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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 4, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, August 4, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Vivian is dreaming about being fed grapes by a muscle hunk while another one fans her. Suddenly Ivan wakes her up and she yells at her for hogging the bed and tells her she has to take her turn sleeping on the floor now. Vivian and Ivan argue and Ivan tells her that he is no longer her employer so she will sleep on the floor. Vivian says never, so Ivan says they will share the bed and hops in with her. Vivian says she will not share a bed with him, and she'll get a job today. Vivian then says that Ivan's cloths stink from his job hauling garbage and when Ivan asks her to wash them she says never! Vivian says she will get a job and live the life she's accustom to. In the meantime Ivan asks her to keep up her share of the bargain and do her house chores. Ivan tells Vivian that he has to go to work and he gives Vivian all the money he has earned and asks her to use it for what it's marked (food, rent, bus fare). Vivian says if there is one thing she knows it's how to manage money.

On the plane Carrie tells Mike that she believes they'll find a cure for her dad but she just doesn't know what is happening with Austin. Mike tells her that Austin loves her, but Carrie says even if he managed to get an annulment she doesn't know if it could change things between them now. Carrie then passes the time on the plane by taking a Bella Quiz about "You and your Lover." As she goes through the checklist about her true love she fails miserably, she gets a 48. Mike tells her that her relationship with Austin is unique and that quiz doesn't apply to them, but Carrie says some of the questions were right on. When Carrie goes to the bathroom Mike picks up the magazine. He reads the first question "Do you want the person you love to be happy no matter what the cost to you, and he says obviously.

In the garden Roman and Marlena dance to their song (Theme from Officer and a Gentleman) while John dances with Kristen and tells her this isn't going to work. When the dance ends they sit back down to their lunch and Roman admits that he really expected John and Marlena together and asks them why aren't they. Kristen says that things aren't exactly as they seem and Roman asks if something is going on he doesn't know about. John is about to tell him the truth but Kristen butts in and says because John and Marlena's affair hurt so many people they decided to break it off. Kristen says she got John on the rebound and Marlena was all alone. Roman says he's sorry for Marlena and that it must have been hard for her to give up John. Kristen goes off on how her friendship with Marlena means the world to her. Roman then says that he knows he doesn't have much time but he is so grateful to Kristen for bringing him back. Roman asks Kristen how long she and John have been married and she says only a few months. Marlena then tells Roman about how Kristen was originally married to Tony, and that she and her brother were raised by Stefano. Kristen then tells Roman about the whole story how Tony killed himself and framed John. Roman is impressed that Kristen hasn't been tainted by Stefano.

Carrie calls Marlena from the plane and Marlena tells her that Kristen is ruining everything and that all she can do is go along with the lies until Roman is well and strong again, then they can tell him the truth. Carrie says the situation could be worse, he could still love her.

In the garden while Marlena is away Roman tells John and Kristen that he can't say that he's not disappointed that John and Marlena aren't together because he still loves her and never stopped. Kristen is so ecstatic and Roman says he wants to spend all the time he has left with the woman he's ever truly loved, Marlena. Marlena returns and wants to take Roman back to bed, but John asks Kristen to. John and Marlena get their moment alone and John tells Marlena that Roman is still in love with her. Marlena can't believe that and says he gave them his blessing, but John says that was because he was dying. John tells her Roman has falling to Kristen's lies and that his dying wish is to be with Marlena. John tells her that no matter what happens with Roman they will have to go along with Kristen's lies until the situation is resolved. Marlena says that she fears their love is tainted for the pain they caused Roman and that as punishment they'll never be happy.

Back in Roman's room Kristen urges him to tell Marlena he loves her because she knows that Marlena still loves him. Kristen goes back to the garden and tells Marlena that Roman wants to see him right away. Marlena and John leave and Kristen says Stefano will take Marlena's love away from John, with help from Roman.

