as she fought the urge to take more pills. When Max returned to the room, she physically attacked him, but he laughed at her and told her to quit fighting; she was already hooked. He gave her a card reading "Club Fortuna" and told her a guy named Dino was there, waiting to give her drugs once she quit fighting her craving. Billie struggled with herself, wanting a fix but knowing she had to fight it. She hallucinated about Curtis again, and he taunted her, telling her she was a worthless junkie. Finally, she just collapsed into bed, shivering.

Austin woke up and found Sami crying and watching old home videos of her father. She told him she couldn't bear to lose him. Across the hall, Eric returned from a morning jog and told Carrie he'd try to find out what was going on with Sami, but he couldn't make any promises about staying around Salem. Eric knocked on Austin's door, and he and Sami reminisced about old times. Austin asked Eric to stay with Sami while he ran some errands. Sami told Eric that someday, Roman and Marlena could get back together. Eric told her there were no fairy tale endings in their family.

Sami forgot herself for a minute and declared that no one was going to take Austin away from her. Eric looked at her suspiciously and asked who would. He asked if there was another girl. Sami got annoyed with him and said she was just babbling. Lucas knocked on the door, and Eric treated him coldly. Lucas asked what was wrong, and Eric said he was just sizing Lucas up because he was overprotective of Sami. Lucas said that was all right; that made two of them.

Eric relaxed a little and left Sami and Lucas alone. Lucas told Sami that Eric was trouble, and he would soon figure out their scheme. Sami was too stressed about Roman's fatal illness to concentrate, and Lucas knew he would have to pick up the burden of maintaining their schemes himself.

Carrie went with Mike to take Roman's bandages off after leaving Eric at the apartment. In the room, she found Marlena playing the loving wife while Kristen hung all over John, using the excuse that they had to pretend for Roman. Marlena was clearly furious with Kristen but couldn't say anything. Roman once again told Marlena how much it meant to him that she was by his side. Mike cut away the bandages, and Roman's face was clear and handsome. Marlena was momentarily overwhelmed, and John told Roman he would give Roman some time with his family. Carrie hugged her father, too.

Marlena and Carrie left the room, and Carrie comforted her mother, knowing how hard it was to hide feelings of love for someone. Marlena said it was okay; John had arranged a romantic private lunch in the garden for just the two of them. Carrie asked if there had been any news about treating bacterial infections. Marlena mentioned that there was a conference about to begin in L.A., but she was reluctant to leave Roman's side, as much as she wanted to go. Carrie said that since nothing was happening with Austin, anyway, she would go in Marlena's place. Marlena was grateful but warned Carrie that some of the language was likely to be very technical -- and maybe Mike could go with her.

Carrie asked Mike, but he said he was supposed to cover another doctor's patients while that doctor was on vacation. Carrie was disappointed but determined to go alone. She went back home to pack and said goodbye to Eric. She knocked on Sami's door and found Sami and Lucas. She told them what she was doing. For once, Sami was grateful and wished Carrie good luck. Lucas offered to take Carrie to the airport.

Once Carrie was on the plane, she heard a man's voice say, "Is this seat taken, ma'am?" She looked up and was delighted to see Mike, who told her that when he'd explained the situation to the doctor he was supposed to cover for, the doctor had told him to go right ahead, and he would find someone else to cover. Carrie was clearly happy to have Mike for company and support.

Marlena went down to the garden and found a romantic setting for her and John. They danced close, reveling in their aloneness, but naturally, Kristen wouldn't let them be happy for long. Behind their backs, Kristen had told Roman that the romantic lunch was for him and Marlena, and she took Roman down to the garden. When Roman saw John, he assumed that he and Kristen would want to have lunch with them. Kristen said that was a great idea, and they all sat down together.

When Roman and Marlena's song, "Up Where We Belong," came on, Roman asked Marlena to dance. Marlena tried to back out, telling him he was not strong enough, but he said he'd lean on her as he always had. Then he encouraged John to dance with Kristen, and naturally, Kristen jumped at the chance. Kristen whispered to John that it was wonderful to be back in his arms again. John told her she was delusional, and her manipulations would never make him love her again. Marlena and John looked at each other wistfully as they danced with other partners.

Austin went to see Kate, and she told him that he had to take the chance of telling Carrie about the annulment papers, even if she still wanted Mike. Austin said Kate was right and thanked her for the advice. He headed home, unaware that another storm was brewing. After Lucas left with Carrie, Sami had decided to look for a photo album to show Roman and came across Austin's annulment papers. When Austin entered the apartment, Sami was crying "No!" as she read that her marriage had been dissolved. Sami begged Austin to tell her that it was not true, that their marriage was not over.

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