Marlena goes to see Roman and Kristen tells John that Marlena do whatever she can to make Roman happy because she knows deep down it was her betrayal that is killing Roman. In the room Roman tells her he's so happy to see everyone he loves is doing great, expect for Marlena. Suddenly Roman begins to starts shaking and Marlena gives him some medicine. Roman says he has to tell her something, and suddenly has a severe attack. John and Kristen run in and when Marlena tells John to call 911 Kristen says to herself "Oh my god he's dying."

Carrie and Mike arrive in L.A. and Carrie sees that Mike took the quiz and got a 93. Carrie asks him who he's seeing and he says it was just a fantasy woman. The hotel manager then says that there isn't a room for him and he's forced to take a room with Carrie. Carrie says it's okay they're just friends, it's not like they'll be getting romantic. Carrie and Mike go to their room and when he sees the list of attendees he sees an old friend he was competitive with and how he always dreamed of the day he could show him up. Mike says to himself that he can't believe what a field day his friend is going to have with the fact that Mike needs his help, he's a very respected bacteriologist. Craig comes over and Carrie hears him bragging about his career and everything. Craig manages to one up everything Mike has done, car, wife, job, money. He starts teasing Mike about how he needs to find a girl and Carrie comes out and kisses Mike and asks if he's going to introduce her to his friend.

Austin tells Sami, who has found the annulment papers, that their marriage is dissolved. Austin says he didn't want her to find out this way, and especially now. Austin tells her he owes her the truth and he says their marriage was all a lie and that he never loved her. Sami says that can't be and he tells her that she was a much different person before her amnesia. Sami says she's a different person now and asks him to forget about the past, but Austin says that she hurt to many people. Sami begins asking questions she already knows the answers to, why did he sleep with her, and why did they get married. Sami begins to bawl about how he knows she can love him one day but Austin says it could never happen because he loves someone else. Sami goes off about how he wouldn't have time to be with another woman since they've been together so much lately and that maybe she's not in love with him anymore. Austin says he hopes she does but when Sami says if she doesn't couldn't he stay he says Sami did a whole lot more that can't be forgiven. Sami starts crying and says she can't take this anymore. Austin wants to talk to her about it but she runs into her room.

Sami thinks there has to be a way out of this, but she doesn't think there is and that her life is over. Sami wonders what's going to happen to her, what's going to happen to Will. Back in the other room Austin tells Will that his mommy isn't the old Sami anymore and he hates how much the situation hurts her. Austin tells Will he'll always be there for him, and hopes he can win Carrie back by telling her about the annulment. Austin goes to leave to talk to Carrie (He doesn't know she's gone) and Sami comes out of her room and says they have to talk. Sami says since he didn't give her the annulment papers he must be having second thoughts, but he says no. Sami says she's terrified of what may happen if he leaves her, but he says it's not that simple. Austin says he's sorry but the other woman is more important to him that she is, and Sami asks if the other woman is more important than his son. Austin says nobody is more important than his son, but he is not and never will love her. Austin says he thinks it is best that she knows the truth and when he goes to leave she cries for him not to leave her.

Tuesday, August 5, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Vivian is reading the paper and upset that she missed a fancy party an begins to complain about her situation. Suddenly she gets an idea. Vivian calls her friend who just happened to acquire a cosmetics. Vivian tells her that she had retired from Titan because she needed a new challenge and her friend asks her to come to work for her company and wants to do lunch with her tomorrow. However what Vivian doesn't know is that her good friends Bunny and Archie are almost flat broke and are hoping to get Vivian to invest her millions into their company. Ivan comes back and is reeking so Vivian tells him to go shower. Later Ivan is impressed by the quality of the food Vivian bought, but he soon becomes angry that Vivian pent all their money on the fancy dinner she told him was fake. Suddenly Bertha comes by for the rent, and when Ivan asks for some more time she says 9AM tomorrow. Ivan is panicking and Vivian says not to panic, but Ivan says they will get out of this. Ivan wants Vivian to come to work with him tonight, he calls her Vivian which shocks her!

At the Kiriakis mansion Lucas comments that his mom looks nice and Kate wonders if Austin has called because he told her he was going to tell Carrie about the annulment, but Lucas says I don't think so when Kate leaves the room.

Sami is bawling to Austin and accuses him of not caring about her or their son. Austin says that he will always be there for Will, he loves him, but not her. Austin says they have to be honest with each other now on and Sami says she's not the hateful person she was ao why they couldn't be happy together? Austin says he cares about her very much, but he is in love with someone else. Sami says Austin doesn't sound sure that the other girl still loves him so why can't he stay with her, but Austin says she'll find someone else because he can't love anyone else but the other woman. Austin says this is best for everyone, and he leaves.

Austin goes over to the Kiriakis mansion and tells Kate what happened, and when she tells Lucas becomes angry and says he's cruel to do this to Sami now when her dad is dying and tells him he's just like Curtis. Kate keeps them from going at it and Kate tells Lucas that what he said is not true and wants to talk to Austin alone. Lucas leaves and Austin says that maybe he's right. Kate says she knew Curtis and that Austin is nothing like that man and that's why Carrie loves him. Austin says but now Carrie loves Mike and Kate tells him to go to Carrie because Kate says she'll bet everything she owes that Carrie still wants him.

Lucas goes to see Sami and tells her that perhaps Austin could love her, but realizes that it's hopeless now that Austin has gone to tell Carrie everything. Lucas refuses to let her give up because he won't lose Carrie. Lucas tells her to stay positive. Lucas starts playing with Will and says that Will is the key to keeping Austin, but Sami says she doesn't even have that hold over Austin anymore!

Austin goes looking for Carrie and learns that she and Mike have gone to LA, but he gets the hotel number anyways. Kate is shocked that Carrie went away to LA with Mike, but she said she read something about medical convention there and perhaps that's why she and Mike are there. Kate gives him time alone to call Carrie, and learns from the hotel desk that Carrie and Mike are sharing one room with a King Size Bed!!!!

In LA Mike introduces Carrie to his friend Craig and he is impressed that Mike got such a gorgeous girl. Later Mike asks Carrie what she is doing and he says she got ticked off that Craig was ragging on him because he couldn't get a date so she decided to help him out. Mike and Carrie then tell Craig about their situation and show him Roman's chart, but Craig has never seen a bacteria as this. Craig says that he knows of a doctor in London that could be of help and he leaves to go call him. Carrie says she thinks they might actually find a cure for her dad. Later Carrie is still ticked off about Craig and what a jerk he to Mike, but does feel guilty since he's trying to help her dad out. Mike says they can tell him when he returns, but Carrie says no, it won't do any harm. Craig returns and says the doctor should be calling them back. Carrie leaves to get copy dads records and Mike goes to get some ice. They leave Craig alone in their room, and when the phone rings he answers it because it could be his doctor friend. However, it's really Austin and Austin asks who this is. Craig says it's a doctor friend of Mike's and says that the two lovebirds left for a bit. He goes on and says how special Carrie is and that whoever Carrie broke up with to be with Mike sure lost big time (Carrie told him she dumped her boyfriend for Mike). Mike returns and when Craig tells him some strange guy called and didn't leave his name Mike says it mustn't have been important. Craig leaves and Carrie returns and she's very hopeful that everything is going to work out.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion Kate return's to see how Austin's phone call went she sees the expression on his face and asks what happened. Austin tells her what he learned, but Kate refuses to believe it and wants him to talk to Carrie, but Austin says it's to late

At the DiMera Mansion John has called 911 and Marlena is checking Roman out. Eric shows up and here's what is going on when Kristen's on the phone. Roman stops breathing and Marlena giveshim mouth to mouth and John starts chest compressions.. Meanwhile Stefano watches on his monitor and yells that Roman must not die. The monitor suddenly goes off and he can't see what's happening, so he calls Kristen to ask what's going on but she says she doesn't know. Marlena and John manage to save Roman when Eric and Kristen come up and Eric asks his mom if she can keep Roman alive long enough to find a cure but she doesn't know. After the ordeal Eric tells Kristen he's very thankful for bringing him home to them, despite her true motives. Kristen senses that Eric is just as angry about his parents divorce as Sami is. Kristen says he can't keep his feelings bottle up like she did and says she wishes he could learn from her unfortunate experience. Marlena comes downstairs and when Eric leaves Marlena asks Kristen what she's up to now. Kristen says she's not up to anything and Marlena tells her she ruined her lunch with John and they get into a huge fight in which Marlena tells her to stay away from her children. John comes in and asks Kristen to please leave, so she does. Marlena tells John Kristen is up to something and she also says that they can't let Roman suspect anything is going on between them because she wants to make Roman's last days happy ones if they can't save him. Marlena also says if Roman dies she fears what may happen to them, but John says it won't change their love. Kristen calls Stefano and tells him Roman is going to die, but he tells her his plan will still succeed, but that there may be a way....

Wednesday, August 6, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Show starts with Jen/Jack and Hope/Franco meeting for dinner. Jack tells everyone he hopes no one will recognize him and ruin their evening. (Jen and Hope both wearing long conservative dresses) Of course another diner comments about Jack on cue, but not loudly, just enough to bug Jack. Hope suggests Jack and Jen dance. While they are, Hope tells Franco she's going to move on with her life and to start off, find a new place for her and Shawn D. to live. More patrons comment about Jack. Hope reassures him all will be well and to take advantage of every second he can and don't be like her and waste time. It's over with her and Bo, but not him and Jen. Jack and Jen dance and he tells her what Hope said. He asks Jen to take a chance on him and she says yes, she loves him. Hope is happy they took her advice and thinks she should take her own advice. She's ready to do something about her personal life (how about spending some time with Shawn D. too!) In Rome, Bo orders the police put an all out search for Billie. Bo is introduced to his temporary partner Petra (oh paleez..some sexy Italiam bombshell in a slinky blue halter backless dress..that's a cops uniform, even plain clothes???). Bo remembers when he and Hope were first assigned together. Why would Roman police give HIM a temporary partner? He's not a Rome cop. Billie is trying to pull herself together, washes her face and plans on showering and changing clothes and leaving the room. Petra (nobody warned her) asks about Billie and his relationship and he starts telling her about Hope and how he's going to get her back (like this cop could care about the other woman!) Billie is getting dressed and hallucinates Curtis again, offering a fix to her. She tells him to go away and he fades away. She is all set to leave and picks up the card for the club, but rips it up.

Lucas is trying to figure out what Sami meant by the "it's too late to use Will" comment, while Sami in her own apt. is sitting with Will and worried about the same thing. Austin is dreaming about Carrie and tells Kate it's too late for them and about his phone call to L.A. Kate tells duh-Austin he must have minunderstood the call. Austin said poor Sami is the one in the middle and goes off to check on Sami (who he claims made 180 degree change after accident). Kate offers to go with him to check on her and privately wishes she could tell Austin she has her memory back. Sami puts Will in his crib. Sami moans about just wanting to be loved and love in return. She was never the girl that anyone loved. She loves Austin more than Carrie does and even though Roman knows she loves Austin, she never wants her dad to know all the bad things she's done. The most important thing to her is that Will loves her and maybe she should do the right thing and tell Lucas he is Will's real father.

Lucas shows up and asks Sami what she meant by her comment and she said, ok, I'll tell you. Just as she starts to tell him, Austin and Kate walk in without knocking. Austin goes over to tell Sami he's sorry he hurt her (no, I'm sorry to interrupt here folks). She asks if he told the other woman about the annulment and he tells her no, he didn't know if it was going to work out. Sami tells Austin that she and Will are moving out and will be out of his hair. (duh, you aren't married Austin, what do you think?)

Sami explains that they're NOT married, he doesn't love her, and he never even liked her before. She hoped she could move in with Kate as she has everything they need there. Lucas said he'd help with Will over there. Kate is caught and has to agree. When she asks if she'd be more comfortable with her own mother, Sami said she's busy with her dad (and there's enough babies at the penthouse already, just kidding). Sami asks another favor of Austin and that's not to tell anyone about the annulment and their marriage being over. Kate asks WHY??? Sami said she doesn't want her Dad to find out as he was so happy for her and Austin says ok. Kate wonders what Sami is up to now. When Kate approaches Austin about Sami's ulterior motive to move in with her..he tells her Sami is not the old Sami and if given a chance, she'll find out she's a kind and caring person. In the bedroom, Lucas asks Sami what's up and she tells him she figures trouble is up if he hasn't told Carrie and she's going to take advantage of it. When he asks about Will, she tells him how Austin being Will's father is an advantage for her and now that there's a chance to get Austin back, is better that she doesn't tell Lucas the truth.

Upon leaving, Sami tells Austin there's a week full of frozen dinners in the fridge and she ironed all his shirts. He tells her she didn't need to do that and she said she did it while she thought they were still married (why is she making him frozen dinners when she thinks they'll be together?). Austin says goodbye to Will and he'll see him soon and helps her out. Kate wonders what she's up to. Alone in the apt., Austin tells Kate the moment he's waited for so long for means nothing without Carrie. He refuses to call Carrie and while reading his line said "EXCUSE ME, but if I were in the hotel room with Carrie, I know what I'd be doing."

Sami tells Lucas she has to take advantage of this rift with Austin and Carrie. Standing on Kate's staircase, she does her Scarlett O'Hara routine and said "As God is my witness, I will never lose Austin again" and goes upstairs. Lucas has this puzzled look on his face..too funny!

Ivan and Viv, dressed in a one shoulder black dress and gloves, head to work. The ex-con is in the hall smoking a cigar, laughing at Viv's work outfit. ROFLMAO when they get to the Penthouse Grill, Ivan takes Viv to the kitchen (not the private dining room like she had an idea it would be) and tells her she's washing dishes. Viv refuses to watch other's dirty dishes. Ivan throws her a pair of gloves that are black with a HUGE daisy on the wrist and blue and white check cuffs (I heard they are really Louise Sorel's gloves in real life that she got on a trip somewhere and brought them in for the skit, thanks Louise, they were perfect!!!). The PHG manager listens to Viv and tells her he didn't want to hire her, but Ivan pleaded her case. The manager said they've been bending over backwards to her every need for years (all the busboys & waiters are laughing their heads off at her washing dishes) and she can either do the dishes or leave. Later we come back to Viv in her apron and gloves washing stacks of dishes. When Ivan comes in and tells her the boss said to wash faster, she is about to make a comment when the boss comes in to check on things and she says all's peachy. As he leaves she squirts the sprayer at him (she misses) and the busboys and waiters all laugh at her and call her Viv when she said she'll be back dining there too. Uh oh, Bunny and Archie show up for dinner. Archie is concerned about if they can afford it, but she assures them with the Alamian millions behind them, they'll be back on their feet fast. The mgr hears Viv mumble about working for Bunny and Archie and he goes out and offers a tour of the kitchen to them saying he hopes they'll enjoy it as he will. Viv looks terrible & Ivan brings in huge kettles to wash. The mgr brings Bunny & Archie in and they are shocked when they see her there. Viv tryed to say it was a joke, but they said they'd never hire her now or their business would be like her, DOWN THE DRAIN. They're going to tell the papers about this too and Viv accidentally squirts her and can't control the sprayer..ROFL. More pans are plopped in her dishwater.

Thursday, August 7, 1997

by Diane Dix

In Rome, Petra and Bo search for Billie in vain. They pass within feet of Max, who is talking to King on the phone telling him that Billie is hooked and now he wants out of this whole deal. King tells him he's going to stick with it. Billie, wandering around dazed and confused, happens upon the Club Fortuna. She refuses to go in, but doesn't walk away. She has visions of Curtis telling her she's worthless anyway, so why not ease her pain and go get a fix? Eventually, the doorman sees her and invites her in. After several refusals, Billie finally walks in and sits down at the bar.

Hope and Franco go to Mrs. Horton's and have their usual discussion about getting on with her life. Mrs. H., out in the garden, hears a noise and is surprised to see Eric Brady. They talk about old times, and Mrs. H. says it's obvious Eric is hurting, but he won't tell her why. He goes into the house and sees Hope with Franco. Eric asks directly what role Franco had in breaking up Bo and Hope. Hope jumps to his defense and says that Franco has been nothing but a wonderful friend. Eric apologizes and leaves. Franco thanks Hope for defending him and says maybe she's willing to move on after all. They share a kiss. Carrie and Mike sit through a day of conferences in L.A. At the end of the evening, Craig invites them to an anniversary party where some of the more knowledgable experts will be. Carrie and Mike decide to go, thinking they can make some valuable contacts. At the party, Craig can't keep his eyes off Carrie, and Mike tells her it's because she's the most beautiful girl in the room - in fact, in the world. When they meet the anniversary couple, they are surprised when they are told how obvious it is they're in love with each other. Impulsively, Mike gives Carrie a sweet kiss. He apologizes for it later, but obviously it meant something to him. They share a charged moment of tension staring into each other's eyes.

Sami reveals her devious new plan to Lucas. She tells him to get Austin out of the apartment with a conciliatory offer to go out and drink beer, while she plants a sophisticated electronic device in Austin's room. Lucas is reluctant to stoop that low, but Sami convinces him it's the only way they'll get what they want. Lucas goes to the apartment where Austin is confessing his insecurities about turning out like Curtis to Kate. After some smooth talking about a truce for Will's sake and commiserating about losing Carrie, Lucas convinces Austin to go out with him. After Kate leaves, Sami slips in to plant the device. Kate returns to the apartment and notices the door ajar, and confronts Sami sneaking around. Kate tells her to get whatever she planted and get out before Austin gets back. Sami reminds her she's in no position to be making threats. Finally, Sami spills the secret she's got on Kate - that Kate was a cheap hooker and her family will hate her if they find out.

Friday, August 8, 1997

by Diane Dix

Kate catches Sami in Austin's apartment planting the speaker, but Sami's threats keep Kate quiet, as much as she wants to tell Austin. Sami hears Austin and Lucas' voices in the hall and hides in the bedroom, sneaking out when Austin takes off his shirt. Kate tries to talk Austin into calling Carrie again, but he tells her it's no use and Mike is better for her anyway. Kate gives up and goes home. Sami freaks out when Lucas tries to take Will to bed, and Lucas asks what's up with her, but Sami evades the question. Kate comes home in time to find them playing the tape of Will's voice for Austin to hear. Kate is disgusted, and even Lucas is upset, but Sami is confident this will help her win Austin back. Austin dreams of the time that Curtis left him and Billie alone, and the sound of Will's voice wakes him up. When he discovers that Will is not there, Austin sits alone feeling guilty about not being there for Will.

In L.A., Mike tries to lift Carrie's spirits at dinner, but she keeps obsessing about Austin and Sami. Finally, Mike tells her that since there is nothing she can do about it tonight, she might as well relax and enjoy herself. They dance and the tension between them is obvious. But before he can bring himself to kiss her, Mike suggests they go to the room. There, Carrie gives him a sisterly peck on the cheek. Later, Mike dreams that Carrie is kissing him passionately. He wakes up to hear her crying out "No, Austin!" in her sleep. He rushes to her room to find her upset and needy, having dreamed that she lost Austin forever. Mike takes her in his arms, obviously very affected by her.

Marlena tells Eric not to trust anything Kristen says, but Kristen keeps working on Eric. He tells her she's as good as Stefano. Meanwhile, John and Abe implement a plan to nab Stefano by placing a transmitter in Kristen's purse. Before she goes out to meet Stefano, Kristen runs into Laura and has a loud argument with her about Peter and Stefano. Upstairs, Marlena and Eric tell Roman about his seizure. Roman thanks Marlena for saving his life. He tells her he had a bizarre dream about her and John and that he needs to talk to John. He makes John promise to look after Marlena because she is in danger from Stefano. Just then, Abe comes to tell John that Kristen has left and is meeting Stefano. Marlena is terrified they will be hurt, but they tell her Stefano will not get away this time. They trail Kristen to Stefano's hideout. Seconds before they burst in, Stefano senses something is wrong. When they burst through the door to arrest him, Stefano does not resist...but fixes Kristen with a cold, deadly glare.

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